Bengals are struggling, on the field and in the stadium

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It’s been a long year for the Bengals, and we’re only a week into October. It could get even longer.

The Bengals have lost five in a row to start the season, with a pair of home games played before less than capacity crowds. According to the official NFL gamebook, only 50,666 attended the Week Two loss to the 49ers. Sunday’s loss to the Cardinals featured only 46,012.

Paul Brown Stadium has a capacity of 65,535.

Visual evidence from Sunday’s game shows how sparse the crowd was. As the Bengals continue to sink, the crowds will only get smaller.

The Bengals next play at home in 13 days, against the Jaguars. Next comes a Week 10 meeting with the Ravens, a Week 12 game against the Steelers, Week 13 against the Jets, Week 15 against the Patriots, and Week 17 against the Browns.

That translates to three home games in December. Which will translate to short lines for the bathrooms, short waits for hot chocolate, and plenty of elbow room.

34 responses to “Bengals are struggling, on the field and in the stadium

  1. It was the Bengals and the Cardinals. Seriously, they should be happy even that many showed up.

  2. Looking at the teams across all 4 major sports, I think the Bengals deserve some sort of ‘lifetime achievement award’ as they consistently make the most compelling example of the need for relegation.

  3. Hasn’t the Andy Dalton experiment run its course? I think everyone may benefit from a change in scenery.

  4. There’s teams I dislike in the NFL, but no fanbase deserves the product the Bengals are putting out right now. Their fans deserve a lot better. Sell the team, Brown.

  5. I am surprised Mike Brown hasn’t moved to get into the whatever current name* Jack Murphy Stadium in San Diego. He could probably get a cheap enough deal. And the taxpayers of Hamilton County would probably love get out of Mike Brown’s really bad deal for that crappy stadium in Cincinnati that they are stuck paying almost every cent for.

  6. That is crazy. I went to one of the scab games in Green Bay in 1987. Sold out. Then again, the scab team was better than the real team, lol.

  7. A move to the Austin/San Antonio market will pay off huge for some NFL team. Bengals ownership would be brain dead for not snagging that opportunity.

  8. Retract the franchise or move them to Texas DKR Memorial stadium! 100k fans would scare the hell out of them!

  9. Bengals haven’t won yet and have looked bad at times but have been competitive at times. It doesn’t help that they’re without their two top WRs. Team has a good young coach and a good RB in Mixon. They need more, sure, but they’re not far from being relevant.

  10. jrquiz says:
    October 7, 2019 at 6:20 pm

    Bengals ownership would be brain dead . . .

  11. Raise your hand if you were shocked to learn the Bengals are on the Patriots’ schedule.

  12. The NFL really needs to set rules wherein Owners like the Brown family can have their franchise rights stripped from them for not attempting to field a good product. The Brown family are squatting on the revwnue sharing and only half pretending to be a competitive team which cheats not only their fanbase but the rest of the NFL as well.

  13. On one hand you have fans that show their disapproval for the way management has run things by not giving Mike Brown any direct money through ticket sales, and on the other people saying you’re not a true fan for paying exorbitant stadium prices and supporting the team.

    I haven’t gone to a game at Paul Brown since the 2015 playoffs. It doesn’t help that the stadium feels like a parking garage and I’ve gone to 15 games there since 2003 and yet to see them win there.

    The fans became apathetic as Management has always put future salary cap concerns ahead of winning now.

  14. Good for the fans there. When a team isn’t performing and is a disaster, use the only leverage you have as a fan, withhold your financial investment into the team. It’s the only way to actually affect an owner’s bottom line and get them to change the product on the field.

  15. For real, pass a rule…lowest attendance team each year must be sold unless some team managed lower average attendance averaged over 3 years. In that case, that pathetic fan base gets the boot. They have no issue with the players risking their livelihood, same should go for them. There’s no reward for being bad.

  16. Brown doesn’t do enough to earn his 1/32 piece of the pie. They nfl needs to force him to sell. As far as the cheap shots coming from other fan bases, you have no idea what’s its like to be hamstrung by stubborn, small minded, nepotistic ownership that has done NOTHiNG for its fan base the past 28 years. They are damn lucky they had 35 thousand people there yesterday after the crap they try to pawn off as a competitive team. I feel bad for the players, especially vets like Atkins, Dunlap and Green who deserve better.

  17. They don’t deserve fans to attend these games frankly. The Bengals exist to make a profit for ownership and that’s it. The organization doesn’t go all out to win, they don’t have 1st class anything, and a lousy culture with a bad Head Coach.

    When is the last time this team actually brought in an impact player through free agency or a trade?

  18. Media rights and revenue sharing have made it where live attendance are a small amount of the overall pie. The league doesn’t love it, but they know bad teams will have low attendance

  19. ebpatton says:
    October 7, 2019 at 6:02 pm

    Mike Brown or Dan Snyder?

    Are you kidding me? At least Dan Snyder doesn’t take 20 years to fire bad coaches and is willing to spend to make the team better. The Skins also won a playoff game as recently as 2005. The Bengals haven’t won one since 1990.

  20. I have been a Bengals fan since 1972. If I didn’t live in Alaska I would go to see them play. I also understand the frustration we fans have about our Bengals. First they kept Marvin Lewis a couple years to long before letting him go. Second they been making poor draft picks and letting go more talented players. Fourth is bringing in players that poisoned the locker room (ex packman Jones etc..) The biggest is Mike Brown is to involved in the team like Jerry Jones of Dallas. He needs to let the coaches bring in the talent they need and pay players what they are worth. If this coaching staff can’t pull the team together then replace them all.

  21. I’m willing to give Zac Taylor this year and next. Reality is Dalton has never shown he can elevate his team. He is only great when surrounded by good talent which they had his first 5 years. He can’t elevate that team. That’s why you have to take a shot at Herbert or Tua when they come out. Better to swing for the upside instead of continuing to meddle in the middle of the pack of the NFL. You’re finally in position to have a top 5 pick after 3 years of going 6-10. Make the most out of it and go for a qb. Also fixing the offensive line by getting a right tackle and right guard would also help. If Jonah turns out good that line doesn’t look so bad anymore. Also getting all new linebackers would be nice to. They need to blow up the roster and start over. Need to be open to making any moves.

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