Baker Mayfield: “We’re not hitting the panic button”

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The Browns found themselves on the wrong end of an all-three-phases butt whupping on Monday night. The tone from most of the players who spoke to the media after the game reflected that reality. But the Browns also aren’t ready to shrink away from their upcoming challenges.

“Once again, we’re not hitting the panic button,” quarterback Baker Mayfield said after a 31-3 loss that dropped the Browns to 2-3. “For us, we know the problem. We know we have to be better and do better. When you play a great team, you have to eliminate mistakes. You just have to. We know exactly what we need to do. We need to play well. We need to do our job each and every play.”

The Browns have done their job every other week this season, with a loss followed by a win followed by a loss followed by a win followed by a loss.

“The inconsistency is killing us right now,” Mayfield said.

Under that formula, they’re due for a win. But the 4-1 Seahawks are coming to town in five days. And the Browns seem to be searching yet again for an identity. Are they?

“Absolutely not,” Mayfield said. “In Baltimore we did our job. Tonight, we didn’t do our job. Therefore, you play behind the sticks, and it allows a team like that to be able to tee off and do certain things. I think we found out what we need to do. We just didn’t do it tonight.”

They survived an early 14-0 onslaught from the 49ers, and Cleveland was closing in on a touchdown with the score 14-3 late in the first half. Mayfield had receiver Antonio Callaway at the goal line for what would have been a touchdown, the throw was low, Callaway batted it high, and 49ers defensive back K’Wuan Williams snatched it out of the air and took it the other way. Eventually, the 49ers led by 18.

“It was unfortunate,” Mayfield told reporters. “I put it in perspective of it could’ve been points for us, but instead it’s taken away and you’re not getting any out of that. That’s huge for momentum on the road. They already had points on the board. You look back at it and yes it’s unfortunate, but I could’ve been more accurate with the ball. Honestly, it’s more than just one play that turned the game around.”

Mayfield declined to blame the play on Callaway.

He is who he is,” Mayfield said. “Everybody makes mistakes. We had total faith in him. There’s a reason he was out there tonight even after not playing the first four games. We trust him. The biggest thing is putting our arms around him and letting him know that every once in a while that happens, but to be able to be a great team we have to eliminate that and take advantage of our opportunities. . . .When you make mistakes and beat yourself up, a team like that is going to capitalize, and they absolutely did. They deserve the credit.”

The 49ers definitely deserve plenty of credit for the win. But the Browns have plenty of questions, and not much time to answer them.

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  1. That ball was thrown terribly yes he should have caught it but baker looks terrible even in their wins he looks different. The league has figured him out real quick and in a couple seasons won’t be a starter anymore: come on browns back too the bottom dwellers like the rest of us miserable teams

  2. “everybody makes mistakes?” Callaway could have caught it but it also could have been thrown in front of him. A real leader would have said he should have made a better throw.

  3. “He is who he is,” Mayfield said. “Everybody makes mistakes…”

    How exactly is that declining to blame Callaway? Johnny Football 2.0 threw the ball way to low and Callaway tried to make a play with a ball at his shins, should he have controlled the ball better, absolutely, but Mayfield’s pass was horribly in accurate. Remember that throw was no more than 10 yards in the air and should have hit Callaway right in the gut. I heard the announcer say that one wasn’t Mayfield’s fault, that it was on Callaway . . . I watched in like 5 times and I think both the QB and the TE were at fault.

  4. That was dreadful to watch, from a competition viewpoint. I don’t believe any college team could realistically beat an NFL team, but the Browns last night … quite possibly could have lost to anyone. There is absolutely good talent on that roster, so this is on the coaching staff, who you could say are enabling Mayfield’s undesirable traits.

  5. Maybe you should. The ego on this team that is 2 years away from 0-16 is remarkable. Johnny Football, I mean Baker, you need to grow up. Nobody is denying there is talent on the roster. Except your GM or whoever is calling the shots forgot about the trenches on the offense. Oh and you have terrible coaching. Stacking first round picks and high priced FA is no guarantee at winning anything. Just ask the dream team! So until you actually start winning meaningful games, shut your trap and tell OBJ nobody cares about his watch and his antics.

  6. I wonder why Baker didn’t admit he made a terrible throw. I think I know why–he’s terrible and he knows he’s terrible. The comparisons to Johnny Manziel are accurate because Mayfield’s seems to enjoy acting like a child and explains it away as “I gotta be me”. Soon enough he’ll be making Direct Auto Insurance commercials with Johnny Goofball. They could even have their own reality show–Baker & Johnny…it would be something like Beavis & Butthead.

  7. “He is who he is,” Mayfield said. “Everybody makes mistakes…”

    How do you interpret this any way other than Mayfield blaming Calloway? He flat-out is saying he thinks Calloway makes lots of mistakes. That’s the only possible meaning of the “He is who he is” part of the sentence.

  8. The oonly thing better than OBJ and Baker Mayfield on the same team would be AB and Baker Mayfield.

    Mayfield has bene in the league barely over a year and is already disliked.
    What other QBs have had that problem?

  9. A lot of these “experts” & reporters are straight up cowards. Let Josh Allen have a night like Baker did w/ 8/22 100 yds 0 TD 2 INT & omg you prob would’ve literally killed the man!

  10. An NFL WR HAS to make that catch. Period. Was it a perfect pass? No. Catchable? Yes.

    That was a 14 point swing and the game was essentially over at that point.

    I’m a Buc fan and I promise you I would MUCH rather have Mayfield than inFamous Jameis.

  11. No need to panic. It is not Christmas yet, but you are going to get an early gift.
    You better watch out
    You better not cry
    You better not pout
    I’m telling you why
    Cause Legion of Bust is coming to town

  12. OBJ did not do much against Richard Charmin, former member of the Legion of Boom, but he will have a much better game against the Legion of Bust next weekend.

  13. The oonly thing better than OBJ and Baker Mayfield on the same team would be AB and Baker Mayfield.

    Give it a couple of years. Those two could dominate the XFL.

  14. Browns have a tough schedule over the next month (Seahawks, at Patriots, at Broncos, Bills). May not be time to panic yet, but if they keep playing on offense like they did Monday night, it will be by early November

  15. Any time a team can rush only 4 and get to the QB, it will likely win. This is how the Giants beat the undefeated Patriots in the SB, arguably the best team of all time. It would have taken some really clever game planning, luck, and flawless execution for the Browns to win last night. Add to that the fact that they couldn’t stop the 49ers run game and it was all downhill from there.

  16. >>> Mayfield declined to blame the play on Callaway

    First, his quote totally blames Callaway in the most passive aggressive manner possible.

    Second, the throw was low AND behind him, which caused the drop in the first place.

  17. This kid is going to alienate himself from players especially the way he threw Callaway under the bus.

  18. I’m so glad other posters intercepted his bad pass in the claim that he wasn’t blaming Calloway. It sure sounded like he was 90:10 blaming Calloway. For himself all he mentioned was that he could’ve been more accurate with the pass but then went on a for a full two paragraph rant about Calloway under the guise of “supporting” him and “putting their arms around him”.

    Another Heisman bust

  19. Hmmmm there must be something in that Cleveland water. First it was Lebron, now it’s Baker playing that passive aggressive shtick. I recall well how the clown prince of b-ball would make all sorts of facial expressions and body contortions when the ref made a call he didn’t like and then he would sprint to the other end of the court in protest. Shortly after he started the melodramatic pull the jersey up over your mouth every time you speak which he continues to do except when he is off the court then he covers his mouth with his hand. Won’t be long before Baker is doing the same.

  20. So I guess the 2 other teams that cut the left tackle really did know he was garbage. This team was so ill prepared last night they are lucky is was not more embarrassing, but they, players and coaches are so arrogant they think they will be fine…. the punter was the best weapon they had.

  21. What an underhanded jab. “He is who he is”? This guy isn’t football tough. When he jumps out to a lead he is fine but he can’t handle pressure. That’s a perfect fit with his losers from LSU

  22. Not sure it will make a difference but the Browns have been without their starting corners, starting TE, slot receiver (Higgins) for the past 4 games. Maybe they will make a difference. No one is afraid of our backup TE for sure.

  23. Dawgs pound them Sea Dorks. Blabbermoouth Mayfield makes the 35 million dollar game manager look like a sandlot dork.

  24. While Baker Mayfield was shooting commercials all summer, SB champion Russell Wilson was working hard with rookie wide-out DK Metcalf down in Cali to get on the same page and jumpstart the symbiotic relationship they have.

    I wonder why Russell Wilson is having his best season ever and Baker is falling on his face…no I don’t. It is obvious.

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