Jay Gruden: I’m not bitter, I didn’t get it done

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Jay Gruden doesn’t really blame Dan Snyder and Bruce Allen for firing him as Washington’s head coach, noting that coaches are judged on his record and his wasn’t good enough.

I’m not bitter,” Gruden told the Washington Post. “This is a production-based business and I didn’t get it done.”

Gruden did bristle, however, at what he perceived as a suggestion at Allen’s press conference today that new interim head coach Bill Callahan will run more structured practices with harder work.

“I want to make sure that everybody knows that I actually did work,” Gruden said.

And Gruden said he believes his offense would have looked much better if his team had been healthier.

“I just wish I could have had all of our offensive players,” he said. “We never got to flex our offensive muscle.”

So while Gruden accepts that he didn’t get the job done, he seems to think injuries deserve at least as much blame for that as he does.

52 responses to “Jay Gruden: I’m not bitter, I didn’t get it done

  1. Gruden is better off being gone from that toxic environment. He can benefit from the experience and move on to better things, wherever that may be. Maybe the college game is more his style.

  2. They gave him three expired cans of Spam, two sticks of previously-chewed Fruit Stripe gum, and a plunger and told him to make dinner.

    I would be somewhat bitter, but he knew who was cashing his checks when he signed on. Nothing has changed, regardless of who the coach is.

  3. And yet, the root cause of the issue still remains intact; Bruce and Dan.
    Gruden will get a job as an OC somewhere or will latch on to his brother’s staff. He’ll be alright. I’m sure people in NFL circles will say that the Skins job is a mulligan on the resume. Nobody has surpassed .500 here since Snyder bought the team, and that was Marty, he went 8-8, in his one season here and had enough.

  4. Coming from this eagles fan, I feel bad for Jay. Last season he didnt have a very good roster but his team was leading the division for a little while until too many injuries proved to be too much. I’m not saying hes a great coach, but he had no shot at succeeding with that broken down roster. One of my best friends is a skins fan and I feel bad for him. Not that their team isn’t good, but just how hopeless that organization is and there doesn’t seem to be any light at the end of the tunnel. No silver lining to give them any type of hope in the foreseeable future. I have noticed I haven’t seen logical voice around anywhere. Only running his mouth in the offseason lol.

  5. Jay Gruden definitely wasn’t the problem. Thinking about it, the Bengals should consider cutting with Zac Taylor and bringing in Gruden. No one got more out of Dalton and AJ Green, both players Gruden had input on and pushed for drafting. I think both would fair well together.

  6. I will give Gruden credit, he lasted longer than I thought he would with being a first time head coach who was also calling plays. That’s a lot for an experienced coach. But no one can overcome Bruce Allen.

  7. He made over 20 million from Washington, no reason to be bitter at all. He’s set for life why should he be?

  8. You can’t win without good Offensive Tackles in this league. See 0-5 Bengals playing with a 3rd and 4th string LT and a retread right tackle Bobby Hart who can’t play a lick.

  9. Jay seems like a good guy who worked hard… just didn’t work out. Wish him the best. #HTTR

  10. Gruden wasn’t the problem and neither was Bruce Allen. The dysfunction has been going on long before these two men arrived at Dan Snyder’s doorstep, and will continue as long as Snyder owns the team. Jay Gruden won multiple championships when he coached in the minor leagues, and was the hottest name in coaching when he got hired. I was shocked when he accepted the job in Washington, because he had so many other options. Now he joins Joe Gibbs, Steve Spurrier, Mike Shanahan, and Marty Schottenheimer as great coaches who couldn’t win with Snyder. That’s a pretty impressive list. These guys could get it done everywhere else they coached.

  11. It was a no-win situation for Jay from the start, but at the least he got in some HC experience.

  12. One of the things you learn as you get older is that part of your job is not only managing your subordinates but also your superiors. Right or wrong you gotta figure out how to work them…either give them what they want or change their mind about something they disagree with you about. Often times you have to learn to make the best out of a no win situation.

    Also, figuring out how to win with injuries is just part of an NFL Head Coaches’ job.

  13. There is only one coach in the league that knows how to build a TEAM. Not a great first string that is great until injuries set in. When the winds and cold of December come, only Belichick has the depth to overcome the obstacles.

  14. You had an overrated Cousins undermining you every step of the way, and Danny Boy Snyder is the owner. Add to that Brown Nose Bruce and you were destined to fail.

  15. Jay Gruden is currently being paid to not coach the Washington Redskins, and he’s supposed to be bitter about that? This is probably the happiest day of his life.

  16. curtfj says:
    October 7, 2019 at 6:46 pm
    Gruden wasn’t the problem, Bruce Allen and Dan Snyder are

    I was going to say something, but this guy nailed it….

  17. I agree with him abt injuries up to a point. This team has been riddled with injuries throughout his tenure. But many teams have done better with similar injury issues. More importantly we need to ask if there was anything the leadership was doing to contribute to that injury profile.

    1. When signing players did they not put a priority on finding players with a record of durability?

    2. Did they not handle injured players well enough to ensure that they were less prone to the same or related injuries when they put them back on the field?

    3. Did they not do a good enough job of churning the bottom of the roster to ensure their depth (2nd or 3rd stringers, practice squad players, homeless players they kicked the tires on) were as solid as the competition?

  18. I wonder if the first thing Jay did was call his brother John … “ I’m Free “ lol … what’s AB upto nowadays anyways. Jay don’t feel bad no one will get it done with Bruce Allen either guy is a perpetual looser.

  19. No doubt at season’s end Snyder will pry an OC from some streaking offense. But before he bites on the flavor of the month, might I suggest he consider the following:

    Darrell Bevell, Hue Jackson, Chuck Pagano, Jim Caldwell, Marc Trestman, Mike Singletary, Gus Bradley, Mike Tice, Brad Childress, Cam Cameron, Ray Rhodes, Dennis Green

  20. Washington will never win with that owner, dude isn’t a football guy who is making football decisions, I would avoid that job at all costs.

  21. Exciting and happy day the new coach takes the reins in D.C. Even MORE exciting and happier the day they get fired and paid NOT to coach that dumpster fire any longer. What coach in his right mind would think he could possibly be successful under the meddling, interfering Daniel Snyder? Good owners don’t meddle in football operations. Snyder can’t help himself, and since it’s his money who can stop him. Sad end to a once truly great organization….

  22. Gruden is a decent coordinator, but a poor head coach. Sure Snyder and Allen torpedo anyone working under them, but a lot of Gruden’s wounds were self inflicted. For instance he’s the guy who hired Joe Barry as his defensive coordinator. Barry’s resume was defensive coordinator for the 0-16 Lions and that was the highlight.

    At the time Wade Phillips was practically begging to be Washington’s defensive coordinator but Gruden picked Barry. The resulting weak defense held the team back Gruden’s entire tenure.

    I’m glad Gruden finally got fired, but Washington’s problems won’t go away as long as Bruce Allen is with the team.

  23. You could argue he was the 2nd best head coach in that division, that team was looking good before Alex Smith injury. Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s a head coach again in 5 years

  24. I think Washington should probably move on from Gruden, but dang, what a lousy way to send him packing – dragging him in at 5 AM to fire him. And deciding to fire him after his team plays the toughest opponent on their schedule – winning that game would have been shocking. And the announcement didn’t even have the usual niceties, just “we stink, so buh-bye!”
    Not a classy move.

  25. No Jay, it isn’t that you “didn’t” get it done…it is that you (or any other coach they have ever hired) “COULDN”T” get it done here. With Danny and Bruce at the top, this organization will continue to fail and be an embarrassment. As a lifelong Skins fan, I wish Danny would get fed up and move the team and give us a chance at an expansion team in the future, as that is the ONLY way DC will ever have a chance at a winner in the NFL again.

  26. Hell, I grew tired of the same old excuses year after year, game after game, my only problem with this is there are two others who should’ve been sent packing as well, Bruce Allen and Manusky. Snyder’s only problem is he listens and puts trust in the wrong people first Cerrato and now Bruce…if he ever hires a real football guy and is as devoted to him as he’s been with Cerrato and Bruce he could turn this thing around. And if Bruce’s only real purpose for being employed is to get a new stadium, well let that be his only function within the organization…if Snyder grew up a real Redskin and football fan one would think he’d have figured out by now Bruce is not the guy, and hasn’t figured out one of the main reason the fan base is shrinking is because of Bruce then he’s as dumb as bag of rocks.

  27. Bill Callahan?!?!?! The same Bill Callahan that coached the Raiders and didn’t even bother to change the name of the plays which ultimately cost them a Superbowl against their former coach & Dungy’s Tampa team? THAT Bill Callahan.? Oh, I am sure this will end well. How does he keep getting jobs? SMDH.

  28. Haskins only started one year in College & can throw the ball fairly accurately in go routes deep down the middle but everything else he has no idea where it will land & he floats all the long passes. There’s a reason he only started 1 year.

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