49ers rush for 275 yards, shut down Browns offense in 31-3 romp

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The San Francisco 49ers run over, around and through the Cleveland Browns in a 31-3 rout to improve to 4-0 on Monday night.

The 49ers rushed for 275 yards as an 83-yard touchdown from Matt Breida on their first offensive snap of the game set the tone for the entire evening. Breida rushed for 114 yards with two touchdowns – one rushing, one receiving – on just 11 carries. Tevin Coleman, in his first game back from a high-ankle sprain, rushed for 97 yards and a touchdown on 16 carries.

The Browns turned the ball over four times as Baker Mayfield tossed two interceptions and a lost a fumble, and Odell Beckham fumbled on a punt return long after the game was decided. Mayfield was sacked four times with rookie Nick Bosa getting a pair of sacks as the Cleveland offense was under siege all night.

Mayfield completed just 8 of 22 passes for 100 yards with two interceptions on the night. Nick Chubb rushed for 87 yards on 16 attempts and Jarvis Landry caught four passes for 75 yards to serve as the only bright spots for the Cleveland offense.

About the only negative for the 49ers was some shakiness from their field goal unit as they were breaking in a new long snapper in Garrison Sanborn.

Breida’s 83-yard run quickly gave the 49ers a 7-0 lead. Mayfield was then intercepted by Richard Sherman on the Browns’ ensuing possession. The 49ers wouldn’t capitalize on the following drive but would cash in following a Browns three-and-out.

Breida caught a 5-yard touchdown from Jimmy Garoppolo to cap an eight-play, 74-yard drive that gave the 49ers a 14-0 lead.

Mayfield would be stripped by DeForest Buckner as Bosa recovered the loose ball for Cleveland’s second turnover of the night. A missed 47-yard field goal from Robbie Gould kept the lead at just two touchdowns. Gould would miss two kicks and have a third try blocked for the 49ers.

Austin Seibert‘s 30-yard field goal in the second quarter served as the only point of the night for Cleveland.

Coleman scored on a 19-yard run late in the half to take a 21-3 lead into the break.

The Browns would gain just 22 yards in the third quarter on seven total offensive plays as the 49ers controlled the ball for over 13 minutes of the quarter. Garoppolo’s second touchdown pass, a 22-yard strike to George Kittle, made it a 28-3 game. Gould would add a 44-yard field goal in the fourth quarter to polish off the scoring for the night.

Garoppolo completed 20 of 29 passes for 181 yards and two touchdowns for San Francisco.

65 responses to “49ers rush for 275 yards, shut down Browns offense in 31-3 romp

  1. Well, the good thing is that the Browns, no matter what, always can provide a good chuckle.

    The game is lost, no chance for a comeback, what should we do? I know, let’s send our start WR to return punts.

    Freddie Kitchens

  2. Three missed fgs. Should’ve been 40-3. Best team in the west and nfc altogether. We remain undefeated. Rams are next, can’t wait!

  3. Normally I stick up for the Browns. Not after my team trashed them like a JV squad! I had no idea who would win going into this. I think it’s safe to say the Niners got something cooking and Jimmy G being a game manager is all we need him to be to be successful.

  4. That intentional grounding towards the end of the first half should have been a sack for Bosa too. He should have had 3 sacks on the game. Niners could have cleaned it up a little more too. Scary how good they can be. Jimmy G is now 13-2 as a starter.

  5. Browns fan. This hurts worse than 0-17. You have loads of talent. Lot of words. What a sorry sack. See u in a few years. Seen crap storms before and I know it when I see it. Peace.

  6. Well, the good thing is that the Browns, no matter what, always can provide a good chuckle.

    The game is lost, no chance for a comeback, what should we do? I know, let’s send our start WR to return punts.

    Freddie Kitchens

    Trust me, that’s because Look at Me is yammering to touch the ball more.

  7. Where do I even start lol we are 4-0 and looking dominate. Yes we got more to prove, but we have been great so far. Bustfield looks like a great pick for the browns. We are marching to six #goniners #nobodyhasitbetter

  8. Kitchens was a RB coach last year, no way he should be a head coach. The OL coach last year said all the offensive coaches rallied around Freddie and bailed him out, then they made the mistake of letting Greg Williams go, hiring Freddie and he fired the guys that helped him out in 2018. It shows how true that is when you watch this years mess compared to last half of 2018.
    Trade Ohell Blecham for a real LT. Baker Mayfield shows a great backpedal, he might make it as a CB.

  9. The Browns had a winning organization with Gregg Williams as head coach. So what did they do? Of course they let him go and promoted a guy who didn’t even have on full season of experience as a coordinator, much less a head coach.

    Maybe longer term it will pan out, but this season is going to be mediocre.

  10. The Browns had no game plan on defense. They tried to be creative on offense, but poor execution got them. Then in the second half they weren’t creative at all. I’m pretty amazed at how bad this is. I am usually a patient man when it comes to coaches, but something is off this year and I think it’s Freddie. We have some great players, but this coach is not getting the best out of them. The time is now, make a change.

  11. Jay Gruden is available now … I wouldn’t doubt that he could get this team going , just plug him in for Kitchens. Browns what do you have to lose ?

  12. “I mean, are you kidding me?!?! They took him with the first pick in the draft?!?” – Daniel Jones

  13. And you know the crazy thing. At 1-4, the Steelers remain in the thick of things in the AFC North. Oh wait. They are on their third string undrafted free agent QB. Nevermind.

  14. Odel beckham is a bigger bust than Mayfield. He hasn’t done anything this year. Mayfield atleast has had some good games. He destroyed the ravens while odel beckham was again a no-show like he’s been all year. He’s been awful for a long time. What a waste of money. Biggest bust in the nfl is odel beckham. What a over paid loudmouth bum good for nothing.

  15. If the Browns change coaches just look at when the team was winning, was exciting, gave hope. Hire Greg Williams. It was pandering to the boy wonder that caused them to let Williams go and promote Kitchens.

    Cannot imagine he is having so much fun at Gangrene that he would balk.

  16. Everybody get ready, the bandwagon 49er fans are some of the most annoying, obnoxious and arrogant in the business.

    I’m not talking about the fans from 3 weeks ago they were real fans… I’m talkin about all the brand new fans at Google or wherever down there that weren’t here at all a month ago. They’ve been done for years so people forgot.

    It’s going to be up to Pete Carroll again to make them go away or maybe Sean McVay this time…

  17. The year before I thought Frisco was one two players from being back in the game. This draft and Garralo coming back put them in the plce I guessed they would be, dominate on D and decent or better on O.
    Both them and the Bears and the Browns show what happens went you suck for a few years and get coveted low round picks and they are all defensive studs.
    With that said, the Browns have some really good talent on that team, lots on low first round picks and for them to look that bad, maybe a coaching change is in order their.

  18. The problem with the Browns is that they have not addressed their OL. All the fancy-schmantzy wide receivers in the world don’t matter if your QB is running for his life.

    I won’t even touch on the head coaching choice…

  19. LOL. The Browns are going the same place the rest of the AFC North teams are going….Nowhere Fast.

    Many are still writing the Steelers off, but even with their lousy record, they have a chance to win that division. Not that I think they will do much with a playoff berth this year, but it’s a playoff berth nonetheless. Aside from getting blown out by the Pats, the losses that the Steelers have suffered have been close games, two of which were against very good teams, the Seahawks and 49ers.

  20. Good start of the season for niners. Not sure if they are dominant like some of you here are saying. Let’s wait until they get an opponent that can pt up a challenge. We all saw how all the cowboy fans were acting after their 3-0 start. . . .now look at them. Big test next week vs rams.

  21. Browns have zero leadership. Mayfield, Beckham and Kitchens are all talkers but have no clue how to actually win. They’ll have one good game and you can just feel their egos expanding as they lose focus expecting their next opponent to just roll over for them.

  22. Breida is crazy fast. He blew past those DB’s like they were standing still. Not sure which is surprising. How well the 9ers played or how inept the Browns looked. Mayfield looked like a rookie again….

  23. It’s time to let Monken call the plays, Kitchens is in over his head, nothing wrong with accepting limitations

  24. It’s time to let Monken call the plays, Kitchens is in over his head, nothing wrong with accepting limitations

  25. 49ers fans might want to pump the brakes a little bit, the teams they’ve played have a combined record of 5-15. They look a lot better, but the schedule’s been really soft so far.

  26. Gould missed the first field goal by aiming it too far to the right, and then he missed the next one by over compensating and aiming it too far to the left. His third field goal was blocked by someone who got pass the O line. Not his fault.

    Once again, the defense outplayed the offense. The O line is not giving Jimmy G. much time to throw, but they did block well for the running backs.

  27. Don’t worry you dawgs in the pound. The Dawgs will recover next week and pound the SeaDorks. The Dawg Pound has a pretty good pass rush, and it should sack Russell Wilson a few times.

  28. After this cakewalk of a win SF will still be “ranked” below several 1 or 2 loss teams because no one can accept the fact that they are for real. Which is perfect as they soon will be coming to a town near you and will dominate your favorite team with a solid running game and swarming Defense.

  29. When it comes down to football, the game is won at the line of scrimmage. If you can’t protect the QB or block for the run, you don’t have an offense. Too bad Joe Thomas retired too early!

  30. That Olivier Vernon for Kevin Zeitler trade is working well. Would the Niners have had 400 yards rushing if they hadn’t picked up Vernon and Richardson?

  31. 49ers look like the real deal. The rams are falling apart even though Jared Goff is really good. Seahawks are figuring their defense out while Wilson keeps amazing people somehow, he’s only been doing the same stuff for 8 years in a row now…. The NFCW is between 49ers and Seahawks again and that’s where it should be! Right now SF sits in first place, but the two teams haven’t even played yet! Can’t wait till November 10th.

  32. Okay. Kitchens is in over his head. The Browns have too much talent to waste it like this. Someone needs to come in, be a real coach, and take this team to where it belongs.

  33. So much for the pre-season Browns hype that they would be the best thing since sliced bread.

  34. “Mayfield completed just 8 of 22 passes for 100 yards with two interceptions on the night.”

    Somewhere Rex Ryan is smiling. If the first read isn’t there…

  35. Baker off the field acts like Ryan Leaf and last night did his best Ryan Leap impersonation on the field

    13.4 QB rating
    36.4 comp %
    100 yards
    2 fumbles/1 lost
    4.5 y/a
    sacked 4 times for 42 yards lost

  36. The Niners cut thru the Browns defense like a hot knife thru a stick of butter. All the off season hype is not matching up with their play. They should of kept Williams. He gave the defense an identity and he had them winning some games as the head coach.

  37. Browns have the Seahawks and Patriots their next two games. Even in that division, if they fall to 3 games under .500 things could implode on them very quickly. How many more 2-catch games do you think Odell will be able to take before totally having a meltdown? And given all Mayfield, Beckham and Kitchens do is talk they seem destined to eventually be feuding with each other in the press. All it’s going to take is one bad public comment from one of them and they’ll all be tearing into each other.

  38. Hope Mayfield is being careful with his NFL money, he may not get any more after his first contract is up. He’s terrible

  39. The Steamers laid another big brown one on national TV! “Hot team to watch in 2019?” Yeah, I guess if you like a big steaming pile of…..fellas. It’s early, just remember what Parcells used to say “you dont know who you are until about Thanksgiving” or something like that. That said, Mayfield was not feeling dangerous last night….

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