Jon Gruden on Jay Gruden getting fired: Welcome to the club, bro

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Jon Gruden got hired as a head coach long before his brother Jay and he got fired as a head coach long before his brother got a pink slip in Washington on Monday morning.

The firing of the younger Gruden brother came up as a topic of conversation during the elder Gruden brother’s press conference on Tuesday. The Raiders head coach said it was something of a family tradition.

“Got a lot of respect for my brother obviously and disappointed for him getting fired,” Gruden said, via Jerry McDonald of the Bay Area News Group. “But my dad’s been fired, I’ve been fired, Jay’s been fired. Welcome to the club, bro.”

Jay Gruden worked as an assistant for his brother when Jon Gruden was the Buccaneers head coach from 2002-2008. The elder Gruden was asked about the possibility of the two men working together again in Oakland, but didn’t speculate about the likelihood of that happening.

7 responses to “Jon Gruden on Jay Gruden getting fired: Welcome to the club, bro

  1. Eh, as much as I hate nepotism, Jay would be an instant upgrade over Greg Olson

  2. Cleveland. Jay has shown the tolerance to work for terrible ownership, he is an immediate candidate for that dumpster fire when it inevitably becomes available.

  3. He still gets paid it’s not like he a teacher a gets fired they don’t get paid the millions. Cry all you want spoiled overly paid

  4. ONLY reason Jay got in the NFL was nepotism. Then after a mediocre Bengal time he traded on his Gruden name for teams too cheap or too dysfunctional to entice Jon out of the booth.

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