Kyle Allen keeps winning, gets it

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Panthers quarterback Kyle Allen did something Sunday that was previously done by Kurt Warner — a Hall of Famer and one of the best stories in history (not just football history).

And yet, Allen understands that in this particular chapter, he’s not really the main character.

With yesterday’s win over the Jaguars, Allen became the first undrafted quarterback to win his first four career starts since 1999, when Warner did it for the Rams.

This one is slightly different, and Allen has the self-awareness to know it.

It helps when you rush for 285 yards, I’ll say that,” Allen said, via Max Henson of the team’s official website. “I don’t know, I mean, it’s cool.”

Allen’s handled this well, even if some of his fans have not. His winning streak stands in stark contrast to Cam Newton losing his previous eight starts. But that conveniently ignores that Newton has been physically broken throughout that streak, dealing with either a shoulder that needed surgery or a foot that has knocked him out for the foreseeable future.

But Allen has been efficient, completing 65.0 percent of his passes, and throwing seven touchdowns with no interceptions. But he has fumbled six times, losing four, and is averaging 225.5 passing yards per game, so there’s clearly room for improvement.

Stepping into an offense that was built to complement Newton with playmakers, being well enough to do so, and having the luxury of handing it Christian McCaffrey approximately 973 times a game helps.

“Winning is fun,” Allen said. “I’m happy for this team. To bounce back from a rough start, and now we’re 3-2. A long way to go obviously, but I’m happy with the way we fought.

“I think you can see that with us on the field, we’re never out of the game. We’re going to keep fighting no matter what, and we are going to win games in different ways because we can.”

Put simply, Allen is doing the thing backups are supposed to do, and has the Panthers in position to succeed while Newton recovers.

20 responses to “Kyle Allen keeps winning, gets it

  1. Ok, so Cam has never won anything in this league. With Allen under center, there is no threat of him as a runner, so the D is settled back and it opens the box for true RBs. The team runs smoother with KA as the QB. When Cam comes back do you pull Allen who is just winning for a guy who may come in and start losing games again?

    If I was a Panthers fan, I’d want Newton challenged and fighting. I’d also want to make the playoffs, not appease a high paid player.

  2. Approximately 973 times a game??? Surely you must be joking and don’t call me Surely ,,,

  3. Cam was throwing just fine last year when the Panthers looked like they were going to make the playoffs until he got hurt. They rushed him last year and did the same this year. Its come to the point where he might have to pull a Luck and retire early.

  4. Patriots made Drew Bledsoe the highest paid player in NFL history in March of 2001 w/ a 10 yr, $103 Million contract. Once he was back healthy later in the year, he never got his job back from Brady and in April of 2002, Bledsoe was traded to the Buffalo Bills, 13 months later.

    Belichick is better than most because he doesn’t care about perception of releasing player with a bad team contract or cutting a guy you spent a high pick on. Most teams to save face, will hold on way too long. BB cuts them immediately and never thinks about it again. He would’ve made an excellent stock broker with tunnel vision forward.

    The Panthers should do as BB does and move on from Cam. He’s had long enough and plenty of surrounding talent and he’s done nothing. He’s only made the playoffs 4 out of the 8 years and he’s barely a .500 winning percentage. Cam is so up and down it’s not even funny. He’s had 3 seasons of above 11 wins and 5 seasons of 7 wins or below….terribly inconsistent. Cam Newton will never win a Super Bowl…his one shot will never come again.

  5. Healthy Cam in 2018 100.8 Rating 67.37% Completion rate 15TDs to 4INTs, 7.2 yards/attempt, and 236.6 yards per game. That’s without adding in his running ability gaining 340 yards and 4 more TDs.

    Allen in 2019 is getting 107.4 rating, 66.7% completion rate, 5TDs to 0INTs, 7.5 yards/attempt, and 224 yards per game.

    Basically Allen and Cam are the same passer, Cam is just a dynamic runner in addition to his prowess as a passer.

    I get that a lot of you on here really don’t like Cam. He dances and wears funny clothes (even I can’t find the good in much of that), but he’s also pretty good QB. If he can recover from the Lisfranc injury, and I don’t think he can do it in this season and that coming back this year may end his career, he should be very good in this offense again. CMC has come into his own, DJ Moore and Samuel have both gotten better, the defense is getting pressure. Allen has regressed to the mean over these three games. If he could sustain the play he had against Arizona this would be a different conversation.

  6. The Panthers could do the right thing and rid themselves Of Cam and get something for him before he becomes untradeable. This kid gets it, it’s not just about him and his position.

  7. The Panthers featured Cam Newton for years. The offense was built around him. Cam has taken too many hits over the years, and it appears those hits have taken a toll. Clearly he is not the same QB he was 2 years ago. Since Kyle Allen has taken over at QB, the offense is clearly different. The offense is now built on running the ball which can open up the passing game. It’s sort of the same strategy used in Dallas. It’s been successful so far.

    it will be interesting to see what happens when Cam says he healthy and ready to reclaim the QB position, especially if the Panthers continue to winning.

  8. Cam had the exact same team, and is 0-2 on the season. Even when he was healthy, he’s mediocre at throwing, at best. If Cam couldn’t run, he would be a backup, and his running ability is definitely waning. He was amazing in his prime, but he will be retired in a few years if he keeps depending on his legs to win games. Honestly, it’s refreshing to have a QB who is more mature and better at game management.

  9. it will be interesting to see what happens

    You know what’s going to happen. Everybody knows.

  10. Kyle Allen certainly deserves a lot of credit, but look at how the team has responded. I would say the entire team is playing better and I can’t help but wonder if everyone is responding to a down-to-earth guy who has taken over for a look-at-me guy. Maybe they got tired of looking.

  11. If Kyle is still winning and the team has energy with him out there, you leave him as the starter even if Cam comes back proclaiming 100% healthy…

  12. Allen played awesome against Arizona a few weeks ago and led the Panthers to victory. Aside from ducking JJ Watt on a great 3rd down conversion, he didn’t play great versus the Texans, nor was he the reason the Panthers beat Jacksonville yesterday. You Cam-haters are convincing yourselves that Allen has been playing at some Pro Bowl level just because of how much you obsessively hate Cam. Get a life. Meanwhile true Panthers fans will continue to pull for the TEAM, no matter who is under center, our more-than-capable backup QB, or the much-more-talented-when-healthy starting QB.

  13. “Ok, so Cam has never won anything in this league.”

    Apparently the Super Bowl is literally the only thing you can win in this league, since Cam’s NFC Championship, multiple division titles, etc, let alone his MVP award equate to “never winning anything”

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