Dre Kirkpatrick: Bengals better not trade A.J. Green

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Wide receiver A.J. Green remained out with an ankle injury as the Bengals fell to the Cardinals at home on Sunday afternoon and the latest Bengals loss was preceded by a report that teams have been calling the Bengals about potentially trading for Green.

Green has said that he’d like to spend his whole career with the Bengals, but he’s a free agent after the season and the team’s got a lot of building to do in the coming years. Trading Green would bring in assets to support that process, but cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick warned that such a move would have a negative impact on the team as well.

“It better not happen. It’s going to fall apart if you do that,” Kirkpatrick said, via the team’s website. “That’s our best player on the team. He’s not even out there. We don’t know how the team really should look. They can’t do that. I’m a team player first. I rally around my guys. That would really hurt my spirit if he walked out this door . . . I want everybody to stay. I want to win here. I don’t want to go anywhere. I’m not just a player for the Bengals. I do things in the community. A lot of guys in here do.”

If the Bengals want to fully tear things down and teams make strong offers for Green’s services, Kirkpatrick’s plea may not carry much water in what’s quickly becoming a lost season in Cincinnati.

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  1. Appreciate his sentiment, but reality is it fell apart some time ago and holding on to the status quo is stupid for the organization. They have committed to this group for some time and the results are clearly not there and, with the ages and contracts involved, they unfortunately won’t be a part of the solution. The organization should do the smart thing and commit to a plan of rebuilding and leveraging their age 30+ assets that are quite marketable to juice the rebuild.

    They should also revamp the organization as a whole, with things like greater investment in scouting and willingness to engage in free agency to address roster gaps. But that’s a whole different discussion.

  2. Niners should trade for them both. Witherspoon and Pettis are two young guys at those positions they can send back. Add some picks and boom.

  3. Cheap Bengals owner mike brown
    would like to not re-sign the productive,
    high character veteran A.J. Green…
    … but… you couldn’t sneak that past the fanbase
    like giving away the team’s two best offensive linemen.

    There would be a revolt… like… before Marvin Lewis was hired.

    Oh… and… how about that Zac Taylor?!?
    Marvin Lewis was never 0 – 5 in his nfl career.

  4. They have to trade him, he’s the only asset they have that will bring good draft stock, which is what a rebuild is all about.

    It’s not a time for feelings, it’s business.

  5. AJ’s a great player/person but I would trade him for a 1st round pick. I respect his loyalty to the team that drafted him, but he deserves to be on a good team that has a chance at winning a SB. It sure ain’t gonna happen with the Bengals.

  6. I know a lot of people will rag on Dre K for this but I appreciate the sentiment. These guys are human and it is tough to expect everyone to buy in when you trade one of the franchise players. I understand they are 0-5 and going nowhere this year. I also understand where Dre is coming from

    -Browns fan

  7. Trade Green and Dalton, coupled with o and 16, watch the draft picks come flying in. Hate to see it, but it is reality. Problem is, Bengals are not only team tanking this year.

  8. ATTN: Bengals; Trade AJ to anyone who will give up a 1st round pick, trade Dalton for whatever you can get and see what the rookie can do this year. get at least 3 linebackers and 2 o lineman to go along with a new d coordinator. Roo moo is clueless. There are several high school football teams in Cincy that can torch their defense.Sucks as a fan, but sticking with the current roster will only bring 3 wins this year, so unload now and pile up some picks, ala

  9. Ahhh, armchair GMs. Having a bad run? Well, trade all your stars and hope for the future drafting a replacement. How many “stars” are drafted each year as opposed to how many “near busts” or “busts”.

  10. I like the guy who said get rid of everybody and “buy lottery tickets”.

    Marvin Lewis never went 0 – 5.

  11. “Dre Kirkpatrick warned that such a move would have a negative impact on the team as well.”

    You’re 0-5. How much more negative can it get?

  12. Marvin Lewis was better than people give him credit for. Marvin Lewis took Mike Brown teams to the playoffs. Lewis deserves a medal

  13. doctorrustbelt says:
    Oh… and… how about that Zac Taylor?!?
    Marvin Lewis was never 0 – 5 in his nfl career.

    People suddenly can’t seem to remember all of Marvin’s tenure…
    use Google…
    Search “2008 Bengals Schedule”.
    They started 0-8.
    Pretty sure Marvin was there.

  14. Oh… and… how about that Zac Taylor?!?
    Marvin Lewis was never 0 – 5 in his nfl career.

    It’s called a “REBUILD”. Gonna get worse before it gets better. They lose with every game they win, so I hope they go winless. Get the top 3 QB and build around that guy. And nobody cares what Dre got to say

  15. “Trade Green and Dalton”

    Green would have a line of teams that want him.

    The Red BB Gun on the other hand might be worth a 6th or a 7th, not much more than that. He wilts in the biggest games and isn’t getting any team over the hump.

  16. If Bengals trade AJ AJ Green, I’m done a Lifetime fan of Bengals. He will become the best in game once Offensive line Fixed. Don’t give away once in Generation player because you having bad start, lost 3 games by 7 points. He’s a game Changer and they are a Super Bowl Champion Contender keeping this team together for next few years. What Mike Brown apologize earlier this year he in 80s its time to open wallet up and Pay extend AJGreeen Priority Number 1, Enough said.Go Bengals, AJGreen is World’s difference maker and in this offense he be All Prowl several years and even stated New offense would extend career. Sincerely, Ligetime Bengals fan from day 1 in 1968….🙏💖

  17. AJ, Dunlap, Atkins, Dalton, and Cordy Glen will all net you really nice draft picks in return. All are 30+ and without trading them we are at minimum three years from seriously being competitive.

    Reality Check:
    Our offensive line is devoid of talent, and needs at least 5 picks of first and second day picks, for staters and backup positions. That’s the engine of your offense there…
    The linebacker core is the soul of your defense, and we have virtually nothing in the cabinet. Your going to need at least 4 first and second day picks there.
    Sure you can address some of this in FA, but you’re in competition with other teams for quality at those positions.

    Now providing you hit on your picks and steal some quality FA out there, you’re looking at a minimum 3 years to be a threat again.
    Making the above guys in the mid 30s, and functionally to old to carry this team. This was a horrible situation that resulted from the Lewis groups drafting strategy regarding importance of position.

    The Bengals have now lost to two winless teams… Fire sale your 29+ guys, and get your new QB and make this a two year rebuild people can understand and rally behind. Also can we not under any circumstances draft off. guards in the first round?!? You won’t pay them the massive increase they expect, so don’t do it! Draft them in the second and third where their increase is in line with your monetary team design.

  18. I’m torn on this. Mike Brown does not deserve someone as classy as this and I’d like to see AJ get a chance away from this franchise. But also as a fan it would be tough losing him. I think you have to go to him and ask him what he wants to do stay through an upcoming rebuild or go to a contender. Have to rebuild that o line and linebacker group. If you get a top 5 pick this year you almost have to take a shot at Herbert or Tua.

  19. Please shut up Dre, you are one of the biggest problems with this team… Re-signing below to mediocre talent to long term deals for the mere fact they were drafted by the Bengals because Mike Brown thinks free agency is a fad that’s going to die out any day now. He’s just another 1st rd bust that I wouldn’t even give a spot to on the practice squad in fear of other players replicating anything he does on the field. Go away Dre.

  20. If I’m him, I’m saying all the right things to the outside world, but behind the scenes I am working on getting out of that dumpster fire as quickly as I can.

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