Everson Griffen: Penalties will kill us if we don’t clean it up

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Vikings defensive end Everson Griffen joined linebacker Anthony Barr in sacking Daniel Jones on the first third down of last Sunday’s win over the Giants, but the play didn’t stand because safety Anthony Harris was penalized for illegal contact.

It was the continuation of an early season trend for Minnesota. The Vikings would be penalized 12 times for 112 yards over the course of the game and they now have 44 penalties on the season. That’s the third-highest total in the league and while the penalties didn’t stop them from beating the Giants, Griffen believes the lack of discipline will cost them in the long run.

“We’ve just got to quit shooting ourselves in the foot by getting these penalties,” Griffen said, via the Pioneer Press. “Penalties are big. I looked up the stat [Sunday] night because I was very interested in seeing, and we’ve got 44 penalties. . . . We’ve got to figure out a way to decrease these penalties because they’re going to kill us down the road.”

Griffen said he thought penalties are “a concentration thing, a mental thing” and that head coach Mike Zimmer is “going to have something for us to fix it” before the flags do any more damage to the team’s hopes this season.

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  1. What is he even talking about, the Vikings don’t commit penalties!
    The refs just screw them over every single game.
    Seriously, ask any of your delusional, neighborhood Barneys, they’ll tell you.

  2. Plenty of people are going to point to Griffen’s Offsides penalties, but those are the type of penalties you can live with. He’s feeling it and trying to make a big play. Obviously he gets it wrong from time to time (seems like once a game). Overall, you want Griffen playing that fast and you want him trying to time snaps and get in the backfield.

    They have to cut down on the PI, Defensive Holding and Illegal Contact penalties. Those are killers

  3. Second straight game that a Harris penalty negated a big play. It didn’t make any difference this time but against the Bears they had a turnover in Bears territory on the first drive of the game. If not for a stupid hold on Harris away from the play, the entire start of the game could have been completely different and who knows what happens from there? I know we’re all happy with how Harris has been doing, but if these dumb, unnecessary penalties continue guys are going to have to sit for a while to get the message across.

  4. How come Green Bay doesn’t get flags ? 7 holdings in 5 games… Look at the breakdown and you’ll see the only flags they get are false start and delay of game, penalties they cannot be denied.

  5. Yo E, your 16 offsides each year needs to be regulated then. Almost entering Todd “false start” Steussie territory.

  6. He’s right, penalties (or the lack of) can determine the outcome of any game and will be critical against better teams.

  7. Griffin is 100% right.

    The team needs to do a better in the penalty.

    Yes, that includes himself, as he specifically said “We’ve just got to quit shooting ourselves in the foot by getting these penalties,”

  8. Does that include jumping off sides on every big 3rd down? Sometimes multiple times a game?

  9. He went on to say; “We don’t want any more new rules named after Viking players, do we Anthony?”

  10. I don’t think he’s excluding himself. People need to lighten up a bit.

    He’s right….the team needs to clean up those mistakes.

  11. They are usually one of the least penalized teams in the NFL, but with Griffin’s offsides, Rhodes returning to his grabby ways, and the rook on the O-line and having to cover for Elflein’s poor play, they are approaching Raider-like territory. Won’t get any easier against the Eagles, who have strong D and O lines.

  12. I wasn’t too concerned about this in the past; but, the refs are killing the pace of the game and making it unwatchable. Watching the refs throw out 20+ ticky-tack flags between 2 teams (every punt return) and then make terrible calls because “automatic replay” will figure it out is killing game speed.

    During the Chiefs/Colts game… I think I saw a penalty-> TV timeout-> last play of the quarter-> TV timeout-> Non-Fumble that the refs swallowed their whistle on to “play out”-> automatic review -> TV timeout.

    It took 2+ hours to play the first half of the game.

  13. torchamundo says:
    October 8, 2019 at 12:49 pm

    How come Green Bay doesn’t get flags ? 7 holdings in 5 games…


    Better discipline. Probably not the answer you are looking for.

  14. The Packers have been penalized 37 times in their 5 games this season. If the Pack is supposed to be getting special treatment like the little purple guy claims, then the officials need to step up their game. 37 flags in 5 games is not helping the NFL’s “most favored franchise.”

    Also, why are the officials that the Pack “own” giving the ball back to our opponent when we take the ball away? I know y’all saw that in Dallas.

    Wait, what? The Purple Stalker is just lonely in life and harassing us because he wants attention from Packers fans? Ok, status quo then.


  15. Wisconsin Narcissists says:
    October 8, 2019 at 5:50 pm
    I thought it was called the Aaron Rodgers rule.

    Why would it be called that? He didn’t tackle himself. The rule doesn’t prevent quarterbacks from being tackled. It prevents players like Barr from tackling illegally…..hence The Barr Rule. The Vikings benefitted from the rule last year when Matthews was called, correctly, for the infraction.

    Still with us?

  16. Rodgers rule because like the SAints the packers and their fans whined enough to make a change to the game catch up stella.

  17. Everson Griffen has a tell. He swings all his rushes in a loop to the right. So teams run or pass right at where E was supposed to be playing but he leaves his lane to try to sack the QB. The result is always the same, long run or long screen pass with the player running right through where Everson should’ve been. The teams are taking advantage of the aggressiveness. It is exactly how the Dolphins destroyed the Vikings in the Super Bowl. 4 decades later & completely new team & coach but still doing the exact same mistakes. At least you aren’t as bad as the Twins in the 2000’s but pretty close. The state must be cursed.

  18. Week 5 results :

    Top 5 in defense teams were 4-1
    Top 5 in offense teams were 2-3

    Top 5 in pass defense teams were 5-0
    Top 5 in pass offense teams were 0-5

    Top 5 in rush defense teams were 4-1
    Top 5 in rush offense teams were 5-0

    That is why Zimmer is a head coach. And why he wants to run the ball.

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