Jordan Phillips to Taylor Lewan: Go get drug tested again bum

Getty Images

After the Bills beat the Titans 14-7 on Sunday, Bills defensive end Shaq Lawson said that Titans left tackle Taylor Lewan was a “fake tough guy” who got beaten by inside moves during the game.

Lewan responded to that with a Twitter post showing Lawson recorded no tackles or sacks during the game. Bills defensive tackle Jordan Phillips had three sacks in the contest and he stepped in to the social media fray after Lewan’s post about Lawson.

Phillips posted video of Lawson beating Lewan and forcing Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota to step into Phillips’ arms, a still shot of Lewan down on the field during a 2018 game and referenced Lewan’s four-game performance-enhancing drug suspension in a series of posts to his own Twitter account.

Lewan hasn’t responded to Phillips and the Titans and Bills don’t play again this season, so it seems like this might be the end of the volleying for a while.