Report: Heinz Field stadium cart failed due to operator error

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Sunday’s Ravens-Steelers game included the terrifying Mason Rudolph injury and the confounding decision to have Rudolph walk off the field and into the tunnel.

The cart that would have given Rudolph a ride wasn’t working, but after the game someone threw the person who was supposed to be driving the cart under the bus.

Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that the cart failed due to operator error, not because it was broken down. Dulas adds that the NFL already has called to investigate the situation.

As the NFL should.

NFL Players Association spokesman George Atallah sounded off regarding the situation on Twitter: “Embarrassing. I guess $15 billion a year can’t buy you a working medical cart.”

It’s one thing to have a cart that doesn’t work, for whatever reason. It’s quite another to have no backup plan. Although Dulac reports that Rudolph wanted to walk off the field, Rudolph should not have been walking off the field. Whether it’s a second cart or a stretcher or a wheelchair, there’s needs to be a viable and available Plan B when Plan A for getting an injured player off the field fails.

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  1. I guess Tomlin will be blaming this on New England like usual, and can you imagine if this had happened at Foxborough… oh my

  2. If we’re going to highlight “operator error”, we’d be remiss not mentioning Walt Coleman’s crew. One of the more ridiculously officiated games I’ve seen in a while. That’s saying something considering 80% + of NFL games are officiated poorly.

  3. Yeah right. So none of those people standing around could have figured it out? I’m sure you had years and years of experience standing right there. No one is going to believe this

  4. Whether it’s a second cart or a stretcher or a wheelchair, there’s needs to be a viable and available Plan B when Plan A for getting an injured player off the field fails.
    Isn’t there a board/litter on the cart for when a guy needs to be immobilized? Those things are designed to be lifted and carried, are they not?

  5. I can’t believe the freaking cart broke. Seeing Rudolph stumbling around after getting concussed has to be a big black eye for the NFL and the Steelers organization.
    They should have had a backup plan in place.

  6. Tomlin was caught on camera celebrating TWICE before the game was over. Once in the 4th quarter after Boz made the FG and then again after the defense stopped the Ravens in OT. Jive fiving with his ASSistant coach. Who gives the other team the fist possession in overtime???? If they score a TD you never see the ball. Tomlin should have been fired 6-7 years ago. When plan A fails dude doesn’t know what to do. SPARE me the NON losing season argument, the Steelers standards used to be higher.

  7. lscratchingthesurface says:

    October 6, 2019 at 7:11 pm

    Tomlinson should be fired at end of season


    You should be fired from comments. Tomlinson?

  8. Someone get Mueller on the phone quick there needs to be a lengthy investigation into this matter to find out what the Steelers knew and when…The Steelers should lose some draft picks over this incident as well shouldn’t they? I mean that’s what the world would be saying if it were the Patriots so come on let’s get this investigation started!!

  9. It’s a freaking glorified golf cart, it can’t be that hard!
    Someone find the lawnmower dude. He knows.

  10. Well, I’m glad that Rudolph didn’t have a major neck injury.
    letting him walk rather than get boarded and taken off could have made the situation tragic.
    TV and the game can wait for player to get proper medical attention, safetly.

    And yes, Steelers should have at LEAST two working carts for situations like this–like EVERY TEAM!

    That being said, I think Thomas will get a fine. And he will probably blame Pete Carroll.

  11. So is Mikey blaming this loss on the broken medical cart? He would if the game had been played in New England Wahahahahahahahahahahaha

  12. …whatever happen to those great car sized motorized HELMETS that each team had at the stadium in the 70’and 80’s?????…..find’um and dust them off …..they were great and would serve as a backup.

  13. Seriously, even if the normal cart guy was sick today if your the replacement don’t you drive around a little before the game so you know how to operate it? It’s a freaking lawn tractor!

  14. So this is basically a golf cart, first you choose forward or reverse, then the gas or brake pedal, so which of these two parts was so difficult!

  15. Lot of Trolls ,back off hopefully Mason has a speedy recovery,when you play the Ravens are the Bengals it’s a fight,bothe teams ha e dirty players,right Chuckie

  16. For all the commenters saying the team, stadium, and city were unprepared here are the facts:
    A second cart was on the Raven’s sideline ready to go.
    An ambulance was at the stadium and could have been brought on field if necessary.
    Yes there were a stretcher and gurney available if needed.
    Mason Rudolph was conscious and said he preferred to walk off the field.
    The medical people on the field did not see where allowing Rudolph to walk off the field would cause any additional medical issues so they allowed it.

    Just to clear up all the misinformation in the comments above.

  17. Harbaugh said after the game the Steelers are “well coached and respected.”

    He’s hoping the Steelers hold onto Tomlin for as long as possible!

  18. The fans who make nothing but excuses when they lose have apparently inspired the whole Steelers’ organization to try and weasel out of the fact that it could have put that poor man’s life in danger.

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