Teddy Bridgewater: I feel like I have the easy job

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Saints fans were chanting Teddy Bridgewater‘s name during Sunday’s win over the Buccaneers and the quarterback said after the game that it was a “pretty cool” experience to add to his memory bank.

Bridgewater was 26-of-34 for 314 yards, four touchdowns and an interception in the 31-24 win and all the chanting didn’t stop him from noting that all he had to do was get the ball to a talented group of teammates.

“I feel like I have the easy job,” Bridgewater said at his press conference. “All I have to do is throw the ball to Mike Thomas, Jared Cook, Ted Ginn, Austin Carr, Alvin Kamara, Josh Hill, and Taysom Hill. Finding ways to get guys involved and make plays for us. Today was a day when everything was clicking and we can come in this game finding opportunities to score points and get down in the red zone to do some good things.”

Bridgewater’s self-effacing response to his big day extended to a joke that it “should have been five touchdowns” through the air before the day was out. All joking aside, Bridgewater’s production has helped the Saints to three straight wins with Drew Brees out of the lineup and that’s made for a lot of relief in New Orleans.


10 responses to “Teddy Bridgewater: I feel like I have the easy job

  1. I remember a lot of negative comments about Bridgewater over the years. Those people are eating their words now.

  2. The Vikings could’ve kept this guy for a used Chevy and a bag of Doritos, and avoided the Cousins drama altogether.

  3. I’m a Saints fan and I have to admit I was skeptical, but Bridgewater is getting more comfortable and confident each week and I’d have to say a pleasant surprise.

  4. He has peaked. Trade him to one of those teams that need a QB and ask for a lot in exchange. Taysom can handle it until Brees returns. Taysom and Kamara both had a higher pass completion percentage yesterday.

  5. There’s 2 kinds of people in the world, those who know Teddy Bridgewater and those who don’t. And it ALWAYS starts off by him being written off and underestimating him, because he’s not a stats guy. Jets fans and now Saints fan all crap on him because of his numbers, yet everyone gets won over at some point. Fans and players ALL FALL IN LOVE WITH TEDDY, because of his intangibles, and despite his stats he is a winner. just ask fans of Louisville or the Vikings. it’s a real thing…

  6. All he does is win. But if stats are your thing, they were pretty good yesterday.

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