Jon Gruden: Vontaze Burfict has served punishment already

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Vontaze Burfict was scheduled to have his appeal hearing today.

The Raiders have pleaded their case in support of Burfict, hoping for a reduction in the linebacker’s 12-game suspension.

“We want Burfict back,” Raiders coach Jon Gruden said, via Scott Bair of “He has already been punished. We hope he can return to playing soon.”

In Week Four, officials ejected Burfict for lowering his head and delivering a helmet-to-helmet blow to Colts tight end Jack Doyle while Doyle was on a knee after catching a pass. The NFL suspended Burfict the rest of the regular season after multiple fines and suspensions for illegal hits in his career.

Burfict, who played only 16 snaps against the Colts before being tossed, missed Sunday’s game in London.

Appeals officer Derrick Brooks was scheduled to hear Burfict’s case today, with no word on when he will issue his decision.

It would not come as a surprise for Brooks to lower the length of the suspension.

Brooks upheld Burfict’s three-game ban for a hit on then-Steelers receiver Antonio Brown in a playoff game in the 2015 postseason. But appeals officer James Thrash reduced Burfict’s five-game suspension in 2016 to three games.

37 responses to “Jon Gruden: Vontaze Burfict has served punishment already

  1. He has been trying to hurt opposing players since he was at Arizona State. To watch him head-hunt college kids, most of whom would never see the NFL, was particularly offensive.

    Now it’s not about protecting Vontaze from punishment, it’s about protecting the players he will never get a chance to maim. He’s lucky he’s not facing a lifetime ban. He has no learning curve, which makes him dangerous.

  2. Maybe Gruden should be on the field and let this dirty player hit him in the head. He has not served his punishment at all. Gruden doesn’t care what kind of idiots that play for him.

  3. “But appeals officer James Thrash reduced Burfict’s five-game suspension in 2016 to three games.”

    He didn’t learn anything from that.

  4. Speak at em Gruden. Burfict is a Raider and we back our own. Ratchet it up Gruden. It’s the Raiders vs the NFL and it’s Commissioner all over again.
    Somewhere up above Al Davis is seen bickering with Pete Rozelle over this one.


  5. The story is inaccurate. The “officials” who ejected Burfict weren’t even on the field. The story makes it sounds as if they were. Further, Doyle wasn’t “on a knee.” He was getting up to run.

    None of this excuses Burfict’s behavior, but accuracy should NEVER be a casualty of the sort of hatred obviously leveled at Burfict.

  6. in todays nfl i dont know if i want burfict back. they are going to flag him for every single ticky tack thing from now on. is it really worth it?

  7. “Further, Doyle wasn’t “on a knee.” He was getting up to run.”

    He was getting up to run from being on a knee. Not terribly difficult to see how both statements can be true. And it’s been true for years now that you can’t spear players like that so it’s really irrelevant whether he was on a knee or not given a helmet-to-helmet shot like that can get you ejected even if the guy was up and running full speed. For somebody so concerned with “accuracy” you sure are being obtuse.

  8. “Not terribly difficult to see how both statements can be true.”

    The “account” (being on a knee) is deceptive. It wasn’t spearing. Stop being a jerk. My comments were quite clear as to the intent of my post, and you’re just being a twit.

  9. Bring him back…. just give him a LEATHER HELMET…..
    He’ll put himself in a wheelchair before the games over…. he’d be too stupid to remember it’s not safer like normal ones so when he goes head first into the next defenseless player it’s HIM that gets carted off!!!

  10. Its sad the player was getting up to run Burfict was flying through the air its kind of hard to change direction in mid flight ..the suspension will probably be reduced be 5 games with his last warning . It looked like a BURFECT hit to me !!
    Are we playing flag football or pansy man ball …pretty soon the NFL will be unwatchable just like boxing . There’s only one thing left that’s MMA UFC Fighting !!


  11. “ He has been trying to hurt opposing players since he was at Arizona State. To watch him head-hunt college kids, most of whom would never see the NFL, was particularly offensive.”

    What he said.

    He is simply dirty player. Indefensible behavior.

  12. To anyone who hasn’t seen it go google the hit first. He leads like usual with the top of his head. He makes no effort whatsoever to use his shoulder or body. Dives head first right into Boyles helmet. He clearly cannot learn. Anything less than 6-8 games without pay is not enough and he should be warned that his next is a life time ban.

  13. Fine, let him play again, but then the Raiders should be 100% responsible for any and all medical bills for players who are hurt by Burfict’s flagrant disregard for the safety of other players from here on.

    And this punishment may not even factor in the countless other times Burfict tried to hurt other players but wasn’t flagged for it, like the dirty shot at Martellus Bennett’s knee and the intentional twisting of Blount’s ankle, and I’m pretty sure he also stepped on someone in that game as well.

  14. “The “account” (being on a knee) is deceptive. It wasn’t spearing.”

    He WAS on his knee when struck. How exactly is that deceptive? And look up what spearing is before commenting because you sound foolish. Leading with the crown of your helmet is the very definition of spearing. If you want “accuracy” try starting with your own posts.

  15. He has been suspended for “dirty” hits 3 times in his career. Antonio Brown was the first time. Then because of a weak blip aside block of a fullback in the preseason. Now 2 years later with this current suspension. He isn’t that bad and is clearly being targeted by officials. The AB hit was the only one that clearly deserved a suspension since hes been in the NFL. Prove me wrong. There are much dirtier players in the league that nobody complains about.

  16. oakfoshow says:
    “Your all scared of Burfict. Admit it already.”

    LOL Of course we are. Like to see you take the field with Burfict on it. You’ll be scared too.

  17. ZebraThrowsFlagGreatCall says:
    “There are much dirtier players in the league that nobody complains about.”

    Name them.

  18. It’s pretty simple. Don’t be an idiot and you won’t be suspended. Every other player in the NFL can follow the rules and get the message. Burfict is the only one.

  19. that Steelers/Bengals rivalry was rough. Dirty hits from both sides. But this hit against the Colts.. seemed barely enough to kick him out of the game, more like just the 15yards.. but ok.. kick him out of the game.. but the SEASON? For that hit? TE even said it was just a hit, no big deal.

  20. All I can say is the new California law (SB1300) that went in effect Jan 1st 2019 will be in play if they continue to suspend him. The law was passed just to be able to go after CBA employment agreements. I really think Collin Kapernicks situation had something to do with this law being implemented. As big as the NFL may think they are with annual revenues of about 15 billion, its is mere crumbs compared to California’s annual GDP of 3 trillion plus.The law is pretty clear- if you are going to suspend him, you need to suspend every other player that hits another player with a helmet. Or else it is clearly discrimination in the work place. No question about it. Whats really sad although is the reality out of all the nasty hits Burfict has made over the years, this one was by far the softest one he has made. I have seen many hits made far worse by him.

  21. bullcharger says:
    October 8, 2019 at 5:08 pm
    Burfict refuses to change the way he plays. That’s all he had to do, like every other player in the NFL has done.
    – – – – – – — – – – – – –
    “Every other player in the nfl has done” LOL!!! Yep that is why I never see flags thrown for helmet to helmet contact ….never ever do I. -smh

  22. He was attempting to hit Doyle with his forearms when Doyle stood up you can’t change your trajectory in mid-air anybody who thinks he meant to hit him helmet-to-helmet simply doesn’t like perfect and is too biased to look at anything objectively end of story. You go look at it again.

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