Damarious Randall: 49ers played tougher than Browns did

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A day later, the Browns’ loss to the 49ers didn’t look any better.

Baker Mayfield and the team’s offense have taken much of the grief for the 31-3 rout. But the defense allowed 446 yards, including 275 rushing, to the 49ers.

Matt Breida went 83 yards for a touchdown on the first play from scrimmage and ended up with 114 yards on 11 carries. Tevin Coleman had 16 carries for 97 yards and a touchdown.

“I mean, flat out they just stuffed it up our a–, man,’’ Browns safety Damarious Randall said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “I mean, they just played tougher than we did. Each week is different because last week we were facing a different type of running game and this week we faced obviously not a running quarterback but a pretty good running game.

“They just played harder than we did. They converted a lot of third downs. They kept drives alive, they got turnovers, and we didn’t. Simple as that. We’ve obviously got to get better and find a way.”

The Browns now rank 18th in overall defense, including 29th against the run.

“They came to play. We didn’t,’’ Randall said. “We got outplayed. They’re a hell of a football team, and we knew that coming in. They came in here and did exactly what they wanted to do.”

11 responses to “Damarious Randall: 49ers played tougher than Browns did

  1. The 49ers out-EXECUTED the Browns. The 49ers looked like a team at a completely different level in terms of execution. That is what I saw….and it’s not the first time this year I’ve had the impression that the Browns are just not being effectively coach up to achieve a degree of execution required for consistent success in the league. The 49ers on the hand looked as though they were very well coached and game-planned. Night & Day in this regard.

  2. Baker isn’t able to cash the checks his mouth has been writing.

    He’s pretty much at the bottom of the leader board in QB stats right now, in all of them.

    And this is after 5 games, more than a quarter of the season.

    Baker needs to realize that his “answer” to Rex Ryan about him being overrated is to answer him with his play, not his mouth.

    Talk is cheap Baker. It’s actions, results and production that matters.

    Baker spouted off back to Rex after Rex said he was overrated.

    But his play has done nothing but prove Rex right, to this point.

    Baker needs to keep quiet and produce.

    One shouldn’t talk until they’ve walked the walk and both Baker and the Browns, in the time he’s been there, haven’t walked the walk yet.

    The ball is and has been in your court Baker but to this point all you’ve done is talk.

  3. It seems obvious that Kitchens is not quite head coaching material. They made a mistake by not continuing with Gregg Williams. He had them humming, while Kitchens has them slumming.

  4. It’s quite possible that even Hue Jackson is a better coach than Kitchens. The only difference is that Kitchens figured out how to get the ball to Chubb.

  5. I like Freddie Kitchens, but this team was not ready to play last night.

    Everyone’s saying, “What’s wrong with Baker? He was better last year…”

    I can’t help but think of what Bob Wiley said, that Ken Zampesey (QB coach) did all the coaching last year… they’re not running the same offense this year.

    Maybe that’s unfair to Kitchens, but man, last night was a beatdown like I can’t remember seeing…of a team with a TON of talent.

  6. Honestly think that’s cool of Randall to praise the 9ERS calling them a “hell of a team”.

    Most players have too much pride or ego to admit that kind of thing

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