Bruce Allen likely isn’t going anywhere

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With Washington holding former coach Jay Gruden accountable for the current mess that is the football organization, many are wondering why current president Bruce Allen continues to escape scrutiny.

Yes, the #FireBruceAllen crowd has returned, and their logic has plenty of appeal. In the ultimate results-oriented industry of sports, Allen simply hasn’t generated enough wins.

The facts back that up, in stark terms. Since Allen arrived in 2010, the team has a record of 59-89-1. Excluding the two years that unfolded after Allen failed upward from G.M. to president and Scot McCloughan racked up a record of 17-14-1, the team under Allen’s watch is 42-75.

That’s a winning percentage of 35.89 percent, roughly one victory in every three games. The Decade of Bruce also has included a pair of look-what-I-found playoff appearances, with no postseason wins. In today’s NFL, with that kind of performance over the course of a full 10 seasons, anyone else would be and should be fired.

Making things worse, ostensibly, for Allen is the general dysfunction that has riddled the team during his tenure, from the decision to give up way too much to get RGIII to the clumsy exit of coach Mike Shanahan to the clumsy exit of RGIII to the clumsy handling of Kirk Cousins to the shameful termination of McCloughan with cause to the ongoing holdout of Trent Williams (and the stubborn refusal to get value for a player who by all appearances is never coming back) to some other things I’ve probably forgotten about thanks to all of the other stuff.

So why is Allen still there? He’s still there because he has become, essentially, the surrogate owner, handling aspects of the job (like today’s press conference) that Daniel Snyder would prefer to avoid. For all the criticism that Snyder has absorbed in 20 years as owner of the team, he’s not stupid. And he’s smart enough to realize that the only thing better than being rich and famous is being rich.

With Allen serving as the front man, Snyder has slid into the background, taking a backseat while Allen, whose father was one of the franchise’s most beloved head coaches, takes the heat.

It’s become well established that Commissioner Roger Goodell serves as the pincushion for all owners. Allen serves as the pincushion for one of them.

That’s why Allen is still there, and that’s why he’ll stay until Snyder finds another pincushion. Boosting Allen in this regard is the fact that there really isn’t anyone else who would both be regarded as ideal for the job and willing to hitch his or her wagon to Snyder and his team.

Thus, even though Snyder may be able to hire a much better head coach if he’s willing to give the new coach full control of the football operation (and the right to fire Bruce Allen), Snyder won’t be getting rid of Bruce Allen unless and until Snyder identifies and hires the next Bruce Allen.

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  1. Firing him is a move that would show accountability and a look towards rebuilding this wrecked franchise, which is exactly why Snyder won’t do it.

  2. And because he is still here, nothing will change and the fan base will continue to erode. Skins have a smart fan base. Beaten and kicked to death. Most of us understand what’s going on with our disaster of a team for about 2 decades now. That’s why I wish Jay good luck and congratulate him for escaping this disaster of a franchise. If I could muster up any care for another team, believe me, a lot of us would. The good news is I really don’t care about the Redskins now either.

  3. Wait – isn’t he the guy that hired the former head coach and who assembled this mess in the first place?

  4. “Boosting Allen in this regard is the fact that there really isn’t anyone else who would both be regarded as ideal for the job and willing to hitch his or her wagon to Snyder and his team.”

    He’s “ideal” for the job because his father coached the team years ago? How many fans actually know that? Now, how many that know care? He’s still got the job because he’s buddies with Snyder, pure and simple. But to suggest that even in abject failure he has some skills nobody else has or that running an NFL team (even for Dan Snyder) wouldn’t be a draw for qualified candidates is absurd.

  5. Snyder gave full control to Marty (who quickly fired Cerrato) and he only lasted one season even though he went .500 closing out the season on a strong note. Snyder eventually hired Cerrato back and the rest is history. Despite what Snyder/Allen says, Snyder will never give full control to anyone – end of story.

  6. RGIII, Cousins and Haskins – the way all were/all handled by the organization is all you need to know about the franchise.
    They reached on Haskins, but some other team would have reached on Haskins if not them – some mocks had the Giants taking Haskins and the Skins taking Jones.

  7. From Tampa, so I know of the continuing lies and BS that Bruce Allen is capable of.
    The Washington Redskin’s deserve better!

  8. Snyder has the man in his organization that can turn this franchise around. His name is Kyle Smith. The only move he has to make if he wants to win is fire Bruce Allen and promote Kyle Smith to GM and give him total control Let him pick the next coach, run free agency and the draft. Let him run everything. The beauty of the NFL is that you can turn things around quickly. Look at the Rams a couple of years ago. They were terrible and brought in Sean McVay ( I wonder what staff he was with) LOL and in 2 years they were in the Super Bowl. i believe Smith is the next Bobby Beathard and if given the chance could bring the Redskins back to their glory championship years.I know I am not alone in this observation. Please Mr. Snyder listen to us. Please follow the Edward Bennett Williams blueprint of hiring the best football people and let them do their job.HAIL TO THE REDSKINS.

  9. Whatever you do, DO NOT go to Oakland and join your old buddy Gruden. They are doing just fine without you!

  10. “Some other things I’ve probably forgotten about thanks to all of the other stuff.”

    Among those might be the “winning off the field” press conference, and calling Kirk Cousins “Kurt” about 18 times in 3 minutes.

  11. Dan won’t change the team name, he won’t fire Bruce Allen, and it seems he won’t change any of his methods even though he has repeatedly run this team into the ground year after year. Even the Josh Norman FA deal was a bust, while Landon Collins has played pretty decent so far this season, he isn’t making an impact on that defense like he’s being paid to. They can’t build organically through the draft, which is why they are never good enough.

    THEY WON’T EVEN TRADE TRENT WILLIAMS. They could get SOMETHING for him to help build this team. Stubborn from the top down, bottom dweller until Snyder is gone.

  12. For the Redskins to get better, you have to turn this whole organization around and that includes saying audios to Bruce Allen. Allen blesses anything Snyder says. We all know that Snyder isn’t the sharpest owner in the NFL. Someone has to find a way stand up to Snyder without making him look foolish. Allen isn’t that man.

    You simply can’t fire the owner

  13. Everyone knows Allen has to go for the Redskins to be successful–except two people: Allen and Snyder.

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