Patriots do enough to stay undefeated

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It was far from perfect.

It didn’t need to be.

The Patriots bravely came back from an early deficit to beat Washington 33-7.

They actually trailed 7-0 in the first quarter, the first time they had been behind all year. But that lead didn’t hold up, as the Patriots’ (5-0) scored 33 unanswered.

Tom Brady threw for 348 yards and three touchdowns, but was picked off once. They ran well (Sony Michel had 91 yards and a touchdown), and continued to play good defense.

They also showed some resilience, with kicker Mike Nugent overcoming a missed extra point on his first extra point as a Patriot. He eventually hit a couple of field goals, and bounced in an extra point off the upright late in the game.

The early touchdown by Steven Sims was a nice moment for Washington (0-5), but it didn’t last long.

Colt McCoy was picked off and sacked six times in his debut as starting quarterback, throwing for just 119 yards with the Patriots keeping pressure on an overmatched offensive line throughout the game.

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  1. Balanced football on offense will get it in gear. Brady was a little off but he developed chemistry with Izzo which was nice. Defense didn’t let the Skins breathe with the exception of running plays but I’ll take it. Go Pats!

  2. Terrible defense on that 65-yard TD run (5 players could not make that tackle?), but after that, the Patriot defense was lights out again. The only reason this was not 60-7 was good pressure by the Washington defense, and the thin Patriot offensive line showing. Glad they still won easily.

  3. Decent game for the Patriots.
    Defense was dominant, except for the 65 yard TD run which was one of the worst Patriots defensive plays Ive ever seen. Jamie Collins seems to be a magnet to the football what an addition for the Patriots.
    Offense progressively got better over the course of the game. Nice to see Sony get going in the right direction today, pass protection could definitely use some work it was frustrating to see Brady go down a few times today. Josh Gordon had a great game today alongside old reliable Edelman.

  4. Far from perfect but still a blowout. Defense screwed up on one play, Brady was not perfect, BB has things to complain about to the team, but the Pats still have an outside chance of making the playoffs.

  5. Dear Tom and Joshy,

    Amazing what happens when you throw to others and care about a run game.

    Izzo, LaCosee and Michel all wisely targeted, even if it took too long.

  6. Anyone saying it’s dumb to say the Pats “did enough” to win clearly didn’t watch the game. This was a close game for much of the day, and the Pats hardly looked like a juggernaut. Missed throws, bad O line, couldn’t run for half the game. Only got ugly late. Much closer than it looked.

  7. I don’t know why writers still frame stories about Patriots games as though they’re surprised the team can ever be less than perfect.

    The entire history of this team, and every team, is not always being perfect. No team blows out opponents every week. The Patriots’ greatness is in consistently high quality over time. They have up and down games like everyone else, but their overall standard is much higher than most.

    “bravely came back from an early deficit”? Really? You mean, the other team scored first and then didn’t score the rest of the game. There is no team in the league less afraid of being behind than the Patriots.

  8. Do the patriots play anyone who has won a game this year doesn’t look like a schedule a super bowl winner should have

  9. johawks says:
    October 6, 2019 at 4:46 pm
    Do the patriots play anyone who has won a game this year doesn’t look like a schedule a super bowl winner should have

    Do people NOT understand how the NFL schedules are made?

  10. @johawks

    Bills are 4-1, do you know who their one loss was against?

    I get that the greatness of the Pats in this millennium is extraordinary, and will never be reproduced by any organization, so let us all appreciate and celebrate the Patriots.

  11. johawks says:
    October 6, 2019 at 4:46 pm

    Do the patriots play anyone who has won a game this year doesn’t look like a schedule a super bowl winner should have
    You gotta leave these comments.

    Patriots destroyed the Steelers with Roethlisberger at QB, but now that was not a good team? Or going on the road and beating Buffalo last week?

    Why don’t you tell us which teams are good and then report back here after the Patriots play them?

  12. Much closer than it looked.

    Not really. The Redskins scored their touchdown on a bit of a fluke play in the 1st quarter, to give them a 7-0 lead. That was one play for 65 yards. On the day, they ran 53 plays for 193 yards, 3.6 yards per play. Other than that one play, they ran 52 plays for 128 yards, just 2.5 yards per play.
    – Their longest drive (plays) was six.
    – Their longest drive (yardage) was 25.
    They were non-competitive, offensively. Once the Patriots took the lead, Washington never threatened to take it back. The Patriots went up by double-digits four minutes into the second half. Between then and the two-minute warning, Washington ran two plays in New England territory – from the 48 and the 47.

    It looks like a blowout on the scoreboard. It looks like a blowout in the box score. And it looked like a blowout on the field.

  13. cletuspstillwaterjr says:
    October 6, 2019 at 4:47 pm
    I can’t wait to see them play a team with a winning record
    You mean like the Bills?

  14. Wait until the Patriots play “KC or Ravens”.

    That’s like saying wait until Ali fights Joe Frazier or Jerry Quarry. KC is Frazier and the Ravens are Quarry.

  15. Since 2001…

    The Patriots have trailed in 184 of Tom Brady’s starts. They are 114-70 (.620) in those games.

    In that span only Pittsburgh has a better record in any game (.645)

    Cold blooded

  16. wib22 says:
    October 6, 2019 at 5:13 pm

    2nd best team in the NFL…

    Chiefs are miles better though
    Freezing cold take.

  17. Remember last year when everyone said they were done at the beginning of the season? Brady couldn’t find receiver, lost to Jacksonville, lost to Detroit. They were done. Well we all know how that turned out. This season they’re winning and I guess that’s not good enough either? Yes they need work, but every year they do this at the beginning of the year. They aren’t really up to speed until late October early November. Then they step on the gas.

  18. There are reasons to be concerned. The D has been fabulous, against some of the wort Os in the league. It remains to be seen whether they will shine against a top offense, but they do seem clearly improved from last season.

    The receivers are a shaky bunch clearly challenged with getting separation against better Ds. Gordon could be gone at any moment. Edelman has a considerable history of injury. No Gronk. No rookie first-round pick and the rest are scrubs.

    The OL is also peppered with scrubs, though Dante gets the most out of them anybody could. Maybe if the china-doll first-round pick LT from 2018 gets back this will improve.

    They certainly still look to be the team to beat in the end despite these legit concerns, but this 19-0 talk is the stuff of nitwits. And this is a sober analysis from a Pats fan.

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