Frank Reich called his shot prior to Colts win

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Not many people gave the Colts a chance last night in Kansas City, but as he met with his team before the game, Frank Reich did.

Via Peter King of NBC’s Football Morning in America, Reich’s final message to his team in a hotel meeting room Saturday night was one of confidence, telling his players: “The rest of the world’s gonna be shocked tomorrow night when they see this game. But we’re not gonna be shocked.”

That was likely true, considering the Colts had just lost at home to the Raiders the week before, and were faced with a number of significant injuries. But Reich was selling something less tangible.

“I’ve come to learn in the NFL that the game is about so much more than Sunday,” Reich said. “It’s about who you are and how you work Monday through Saturday, and you have to get your players to believe you are what you do during the week. . . .

“This is a crazy game. Today in the NFL told you that. But it’s what so great about the game too. It’s so human. The cumulative effect of 53 guys practicing great with a great attitude and a great plan and hunger can do anything.”

Of course, those 53 men need to be led, and Reich is as good at that part as any coach in the NFL.

7 responses to “Frank Reich called his shot prior to Colts win

  1. Impressive that he was able to properly predict that Mahomes would get injured therefor allowing his team a chance at a win, because without the injury they lose.

  2. jbaxt says:
    October 7, 2019 at 8:33 am
    Bold prediction when the Chiefs are playing without 4 offensive starters.

    Colts deserved to win.
    Every team has numerous injuries by this time of the season and that’s why you’re only as good as your depth.

    The Raiders were missing countless players, mostly on offense, but the backups produced.

  3. Imagine that: a coach telling his team he believes in them and they can win. I’ll bet the coaches of the 4 teams the Chiefs beat this year told their players the same thing. It’s part of the job of coaching. Once in a while the underdog wins and that coach ends up being right. This is not a news story. The Colts winning is BIG news. Their coach telling them “you can do it” is not.

  4. You’re still a paper tiger. KC was missing Watkins and Hill, Williams doesn’t look right at RB, Kelce is still a wuss and Mahomes injured his ankle.

    Nice win on the road for sure, but KCs Run D stinks. You’re not beating NE with such mediocre QB play like that. They will blow you right off the field.

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