Bruce Allen: QB decision is up to Bill Callahan

Getty Images

Washington answered one question about the future of their franchise on Monday morning when they fired head coach Jay Gruden and replaced him with interim head coach Bill Callahan.

One of the questions that the team will now face is when it is time to turn the offense over to quarterback Dwayne Haskins. The first-round pick played against the Giants in Week Four, but Gruden opted to start Colt McCoy against the Patriots in Sunday’s 33-7 loss.

There have been reports that Gruden was not on board with the decision to draft Haskins, but team president Bruce Allen said at a Monday press conference that Gruden was excited about having Haskins in the fold. Allen also said that Callahan will make the call on starting Haskins on his own.

“It’ll be up to Coach Callahan who plays at any position,” Allen said.

Washington will be in Miami in Week Six and we’ll see if Callahan decides to go right to the rookie in hopes of getting a win against one of the teams that ranks alongside Washington at the bottom of the NFL barrel in 2019.