Anthony Lynn “sorry” about Chargers effort

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Keeping reporters happy is obviously the most important thing, so when Chargers coach Anthony Lynn took to the podium after a 20-13 loss to the Broncos, he apologized.

For a number of things. And perhaps not just to the members of the media who witnessed it.

“Sorry for keeping you good people waiting,” Lynn said, via Jeff Miller of the Los Angeles Times. “Sorry for watching that damn game. We play like that we won’t beat anybody. That team came here more desperate for a win . . . It was disappointing.”

Losing to the previously winless Broncos was one thing, but the way they did it has to be disturbing to Lynn. Turning the ball over at the goal line, and failing to take advantage of turnovers in general, but failing to score a single offensive touchdown. It was the first time in 55 games they hadn’t done that, and just the ninth time in quarterback Philip Rivers‘ 224 starts (including the playoffs) that they didn’t score an offensive touchdown.

“We just never got in a groove, running the ball or passing it,” running back Melvin Gordon said after his return to the field. “We were just looking for somebody to make a play. None of us really could. We were dying to make one. It just didn’t happen. It was weird. . . .

“We got guys, you know, alpha males that want to make the play, that want to get it done. No one on the offensive side of the ball could make that play to get us going. For us to not score [a touchdown] on offense is crazy with all the talent we have.”

Gordon ran 12 times for 31 yards in his comeback game, unable to spark a team that clearly needed one.

8 responses to “Anthony Lynn “sorry” about Chargers effort

  1. Great spark Melvin!! Not blaming Gordon to much but Lynn put him in the front of the class instead of having him ease into the starting lineup. Not that there was a lot of continuity but it was better then yesterdays effort.

  2. “We were just looking for somebody to make a play.” ~ Melvin Gordon. Well, thanks for stating your case. Elite running backs ARE that somebody who make plays. That’s not you in your own words. Appreciate your honesty Mel.

  3. It’s a weird sport. If not for two last second kicks Denver could be 3-2 but if not for the Chargers turning it over twice in the red zone yesterday the Broncos would be 0-5.

  4. Uh-oh. We learned last week that apologizing in football is the worst thing you could ever do. He’ll certainly lose his team this week.

  5. That you trot out MG the first series of the game (which did nothing) instead of the back that was 5th in the NFL in scrimmage yards started this fiasco. Ease MG into the offense but stick to what was working. Also, what the F was that nightmare call with Tyrod running an RPO at the goal line? What a clown show.

  6. I suspected this was going to happen. Flacco would rip the weak secondary and the LA Chargers still can’t stop the run. Lindsey ripped them. OLSO and AGAIN the LA Chargers still have no fan base. There were empty seats and largely, the one’s filled were with Bronco fans. Sadly, without fans resulting in no literally no home games the LA Charger “re-location” has been a disaster for Spanos’s and the NFL as a whole.

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