Vikings fine Stefon Diggs more than $200,000

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The Vikings are taking multiple stands when it comes to receiver Stefon Diggs.

First, they’re resisting trade interest (for now). Second, they’re fining Diggs agressively for various rules infractions.

According to Chris Mortensen of, the Vikings have fined Diggs more than $200,000 for missing meetings and practices.

Per Mortensen, Diggs skipped work not only on Wednesday but also on Monday.

The situation underscores Diggs’ disenchantment with the team. Having $200,000 taken from his paychecks will do little to mend fences.

So what’s the broader plan with Diggs? Either the Vikings are keeping it close to the vest, or they don’t have one. As explained in the attached video, the fact that ownership doesn’t live and work in Minnesota makes some wonder who’s in charge within the building, and who’s making the decisions regarding what to do about Diggs.

57 responses to “Vikings fine Stefon Diggs more than $200,000

  1. Ah the Vikings. You can always count on this organization, and it’s fans for some good laughs.

  2. This is good news. Just keep fining him and don’t trade him. All these guys think they can just quit on their team and end up in New England catching passes from Tom Brady and going to the super bowl without putting in the hard work. Don’t enable this kind of behavior, and all owners should be on the same page. This will destroy the league if they let it get out of hand. Stay with your team. Work harder. Help turn your team into a winner. In the short term, it doesn’t appear to be helping the Vikings, but in the long term, it’s helping all 32 teams and all the players who are employed by the NFL. So don’t let one player harm all the other players.

  3. What is it with these WRs? Skipping practices, pouting when not getting enough action, demanding trades, and quitting on their teams?

  4. Well, maybe if the Vikes didn’t so foolishly throw all the guaranteed $$ to Kirk Cousins in the first place, they wouldn’t have had a problem with Diggs. Management created this mess.

  5. Good job sending the right message to rest of the locker room, Vikings. Handling it like a World Class team, naturally,..

  6. Let’s blame Cousins for this. When a high priced QB comes in and completely destroys the chemistry of the team, you are going to have these issues.

  7. The OC is trying to install an offense which features the run and Diggs is throwing a tantrum because he isn’t getting stats. The Vikings are 2-2 and have scored only 1 less point than the beloved packers. Why are they being ripped? I guess it is never the players fault…

  8. Mark my words, this guy is going to get traded. The question is when? Belichick would give up a fifth or sixth-round pick to acquire him. Knowing the Vikings’ management, they’d probably accept the offer.

  9. We shudda kept Case. He could continue to throw impossible passes, and Diggity Doo Doo could have kept making impossible catches.

  10. This escalated quickly. He wants to be moved, but Thelen might have just as much value. Vikings don’t have to move either, but getting Jalen Ramsey, Trent Williams or a Bronco like Von Miller would make moving one easier.

  11. Theilan did not carry it as far as Diggs did; however, he publicly called out Cousins. That does NOTHING to help the locker room peace, either. Zimmer must be an idiot, (& I have always liked him), to have 2 great receivers, and Cousins’ is throwing, I believe, it was for 50 yds in a complete game??? What self-respecting w/r would not be frustrated?? If your team was winning all the time with that play-calling, is one thing. However…… Diggs should not have missed practice & meetings; however, I can sure see where he is coming from. I do not view him as a “diva”!!

  12. Let’s let the players decide where they want to play. That will be the end of all teams having a fair chance in the league and the end of the NFL.

  13. What underscores these demands and / or holdouts on the part players like Diggs, Melvin Gordon, Ezekiel Elliott and other notables in the news recently is the acrimony and dissent existing between players and management. I realize not all relationships within NFL franchises are as dysfunctional as what we have witnessed but it certainly highlights some of the problems which the two sides can’t seem to face without bad blood gushing from certain comments and actions. This could make labor negotiations all the more difficult.

  14. This is the same thing that happen in Washington. These WRs want to win! And what happens is if the stats go down the WR takes all the blame and not the QB. The media will start writing that Diggs has lost a step and so on. Last season the Vikings didn’t even make the playoffs that cost the players money and endorsements. Kirk Cousins will also kill the Vikings defense because they are staying on the football field too long. The Vikings need to admit that they made a mistake and bench Kirk Cousins.

  15. Hmm, looks like it’s time for him to show up for work and keep his mouth shut, probably not a big enough star to leverage his way out of Minnesota during the season.

  16. Its no wonder Diggs as a reciever is acting this way,surprising other recievers dont do the same as long as Kurt Cousins is the inept quarterback.they would be undefeated with a quarterback worth his huge paycheck.

  17. They could have taken away Digg’s 40 million in guarantees for missing practice if they really wanted to play hardball…Vikings fired a fair warning shot to Diggs, I anticipate he’ll respond well and become the team player he should be. Wouldn’t shock me if Diggs has a career day today.

  18. All football fans should be concerned. AB getting his way out of Oakland should have never happened but unfortunately, it has opened the flood gates. Star players should not be allowed to pitch a hissy fit and force the hand of the team that is paying them. All 32 teams stand to lose from this so I hope the Vikings hold on and don’t give in. Diggs will have to play for the Vikings or not play at all.

  19. What a concept you don’t play you don’t get paid. Actually the problem could be solved by adding non compete clauses to the contracts. I worked under them for 30 years.

  20. Vikes should offer a package deal. You can have Diggs for a 7th rounder but only if you take Cousins too.

  21. Wow , $200,000 for missing meetings??! Stefon , dude just learn to Put on a “Sugar” eating grin to give the people the indication that you are interested. I do it all the time at staff meetings and when I’m with in-laws!!…

  22. So what. They’ll soften his incentives so he can easily make it up by Thanksgiving.

    That’s how the Vikings roll.

  23. Finally. THIS is how every team needs to treat these coddled millionaires. Let him rot on the bench and fine the hell out of him.

  24. It was also stated the Vikings could have triggered a clause in Diggs contract to save millions if they were truly intent on trading him…

  25. He should take his helmet off on the field next time he scores a TD. What a clown.

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