Jamal Adams frustrated and upset after Jets fall to 0-4

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Many people predicted the Jets would be 0-4 after Sunday’s game in Philadelphia and those predictions were proven correct when the Eagles pasted the visitors for a 31-6 win.

While others might have seen the loss coming, Jets safety Jamal Adams said he wasn’t expecting the bad outcome and shared the sour taste that the team’s latest loss left in his mouth.

“I mean, anytime I step on the field, man, I expect to win. We all do. But it didn’t happen,” Adams said. “We lost. It doesn’t matter. So I’m frustrated, I’m upset. It is what it is.”

Adams and the defense didn’t have a terrible day. They allowed 265 yards, stopped the Eagles on a couple of fourth down tries and gave up touchdowns on a couple of drives over short fields. Adams said he feels the unit is “coming together,” but the offense remains an unsightly mess and the Jets’ chances of ending their losing streak won’t look good until that changes.

18 responses to “Jamal Adams frustrated and upset after Jets fall to 0-4

  1. Remember when the national media thought the Jets had a good shot of being a wild card team this year? LOL… good times, man… good times.

  2. Adams better get used to it. He’s been running his mouth from day 1 as an overrated primadonna who isn’t even that good to begin with. He reminds me of Calvin Pryor who did more talking than playing consistently well from week to week.

    He’s not a bust like Leonard Williams, though. The Jets have way too many whiffs in the draft that it continues to be their main issue.

  3. Welcome to a Gase coached football team! He was supposed to be the answer to the offense in Miami, but he was a disaster. Now he has got the Jets on a worse path then he had Miami.
    His claim to fame was he coached Peyton Manning and thats what got him employment………But we all know Peyton Manning coached the offense and he held the clip board. Good luck Jet fans with any luck you will have him for only 1 more year!

  4. The Jets problems can easily be corrected in one draft.
    Just draft 5 pro bowl Olinemen, a beast pass rusher, and a shutdown cornerback in 2020.
    Then the jets will be above .500

  5. How can Adams be surprised? He was there in practice all week watching firsthand as Gase gave all the first-team QB snaps to a guy coming back from mono who probably wasn’t going to be cleared to play. But Darnold was definitely the most prepared inactive QB this week!

  6. @All-American Voltron

    I like Teddy B but the Jets trading him away was still a great move. Bridgwater isn’t doing what he is doing right now with Gase, Robby Anderson, Crowder, and Josh Bellamy.

  7. waiting for this guy to make an actual play. i hear he is one of the best safeties in the league but i don’t see it.

  8. Gase went to a lot of trouble to get a general manager he could excel with. Now maybe Douglas could get a coach he could excel with.

  9. I for one thought the Jets would at least be competitive this year. They dumped all their high priced skilled players a couple-three years ago in an effort to rebuild. While it wasn’t a tank job of the proportion of Indy and now Miami they still managed to move people out and make way for a younger, more competitive team.

  10. Gase led a Dolphins team to the playoffs and was 1 game under 500 with Ryan Tannehilla (or remnants of), Jay Cutler, Matt Moore, etc. all while jettisoning players like Jay Ajayi, Suh, and Jarvis Landry. I think he can be a good coach, but he needs players. No one can win with Luke Falk, who is not an NFL QB. The Jets keep drafting stud D-Lineman who end up needing to leave to get their second contract. And without Darnold, this team can’t go anywhere.

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