Panthers “watching greatness” with Christian McCaffrey

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Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey didn’t do much tooting of his own horn after Sunday’s 34-27 win over the Jaguars.

McCaffrey said “I think I’m playing well” after running for 176 yards, catching six passes for 61 yards and scoring three touchdowns to continue a blazing hot start to the 2019 season. Other members of the organization were more effusive when it came to talking about what McCaffrey’s been doing this year.

Safety Tre Boston said that the team is “watching greatness” on a weekly basis while linebacker Bruce Irvin called him the best running back in the league. Defensive tackle Gerald McCoy went a little further by promoting McCaffrey as the league’s most valuable player at any position.

“If I was writing, I would see if he’s from earth,” McCoy said, via the team’s website. “I’d have to check to see if he’s from Asgard or something. I don’t know where that dude’s from. If the season ended right now, he’s the MVP.”

The MVP has been a quarterback’s prize in recent years, so McCaffrey’s bid for that award may fall short even if he continues to lift the Panthers to the kind of wins we’ve seen over the last three weeks. Given his lack of interest in selling himself, that may work just fine.

17 responses to “Panthers “watching greatness” with Christian McCaffrey

  1. There are RB’s who are a dime a dozen, and there are superstar RB’s that change the dynamic of a team, he is absolutely a stud. Literally putting the Panthers on his back and millions of Fantasy team owners, love it lol.

  2. Wow, all this praise and compliments from his teammates!
    And his own relative humility too.

    Reminds me so much of their former star, Cam Newton.

  3. Generational running backs are something else. It is incredibly to watch them dominate a game. It is too bad they have a short shelf life because they take a lot of wear and tear. Saquon and Chris are big time ballers.

    It’s also to me incredible how Peterson and Gore can keep grinding into their mid 30s. World class athletes and genetics.

  4. tylawspick6 says:
    October 7, 2019 at 8:45 am
    yeah and the rest of us will watch him wear down as the season goes


    If he was a pat, we would never hear the end of how great he is and how smart BB is for going after him

  5. Greatness, until it comes time to pay up and the team designates him as just a Running Back and choose not to pay him as the best player on the team.

  6. There is a tendency to worry about how long he will last with so many touches, taking so many hits, and getting getting called on even when the opponent knows he is getting called on for another carry. But he reminds me of another running back who shed tacklers, carved through defenses, and more or less got dragged down rather than getting blasted to the ground. It was another running back whose strength was greater than his size and had incredible moves that won plays, won games, and extended his career. It was O.J. Simpson.

  7. Greatness? If I remember correctly I think I’ve heard that phrase about another guy who plays for the Panthers too, and how’d that work out for you? Clown franchise with a clown quarterback who plays for a clown head coach in a clown first city…Clown 101

  8. The double move he put on the Jaguar defender near the sideline followed by the near impossible backstep and then six yard gain for a first down was legendary. I’m not saying he’s in “this” class yet, but it was a Barry Sanders-like moment. Exhilarating to watch.

  9. Before the draft, so many people kept saying “white running back” and that white running backs aren’t any good.

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