Packers rolling over Cowboys, up 17-0 at halftime

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The game started with promise of a barn burner. It’s quickly becoming a Packers’ rout.

Dak Prescott has thrown two interceptions, and Aaron Jones has scored two touchdowns, giving the Packers a 17-0 halftime lead.

The Packers have two sacks of Prescott in addition to the picks by Chandon Sullivan and Jaire Alexander. Green Bay converted one of the takeaways into Jones’ first touchdown run, an 18-yarder.

Jones also has a 3-yard score, gaining 66 yards on his nine carries.

The Cowboys got into Green Bay territory on four of six first-half possessions, but two ended with interceptions and another with a sack. Brett Maher also missed a 54-yard field goal.

The Cowboys left the field to boos from the AT&T Stadium crowd.

The Packers have 218 yards, only 3 more than the Cowboys, but Aaron Rodgers is 12-of-21 for 138 yards with no sacks and no turnovers.

Prescott is 8-of-15 for 134 yards with the two turnovers. While Amari Cooper has five catches for 110 yards, he had a pass go off his hands and into Alexander’s and dropped another on the final play of the half.

24 responses to “Packers rolling over Cowboys, up 17-0 at halftime

  1. Cowboys have to beat the Packers and the refs. It isn’t a laye hit unless someone hits Rodgers when he is trying to get on the team bus after the game.

  2. We’ll see what happens. Packers have given up quite a few points in the second half so far this year.
    To me this game was a bench mark on whether the defense was an anomaly the first three games or whether they are the real deal.
    So for they are looking like the real deal.

  3. Even getting favored on the road now I see. If stacking home games at the beginning of the season for them wasn’t enough, the league wants to make sure they win the very few road games they have in the first half as well.

  4. I thought there was a taunting penalty but I guess I was wrong. Refs not calling false starts or holding unless it’s a blue and silver uniforms.

  5. Jones just scored his 3rd TD to put the Pack up 24 zip. After they showed Jerrah and he looked like he needed a box of Tums…

  6. To be fair to the cowboys Dak prescott is missing his number one receiver and has marginal receiving talent otherwise.

    Oh wait nevermind, that’s Aaron Rodgers not Dak.

  7. Wait, did not this website post articles about how much MORE money Dan was earning after beating bad teams?

    How much money has Dak lost today?

  8. Viking fans are as predictable as the sunset. Sure, the refs are why we are up 24-3. All refs. Shouldn’t you guys be celebrating your big win over the vaunted Giants right now instead of whining about Packer officiating yet again.

  9. Boy wonder having a tough time. Hey Kellen, you ran out of Miamis. On a side note, Garrett swallowed his gum and forgot how to clap.

  10. Same old offensive play calling by Garrett and company. Cowboys have 3rd and 4
    they run a slant play and Packers db jumps route. Next series the Packers need a
    first down in same situation they run a nicely designed pick to running back in motion,
    coming back into middle. WR picks linebacker, first down.
    Cowboys again show no depth at offensive line, same old story. Bryon Jones is back to
    his old ways afraid to mix it up. Linebackers look awful, Smith picks a side and runs around
    The blocks. Leighton just
    can’t break down and get downhill. Typical Marinelli defense all vanilla nothing to confuse
    Rodgers. Where is Demarcus Lawrence?

  11. I Love it!!! Maybe those loud mouthed arrogant Cowboys fans will shut up now!!!

  12. Dakota is a fraud. He looks like a giant playing against munchkins. He looks like a germ playing against real men.

  13. It is professionally disgusting that Troy Barkman does a Dallas game – slimey and pathetic voice – his bias is evident and vomit inducing.

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