Mitchell Trubisky could be back after the bye

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The Bears offense has been a mess, and their bye is coming at a perfect time.

In fact, there’s a chance their quarterback could be back soon.

According to Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune, Bears coach Matt Nagy said that Mitchell Trubisky could be back after the bye week, in time for their Oct. 20 game against the Saints.

He’s feeling good,” Nagy said. “I felt like the last couple days he’s been in a good place. He’s been a part of all the meetings, a part of practice mentally. Because that’s just as important, staying involved mentally with your guys and with us. And now we’ll just kind of see here, again the bye comes at a unique time. Here he is, he gets injured, so here’s the bye. Now, he’s able to use this and see if he’s able to come back or not for the next game.

“I hope he’s back. But I don’t know that. It could be something where it goes longer than that. I don’t know.”

Trubisky went to London with the team, but will be back at Halas Hall rehabbing aggressively when he gets home. He dislocated his left shoulder in Week Four against the Vikings.

12 responses to “Mitchell Trubisky could be back after the bye

  1. Does it really matter? Their O Line is a train wreck and Nagy has no apparent clue how to plan for, or call, a game. I’m neutral at best on a Trubisky but those are the bigger issues and they’re not easily fixed midstream.

  2. Does it really matter? Trubisky just isnt a good QB. My guess is the Bears will be looking for a QB in the offseason.

  3. Awesome. By any chance, was anyone on the OL replaced? It looks like Whitehair and Daniels should switch places again, Kyle Long should retire, and Leno should wake up.

  4. The best thing about that is he is a dual threat which at the very least will make teams have to play the run and pass. That with good play calling should open up some easier plays to get both the run and pass going. Emphasis on “good play calling”

  5. Vikings4Life says:
    October 8, 2019 at 7:24 am

    Does it really matter? Trubisky just isnt a good QB. My guess is the Bears will be looking for a QB in the offseason.


    Trubisky is better than Grossman, Cutler and Chase Daniel. He and Chase Daniel also did sweep our Lions last year, which clearly still bothers you. Could be much worse for the Bears. You should really stop changing your name to hide the shame of being a Lion fan kid!

  6. beardownfromthefrontrange says:

    October 8, 2019 at 11:46 am

    Is Nagy going to make some tough decisions on the OL? “The Tape Never Lies” slams Leno weekly. Long is off his game. Generally just lost out there.

    I think Long is playing hurt and not doing a great job. They probably need to shut him down for a month or so because he is getting beat really bad and that is not like him.

  7. He better be worried about Pagano and that defense. All that talent and start in a 17-0 hole in London!

  8. Mitch not better than Cutler. That said Mitch is like a robot out there, doesn’t seem like he is with the flow of the game. Can’t figure out Def., lets everyone know who he throwing the ball to before he throws it, could use his legs to get out of trouble but doesn’t much. I think 2020 draft for another QB, still could keep Mitch for one more year for little money.

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