Cowboys exec: Jason Garrett “absolutely not” on hot seat

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Apparently, one NFC East coach a day on the block is enough.

Even though expectations and scrutiny are always high, Cowboys executive Stephen Jones said today during an interview on 105.3 The Fan that coach Jason Garrett was “absolutely not” on the hot seat.

He’s done a great job with this team,” Jones said, via Michael Gehlken of the Dallas Morning News. “As you saw yesterday, he had this team playing hard when on a lot of teams that game could’ve gotten real ugly when it was.”

The Cowboys trailed the Packers 31-3 yesterday before making it interesting (eventually losing 34-24).

In any other situation, this wouldn’t be much of a question. Garrett is 80-61 in 10 season, and is 35-18 since the start of the 2016 season. Of course, he’s only won two playoff games, and he works for Jerry Jones, and his contract expires after this season, so anything can happen.

And if it does, they at least have a better claim to a winning culture than other teams who have coaches on the hot seat all the time.

27 responses to “Cowboys exec: Jason Garrett “absolutely not” on hot seat

  1. Cant beat nothing but bum teams!!! When they played the Saints and Packers they were ordinary!!! Dallas is over rated!!!!

  2. “Not on the hot seat” in that he will not get fired. However, he’s not earning a new deal either.

  3. Because that would mean Jerruaha’s forearm is on the hot seat since he’s the one controlling the puppet.

  4. All Cowboys fans already knew this. Garrett has survived an entire decade of utter mediocrity. What’s new? If he hasn’t been fired yet, he never will be.

  5. Best team in the NFL, Americas Team…. best owner, best gm, best rb, best receivers, best oline, best defence, clearly the best qb ever…

    why would dem Boys fire the best coach ever?

  6. Old Jerry will never fire his yes man puppet. Carrot Tops is set as long as Jones owns the Boys.

    Which is more than fine by the rest of the NFC.

    Dallas – where mediocrity is King.

  7. Hooray Jason! Your team played hard in garbage time!

  8. Jerrah, he has NOT done a great job with this team. But he does kiss your butt so continue having him as a “coach” on the sideline. Looks like a deer in headlights every time they flash over to him, and it’s all the time. One of the first times I saw real emotion is when he slammed the red flag down at the side judge’s foot. Dude is feeling the heat as he should.

  9. of course hes not. this is because he listens and allows jerry to trump any coaching decision on the field. any normal coach would not tolerate that so jerry refuses to fire him.

  10. Watch Daks head. He does not go thru his progressions. He looks at the primary Target and either throws it to him even in quadruple coverage or he takes the sack. Also someone should get fired for that kicker still having a NFL job.High school kickers kick better than him.

  11. This is ridiculous question. Garrett wasn’t on the field missing tackles, that’s on the players. Sometimes the loss is not on the coach. Garrett is under no more or less pressure than a coach that needs to win to keep their job, which is practically all of them.

  12. So the reason his contract wasn’t extended is because he’s not on the hot seat. Yeah, that makes sense.

  13. He might not be on the hot seat now, but he will be gone at the end of the season. Garrett has shown that he cannot win big, important games, usually because of a lack of preparation and in-game coaching decisions. Garrett also has shown a lack of in-game adjustments.

    Why do they not use Dak more on roll-outs, bootlegs, and RPOs? They could destroy teams with the threat of his legs.

  14. By the way can see eche has had 3 horrible games. Before you thumbs down watch his video after the second loss. He admits he did. And Heath needs replaced asap. And cut the kicker today

  15. In Jason’s defense… It pains me to say this because I personally dont like him… that lose was more on Dak’s execution than anything else. The play calls on offense were there. They were moving the ball pretty easily. Dak blew it not Jason. Yeah they lost to the Saints but if wasnt a blow out and it was a very close game. They beat the Saints with a similar score last year and they had Brees out there after all you said they would lose.

    Saying that since they are playing real teams now they are losing because they arent good is the easy way out. You didn’t watch either game. Dallas was down 14-0 in a blink of an eye. Dallas’s defense was gassed. Couple a gassed defense with Dak throwing to the other team 3 times the score will get out of hand real quick.

    It’s only week 5. The 8-8 haters have been looking for a reason to say something. It could happen this year but even a broken clock is right twice a day. You’ve guys been wrong the last 3 years though.

  16. bootguy says:
    October 7, 2019 at 3:13 pm
    No REAL NFL head coach would put up with Jerry Jones , just ask Bill Parcells !

    No real GM would put up with a mediocre cheerleading head coach like Garrett.
    Seems the Cowboys have a couple of pretenders at GM and head coach. Since Jerry
    ( last 23 years ) has taken mostly full control they been all about HYPE and less
    about success in the playoffs.

  17. With a stout roster like the Cowboys, I guess the team is pleased with mediocre coaching. To see Jason throw the red flag like an upset kid made me laugh. The harder you throw it doesn’t increase your odds of winning the challenge. They started their December flop early this year. Hot seat or not, I would at least start collecting resumes. If Howdy Doody is canned, other teams will not be fighting to hire him.

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