Bruce Allen on firing Jay Gruden: “It was necessary”

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Hours after firing head coach Jay Gruden, Washington team President Bruce Allen said the reason was simple: They haven’t won enough.

“It was necessary. Our 0-5 start is not just disappointing. We had much different expectations for the beginning of the season,” Allen said.

Allen said he wants to win this year, starting Sunday against the Dolphins, and he thinks interim head coach Bill Callahan can get the job done.

“Under Bill’s leadership, the programs he’s going to put in, the discipline and execution, we believe we’re giving him the best opportunity to beat the Miami Dolphins, and the rest of the year,” Allen said.

Allen did not say whether rookie Dwayne Haskins will be the quarterback to lead Washington on Sunday, although he made clear he believes Haskins can do the job.

“It’ll be up to Coach Callahan who plays at any position, the same way it was up to Coach Gruden who’s going to play. We’re thrilled to have Dwayne here. We think his future is really bright. Whatever gives Coach Callahan the formula for success, I’m sure he’s going to do,” Allen said.

Allen made clear that Gruden’s firing is “not for cause.” It’s simply because it’s time to stop losing.

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  1. The Dolphins must be so pissed there’s this many other winless teams. Especially with all this chaos in DC, it’s in danger of spoiling their perfect season!

  2. Not a Dolphins fan, but go Dolphins! Don’t have to be an astrophysicist to figure out Snyder and Allen are the problem.

  3. Gruden did not want Haskins. I think he made that clear. When the GM and the coach are not on the same page one has to go

  4. I’m not going to say that Jay Gruden is a good head coach, but I will say unequivocally that – if Dan Snyder sells the team and Bruce Allen is fired and Jay Gruden was re-hired as head coach – Washington’s team would be in a much better position than they’re in on Monday morning.

  5. Bruce Allen and head coach Bill Callahan. Did we time warp back to 2002?

  6. Gruden was 6-3 with Alex Smith, and then went 1-11 after Smith’s injury with basically the same team. No backup QB is going to win consistently in the NFL.

  7. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why Mr. Snyder retains Mr. Allen as team President.
    I mean, who could possibly argue with his unassailable logic?

    And… I trust we can put to rest all this talk about not wanting to win, hmmm?
    Yes, I think we can.

  8. Can he fire himself and bring in a new owner as well, because anything short of that means things will simply remain the same only the names will change

  9. Doesn’t the need to stop losing begin and the top? So since Jay was fired, why weren’t you Bruce? How can you quantify your continued employment being that we were losing before Jay got here?

  10. They were losing before Gruden got there under other coaches. The common denominator through all the losses is Daniel Snyder and his henchman Bruce Allen.

    Until that changes, Washington will remain Loserville.

  11. Dwayne Haskins has clearly shown he isn’t ready. He only started for 1 year at Ohio State. If they throw him to the wolves he will be broken physically and mentally. Let him sit and learn the pro game and work toward building a better O-line in the offseason, then see what you got in Haskins next year.

  12. “President Bruce Allen said the reason was simple: Either admit what a totally and utterly incompetent boob I’ve been the last 10 years and resign, or use Jay Gruden as a scapegoat. We all know that even Belichick couldn’t win with that mess of a roster I put together, but it was either Jay or me, so guess what?”

    Fixed his quote for him

  13. The guy who SHOULD be fired is Allen. He created the dumpster fire that has become the Washington franchise. He’s why TWilliams still hasn’t been traded or brought back. He’s the guy whose made 20 years worth of bad personnel decisions in just 5. He’s the one who had a decent GM and drove him out of football. And THAT has been his biggest accomplishment in his overly long tenure as Daniel Snyder’s best friend

  14. Well at least Gruden gets to keep his paycheck. Pretty sure no respectable coach would take a job there if they fought him over it. I seriously doubt Callahan will be able to institute a change in discipline, every player knows he is a temp coach and they wont be held accountable. They may very well beat the Dolphins but I have hard time imagining them beating anyone else this season.

  15. “Allen made clear that Gruden’s firing is “not for cause.” It’s simply because it’s time to stop losing.” Huh? So I guess you fired for cause in Washington if you win??? Oh and Bill’s picking the QB, that’s rich!

  16. The problem is not Snyder’s adamant retention of Allen.
    No, that’s not why this team is a perpetual loser.
    The real reason is Snyder’s refusal to change the name.

  17. The decision to fire Gruden after New England and before Miami is the reality that Miami is one of the only teams we might be able to beat (Jets are the other), so it would make Snyder/Allen look good by firing Jay now, and then going on to win the next game. “See? We told you!” As usual though, Little Danny and Bruce Vader never see the big picture – how the season at best will be a 4-12 finish, and likely a 2-14 finish, which will be the real truth about their “damn good” culture within that franchise.

  18. Nobody is taking that job… no way no how. It is literally career suicide. Ok Ill do it for 5mill USD a year but Bruce is gone and give me a Scott Pioli numbers cap type guy. Im buying the groceries but I need to use coupons.

  19. If he were any good, he would have maybe mentioned his responsibility in this.

  20. It’s a shame, and telling, that there wasn’t one nice thing said about Gruden in that press conference nor in the team’s statement. Not even platitudes like “We thank Jay for his contributions” or “We appreciate Jay’s hard work for the organization.” Gruden held together a lot of broken pieces for a long time until he himself broke. Classless organization.

  21. I am an Eagles fan but I feel for the Washington fan base which is HUGE and loyal. This is not some second rate market they play in. This team has won multiple SB’s and have lots of HOF inductees.

  22. The timing of the firing is suspect. If Jay Gruden hangs around for one more game, the Skins may win their first game of the year. If Gruden was fired after losing the the Giants, than Callahan would almost cerainly lose his first game of Skins coach to New England. It seems like the Skins want to pin another loss on Gruden before firing him.

  23. crik911 says:
    October 7, 2019 at 1:46 pm
    Nobody is taking that job… no way no how. It is literally career suicide.

    I think you are mistaken. In fact, few people would turn the job down.

  24. someone needs to pull back the curtain to reveal the actual wizard in this version of oz is a little rich dude who is short on stature, self awareness, and any sense of loyalty to his fanbase but is over endowed with ego, arrogance and the size of his wallet…..

    see if they don’t go after gruden’s money later on….

  25. Bob. Just Bob. says:
    October 7, 2019 at 2:04 pm
    crik911 says:
    October 7, 2019 at 1:46 pm
    Nobody is taking that job… no way no how. It is literally career suicide.

    I think you are mistaken. In fact, few people would turn the job down.

    dear bob the only people who would turn down the job are the ones that could actually do the job, but wouldn’t work for snyder under any circumstances…

  26. Snyder is a terrible egotistical owner, but Allen is the guy running the operation day to day and acquires players for them. He’s the primary problem, even more so than Snyder.

  27. Don’t know anything about the Redskins or where the problem is but it is obvious that:
    1. This does not appear to be a talented roster. Who put it together? That’s who needs to go.
    2. The decision to let Smith go in free agency appears to be very bad. Did Gruden make that decision?
    3. Who hired Gruden? That is who needs to be fired also!

  28. Bruce Allen is horrible and should’ve been fired years ago. I believe it’s necessary for me to continue not going to or even watching games until Bruce is gone.

  29. Who is going to come play for this team? Who is going to come coach this team? Your reputation will be destroyed!! Agents and their free agents I’m sure scoff at this team’s offers now!

  30. There is only one question that should have been put to Allen at the press conference: “Bruce, since you have been here, you cheated on the cap structure causing the Redskins to forfeit $40 million in cap space; you were involved in consummating what is widely regarded as one of the worst trades in NFL history, surrendering three firsts and a second for RGIII; you mismanaged the “Curt” Cousin situation, failing to sign him to a long term contract at a cap friendly contract or to trade him for a bevy or picks; you are now mismanaging the Trent Williams situation, blithely asserting at the start of the season he would back with team while his trade value diminishes each passing day, you were responsible for selecting incompetent Jay Gruden as coach because his brother was your friend (and extending him notwithstanding his losing record), and most tellingly of all, in one decade at the helm you have produced a sustained losing record, not a single playoff win and a winning percentage of .408 — with all that, why should the Redskins have any confidence that anything is going change with you in charge/? And that is the tip of the iceberg and doesn’t take into account all of the bad draft picks and free agent signings. Redskins Nation, it is time for a hardcore boycott of the organization (tickets, merchandise everything) until this clown is gone.

  31. I agree with boycotting, starting with the not buying game tickets … so I’m asking fans of opposing teams to please stop coming to our games 🙏🏻

  32. I’m certainly not a Jay Gruden enthusiast, but virtually no coaches would be able to win games with that god awful roster they gave him over the years. I think he can draw up some offense, but you need players that can actually play to execute your vision. Gruden will get another job somewhere else and move on and Washington will stay in the gutters.

  33. Because Bill Callahan is a proven winner…I mean look what he did for the raiders lol

  34. Bob. Just Bob. says:
    October 7, 2019 at 2:04 pm
    crik911 says:
    October 7, 2019 at 1:46 pm
    Nobody is taking that job… no way no how. It is literally career suicide.

    I think you are mistaken. In fact, few people would turn the job down.

    Jeff Fisher, Art Briles, Bobby Petrino, Hue Jackson, extra. Or Pay Urban Meyer $20 million or Saban $50 million…No matter how bad the organization is they will find someone who is desperate enough or paid enough to be a NFL head coach…

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