Washington fires Jay Gruden, calls afternoon press conference

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Washington has made it official, announcing that coach Jay Gruden was fired.

And while they used collective pronouns in the release, only one person was fired this morning.

“Through the first five games of the 2019 season, the team has clearly not performed up to expectations, and we all share in that responsibility,” the team said in a statement.

There was also a reference to “doing all that we can collectively as an organization” to turn things around.

Gruden was 0-5 this season, and 35-49-1 (.418) in five-and-change seasons there.

The team’s holding a press conference at 1 p.m. to discuss the move, presumably putting Teflon team president Bruce Allen up there to explain the move.

If Dan Snyder shows up, it will be a major surprise, as defending his 21-year record of 139-185-1 (.428) will be tougher than finding a scapegoat.

17 responses to “Washington fires Jay Gruden, calls afternoon press conference

  1. unless Allen is getting fired as well, nothing will change. He is the one who assembled this roster.

    Gruden didn’t have much of a chance.

  2. Until Snyder is gone, the Cooke family legacy will never resurface.

    Jay may not be the best coach, but he certainly is not the problem. And it won’t go away just because you fire a lame duck coach.

  3. Snyder will alway require a puppet to stand behind while he pulls the strings. As a owner he has every right rather us fans like the job he has done so far. Bruce is not going anywhere unless the next superstar GM demands it.

  4. Firing your head coach during the season rarely improves the team. They did Gruden a favor.

  5. Once a PROUD franchise (George Allen, Joe Gibbs)….now a joke of a franchise. It starts with GM Bruce ALLen, who by the way was fired by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers….nuff said.

  6. The Redskins would be foolish to try to void his contract. They need to convince another coach to come here. That’s already looking like a tall task, even before you become the organization that claws back the coach’s pay. So it would be foolish to try to void the contract.

    But that’s not to say they won’t.

  7. You would need an established, big hitter to come in and turn around this mess. No one with those credentials is going to take the job as long as Dan Snyder is the owner and Bruce Allen is the GM.

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