Patrick Mahomes making more Patrick Mahomes throws

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This Mahomes kid may be OK.

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes rebounded from having to settle for a field goal on his first drive by making a pair of ridiculous throws to give his team a 10-7 lead.

Mahomes hit Byron Pringle (of course) for the score after being flushed from the pocket. That came after a sidearm-across-the-field shot to Travis Kelce, the kind of play other quarterbacks don’t even attempt.

Mahomes has already thrown for 157 yards (a minute into the second quarter), but the Colts are playing well.

They put a methodical touchdown drive on the board with their first chance, with Jacoby Brissett running it in himself for the score.

19 responses to “Patrick Mahomes making more Patrick Mahomes throws

  1. Let the haters keep hating, “he’ll come back to earth this year because defenses have had a year to study him” never understand why you have to hate on a player because he’s not yours. A good players a good player, period!

  2. If mahomes had Bradys defense, he’d win the superbowl every year. Mahomes is the best qb in the NFL. Brady will retire soon, and there will be nobody that will be able to stop mahomes. He’ll have atleast 5 superbowls but the time he retires and he’ll do it without a great defense carrying him to all his superbowls like brady.

  3. I think I heard someone say he’s on pace to throw for 6,000 yards. As bad as that defense is he’ll need to.

  4. And the Bears trade up to get Mitchell Tribisky so they do have to take Mahomes, the Bears are destined to never have a great QB.

  5. Love my Chiefs, but they’re going to have to score 40 in games that matter. The defense will prevent them from being SB winners.

  6. No defense, porous OL, no running game. Most onedimensional team in the league. Mahomes is all they have.

  7. I hear Brady, Carr and a few other QB’s had some really good games too, that it wasn’t only Mahommes, Watson and Murray….

  8. I’ll take Russell Wilson at this point in their careers. Same moves, same throws…just different minds at the moment. Another 4 or 5 years and Mahomes will have the veteran savvy that Russell has now.

    0 picks

    Both QB’s are a dream come true for fans of each team.

    I would like to see a Russell Wilson vs Patrick Mahomes Superbowl. It could be one of the most entertaining ever.

  9. Mahomes is going to get hurt.
    Too many sacks, hits, and tackles.
    May not happen this year, but it will happen.

  10. 2 factors will make Mahomes come down to earth as time goes on. 1) he relies alot on sheer physical talent, which diminishes with age and injury. 2) once his team has to pay him what he’s worth, his supporting cast will diminish as parity kicks in – unless he is willing to take less in order to win AND has the infectious drive for greatness to influence players around him to do the same AND has a great GM.

    Mahomes will most likely go down in history as an Aaron Rodgers, Big Ben, etc who is elite/in conversation for best in the league for something like 3-7 years, will hang on to clear franchise QB status for another 3-7 years, and win 1-2 SBs. In the end he will be nowhere near the GOAT when you consider his entire career.

  11. Watching Mahomes play is depressing for this Raiders fan. I assume he’ll just get better, which means us fighting for wild card spots every year. I think I understand Jets, Bills and Dolphins fans frustration a little better now…

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