Vikings persist in refusal to trade Stefon Diggs

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Like Percy Harvin in 2013, the Vikings have no intent to trade Stefon Diggs. This time around, maybe they mean it.

Ian Rapoport of the NFL reports that the Vikings have not changed their position on Diggs, even though “a lot” of teams have called with trade interest.

But here’s the reality: Only one player in the NFL currently is completely and totally untouchable, and that’s Patrick Mahomes. At some point, there could be an offer that makes the Vikings look objectively at: (1) the salary cap commitments for 2019 and 2020; (2) the cash commitments for 2019 and 2020; (3) the current offensive philosophy; (4) the extent to which Diggs is being used; and (5) the value that the Vikings are currently getting from Diggs, quarterback Kirk Cousins, and receiver Adam Theilen.

It’s one thing to say, “We’ve yet to get an offer we like for Diggs.” It’s quite another to say, “We’ll never, ever trade him.” The Vikings presumably are in the former position. Still, unless they dig in their heels (as they are), they risk creating the perception that a trade is inevitable, forcing them to take the best offer they get instead of the one they want.

Meanwhile, Diggs is with the Vikings in New Jersey and he’s expected to play against the Giants. We’ll see how a week filled with dysfunction results in changes if any to the team’s run-til-you-can’t-run-and-then-hope-for-the-best-in-the-passing-game approach.

14 responses to “Vikings persist in refusal to trade Stefon Diggs

  1. He’s not going to be traded, until he is. If Cousins continues his terrible play and the team crashes with him, all bets are off. They’ll need draft capital to move up and get a real QB. Diggs would bring some of that..

  2. The pass offense is already struggling so yeah let’s trade our second best WR when we already have no depth. That makes zero sense

  3. A week filled with dysfunction? Try a whole team filled with dysfunction. Starting with the head coach.

  4. No they persist in insisting on a high draft pick and no one is biting yet. No one need Diggs is the problem. Spielman wants picks, lots of picks for any of his players to keep reloading the defense. He is the best GM in the game right now.
    He drafts smart guys who can actually learn to not make stupid mistakes that kill you.

  5. …….love the photo by the way. Ball on ground, Diggs wishing, hoping, and praying nobody saw him drop it……..because……..after all…….it wasn’t his fault.

  6. Going to stick with your contention that only Mahomes is untouchable huh?.

    Here’s hoping the Vikes sit tight.

  7. This oughta be good. They’ll probably overcompensate and target him all day today, just to satisfy a whiny prima donna that believes he’s more important than the team. Let’s see…….they’ve got Peterson v:2 in-position as their new boat anchor, they’ve got a nicey-nice quarterback that doesn’t want to offend anybody and has the demeanor of a six-day old kitten, and a throwback coach that’s demonstrated for nearly six straight seasons he doesn’t have “it.”

    What could go wrong?

  8. Bill Schroeder in a 3 year period: 329 targets, 192 catches, 2968 yards, 18 td’s.

    Stefon Diggs last 3 years: 356 targets, 250 catches, 2773 yards, 20 td’s.

    Before the latest rule changes to help the offense Bill Schroeder outproduced Diggs without the diva drama and without the 13th highest annual average salary among wideouts.

    Diggs is wildly overrated.

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