Jerry Jones on Garrett’s abusive language penalty: That’s pretty thin-skinned

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Officials penalized the Cowboys for unsportsmanlike conduct Sunday after coach Jason Garrett used some choice words to side judge Scott Edwards, who missed a catch by Amari Cooper along the team’s sideline.

Referee Ron Torbert said in a postgame pool report that Garrett was penalized for “abusive language,” not for spiking the red challenge flag in front of Edwards. That prompted a joke from Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

“Oh, I hope the little darlin’ didn’t hear something he hadn’t heard before,” Jones said when reporters told him why Torbert said Garrett was penalized. “We should all have stopped the wheel over there if he got [upset] over abusive language.”

Jones doubled down on his radio show Tuesday, apparently unafraid of a possible fine from the league for criticizing officials.

“I’m all for realizing that we’re on television and realize that there’s young people and impressionable people listening,” Jones said on 105.3 The Fan. “But in general, if anybody thinks that’s a Marquess of Queensberry etiquette going out there on that football field, they haven’t been on a football field, especially in pro football. That’s pretty thin-skinned.”

Marquess of Queensberry Rules are a code of generally accepted rules in the sport of boxing.

The 27-yard completion from Dak Prescott to Cooper, initially ruled incomplete by Edwards, was overturned on replay after Garrett used his final challenge. The 15-yard penalty on Garrett, though, was marched off, leaving the Cowboys with a first-and-25 from their own 42.

Prescott completed a 26-yard pass to Ezekiel Elliott on the next play.

23 responses to “Jerry Jones on Garrett’s abusive language penalty: That’s pretty thin-skinned

  1. Noooooooo! The world is coming to an end. That’s TWICE I have agreed with something Jones said in the sane season…….

  2. For once I agree with Jerrah.

    Gosh, can’t believe I just typed that. I better reread the story.

    Yup, I still agree.

    Gonna go buy a Lotto ticket.

  3. First time in 10 years Garrett grows a set and the poor schlub gets penalized. You can’t make this stuff up.

  4. Yet if a player says it to a ref and gets penalized he “needs to be smarter out there”. Which is it?

  5. Hahaha … the clapper finally snaps and gets a penalty … then he’s seen later trying to pump up the crowd. What kind of coach does that 😀

  6. That’s a flag on Jones, personal foul. Garrett is not the first and won’t be the last to get a flag for mouthing off to a official.

  7. Something tells me that if anyone spoke to Jerry Jones like that, he wouldn’t tolerate it.
    So why should referees put up with it?

  8. Abusing someone with profanity is lame. I recognize that isn’t a popular view in our culture but it’s poor form and debasing to the abuser. And just because it’s common on the football field doesn’t change that. Doing it to an official is stupid.

  9. I think it was more of an accumulation thing and the official got tired of it. Even Garrett knew he crossed the line.

  10. So the official is thin-skinned but not the coach for over-dramatically throwing the flag, losing his rag and immediately swearing at and insulting the official? Ok Jerrah.

  11. Much like the NBA, coaches who are really into detail will know exactly what to say, how to say it, when to say it, and to WHICH official to get the maximum effect without hurting the team.

  12. What was said I think is important. You can’t have the coaches saying whatever they want either. He was throwing a temper tantrum so lets not act like Garrett was cool headed.

  13. It’s now Tuesday and Jones is still talking about it. That’s called whining. Coming from the same guy that said “Zeke who?” Give it a rest.

  14. If a player did that, he would get a flag too! You don’t throw a temper tantrum and don’t respect the ref at all ! It was a very poor judgement on Garrett’s part!

    Ya get mad at a player when they throw a temper tantrum, I.e., Bryant, T.O, etc., but take up Garrett when he does it!! The hypocrisy of some of some of ya Cowboys fans are!!

    I have been a Cowboys fan for 35+yrs, but I’ve never seen hypocrisy or obnoxious fans as now!!

  15. All the refs would have to do is call them correctly. Was watching Pats-Giants game. Saw the defender draped all over receiver NO CALL! Pats don’t need any help. Call play right won’t need to worry. I guess the refs need to teach coaches who boss is. Some refs are alot worse than others, too.

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