Steelers lose Mason Rudolph, then lose to Ravens in overtime

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The Steelers lost their quarterback, and then they lost the game.

Mason Rudolph was knocked out with 7:17 remaining in the third quarter on a hit that was hard to watch. Third-string quarterback Devlin Hodges kept Pittsburgh in the game.

But Justin Tucker kicked a 48-yard field goal with 10 seconds remaining in regulation to send the game to overtime and then kicked a 46-yard game-winner with 5:26 left in overtime for a 26-23 win.

The Ravens improved to 3-2, while the Steelers fell to 1-4.

The Steelers led 23-20 on a 33-yard Chris Boswell with 2:37 remaining in regulation, but Lamar Jackson, who had an uneven game, drove the Ravens to the tying score on a nine-play, 45-yard drive. The Ravens benefited with a roughing the passer penalty on Olasunkanmi Adeniyi in the possession.

In overtime, JuJu Smith-Schuster lost a fumble that was punched out by Marlon Humphrey and recovered by Humphrey. The Ravens gained only 6 yards before Tucker was called on to kick the game-winning field goal.

Jackson went 19-of-28 for 161 yards with a touchdown and three interceptions.

Hodges finished 7-of-9 for 68 yards after Rudolph went 13-of-20 for 131 yards and a touchdown.

24 responses to “Steelers lose Mason Rudolph, then lose to Ravens in overtime

  1. Helmet to helmet hit on Rudolph should have resulted in an ejection for targeting. Dirty birds got away with another one.

  2. To call QB play that ended with 1TD and 3INT is a gross misrepresentation. That’s like saying “over 78% of Jackson’s 28 passes were caught,” but omitting the fact that three of those went to the opposing team.

    But at least they squeaked one out. Go Ravens.

  3. My big take away from this game: Walt Anderson needs to go, I was shocked to hear his crew has only thrown the 4th most flags entering this week considering his history. Ridiculous roughing the passer call on the Steelers that led to Tucker’s game tying FG in regulation…but I guess that evens out him inexplicably not overturning a completion to an obvious incomplete pass that led to a Steelers’ score and the interception Bush made where the ground clearly pushed the ball into his possession.

  4. Softest roughing the passer call I’ve seen all season to extend the ravens final drive. When mason Rudolph is knocked out cold and in the hospital and no penalty is called, it is utterly pathetic that the ravens are aided by the refs with that horrible call in the final two minutes.

  5. Good thing the Steelers traded away their first round pick in next year’s draft for Minkah Fitzpatrick. This team is going nowhere and could use that top-three pick from next year. Brilliant. But then again, this is the same front office that thinks they have a coach that is little more than a cheerleader.

  6. Steelers fans should be happy. If Tomlin wins more than five games this idiotic team will keep him

    So they almost win the game with their 3STRING QB….and Tomlin should get fired……you are are really dumb to think that.

  7. It is obvious that the replay officials have been told to only overturn extremely obvious mistakes in the officiating.

    The big take away from the game, in my opinion, was the performance of Pittsburgh’s 2nd and third string quarterbacks. Those two players did enough to win the game. It was the failure of the running backs (interception in the wildcat) and the receivers (fumble in OT) who cost Pittsburgh the game.

    Although I will agree that the roughing the passer call did seem inappropriate.

  8. Walt Anderson needs to go. Even Steratore and the commentators agreed the refs and league office favored the steelers on several calls. Thankfully the better team won

  9. Didn’t take long for Steelers’ fans to blame everything on the refs. Sore losers strike again.

  10. Die hard Ravens fan but the refs and replay crew were horrible! Could have made the difference for either team the way this game was officiated.

  11. Whether you’re a Ravens or Steelers fan, the refs were horrible across the board. Every roughing the passer call they made was horrible. I believe they called 2 on the Steelers and one on the Ravens. The one roughing the passer call they should’ve called they didn’t and it got a QB knocked out the game. 2 of Lamar’s interceptions were not interceptions. One should’ve been pass interference as the defender had Baltimore’s TE wrapped up 2 seconds before the ball got there. The other should’ve been overturned because the ground clearly aided the catch. I could go on in on for both sides. This officiating crew should not be allowed to officiate another game.

  12. First and foremost, I wish Rudolph a speedy and full recovery. He can ball and certainly has a bright future in this league. Earl’s hit was definitely a ban bang play. He led with his shoulder and his helmet accidentally hit Rudolph’s face mask. Aggressive play by Earl, but NOT dirty. With that being said when a quarterback is knocked out of the game, someone will get fined big time and possibly suspended.

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