Panthers kept calling the same play because Jaguars couldn’t stop it

Getty Images

Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey had a huge game against the Jaguars on Sunday and the Carolina run game kept on cooking when McCaffrey was out for a breather.

Reggie Bonafon broke loose for a 59-yard touchdown run to help the Panthers pick up 285 total yards on the ground. McCaffrey had 84 of his 176 yards on another touchdown that looked a lot like Bonafon’s score. That’s because the team ran the same play to different sides of the line for both scores.

They ran it a lot of other times as well. Tight end Greg Olsen said he doesn’t think he’s ever heard the same play call as many times as he heard calls for what guard Greg Van Roten called a “mid zone” run that allowed for the big cutbacks that both backs used for their scores.

“It’s kind of like this: Defenses call blitzes until you pick them up and we ran the same play until they could stop it,” Van Roten said. “And they didn’t. That was a good play for us. I don’t think we thought it was going to be that successful.”

The Panthers came into Sunday’s game with a couple of replacements on the offensive line, but neither that nor the Jaguars defense caused them problems in the run game.