Morgan Moses: It sucks that we couldn’t get it done for Jay Gruden

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The writing was on the wall regarding Jay Gruden’s future with Washington after Sunday’s loss to the Patriots and running back Chris Thompson didn’t need official word to come down before getting emotional about Gruden’s inevitable departure.

Thompson revisited that reaction during an appearance on 106.7 The Fan and said that he gets “we’re doing terrible, but that’s a human being, that’s someone I care about, so I got emotional about it.” Thompson said it wasn’t a move that came out of the blue and right tackle Morgan Moses said “it was like walking in the building with eggshells on the floor” in recent weeks.

“It’s a business,” Moses said, via the Washington Post. “At the end of the day, we’re 0-5, but I’ve been with Jay all my career. I’m the only one left from my draft class on the team and I have a high respect for him as a coach and as a man outside the building. You never want to see change like that, but obviously the organization wants to go in a different direction. That’s something that I have no control over, but it just sucks because he is a good coach, we have some good players on the team and it just sucks that we couldn’t get it done for him.”

Bill Callahan will take the reins for now and the team will likely move on to another coach in 2020 as they try to put together their first consistent winner in decades.

15 responses to “Morgan Moses: It sucks that we couldn’t get it done for Jay Gruden

  1. Hard to feel that bad for him. He didn’t do a very good job and he will still get what ever the balance is that was left on his contract.

    If they don’t use that video against him. Dan floated that knowing the firing was coming.

  2. This could be one of (if not the most) dysfunctional franchise in sports history. Snyder needs to fire himself.

  3. It’s pretty darn stupid that keeping his job was contingent upon not losing on Sunday to the toughest team to beat in the NFL for the last twenty years.

  4. Unfortunately Gruden didn’t have the caliper general manager and owner Coach Gibbs had. It is tough to win consistently with one arm tied behind your back. Dan Snyder is an owner just like Hugh Culverhouse was in Tampa. He was in it for the money just like Snyder. I personally know numerous people who have had dealings with Snyder and not one of them speak highly of him. If we want the Redskins to grow to the organization they were in the glory years, we must start with a new owner and clean house. Hiring another coach is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results the simple definition of insanity.

  5. The moment Alex Smith went down, Gruden as HC was done.

    Since the trade, Gruden was 6-3 with Smith, 1-11 without. There’s no way of consistently winning in the NFL with a backup QB. That’s the difference one good QB can make.

  6. The Redskins played the pats this week without their left tackle and without their top two TE’s and without their #1 rb with a qb coming off a broken leg who hasn’t played in a year. And their wr’s stink. And that’s all on Gruden? Hmmmm…

  7. Most telling line in the story: “I’m the only one left from my draft class on the team”

  8. ajsjr40 says: “This is a GM issue. Just not enough talent on this team.”

    Had enough talent to go 6-3 with Alex Smith last year with basically the same team. A good QB makes a world of difference:

    – an accurate passer can inflate WRs/TEs catching numbers and make them look really good
    – a quick release makes the o-line look like a wall when rushers don’t have time to get there
    – extended drives by the offense keeps the defense off the field and their legs fresh

  9. Forgive me if I question your concern for Gruden given your propensity for making team dividing comments to the media (see comments on Trent and AP) as well as your stranglehold on the title of most penalized lineman in the NFL. As the saying goes, with friends like these, who needs enemies. I appreciate your playing through injuries, but the baggage that comes with that is emblematic of what’s wrong with this sack of players. Note I did not say organization or team because we have neither.

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