Nick Bosa trolls Baker Mayfield during game, postgame

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Before the Browns were done even waving the white flag by removing Baker Mayfield from Monday night’s game, Nick Bosa was planting the 49ers’ flag.

First, the rookie pass rusher pretended to plant a flag after the final play of the first half. After the 49ers’ convincing 31-3 victory, he for real planted a 49ers’ flag in the end zone.

Then, for good measure, he trolled the Browns quarterback in his postgame media session.

“I was kind of trying to talk [to Mayfield],” Bosa said, via Eric Branch of the San Francisco Chronicle. “I don’t usually talk, but this game he had it coming. He didn’t say one word back.

“I was just screaming his name like, ‘Baaaaaker. Baaaaaker. You good? Step it up. We want a challenge.'”

Bosa hasn’t forgotten what the Buckeyes considered an act of disrespect in 2017 when, after Oklahoma’s victory at Ohio State, Mayfield planted an OU flag at midfield.

Bosa said he planned on a flag-planting gesture all week, because Mayfield “had it coming.”

“I practiced a little bit in my room,” Bosa said, via Omar Ruiz of the NFL. “It was pretty accurate. I mean, the image was in my head pretty good, so I had an idea.”

Bosa got to Mayfield on the final play of the first half, wrapping up the quarterback’s ankles and bringing him down. Although it appeared Mayfield’s knees were down before he threw away the pass, officials ruled it intentional grounding instead.

Bosa’s celebration mocked Mayfield’s celebration from two years ago. (Though it surely left many Buckeyes torn.)

“Everyone knows what that was for,” Bosa said. “It was payback.”

Mayfield didn’t have much to say about Bosa’s celebration after the game.

“I didn’t know that until I was informed before I got up here,” Mayfield said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “Good for him. Good play.”

Mayfield had three turnovers, 100 passing yards, a 13.4 passer rating and took four sacks and eight quarterback hits. Bosa, who was off the injury report last week for the first time this season, had four tackles, two sacks, two tackles for loss, five quarterback hits, a forced fumble and a recovered fumble.

“He was panicking,” Bosa said of Mayfield. “He was double-clutching, rolling back and forth. We had him rattled all game.”

Bosa became the only 49ers player in the past 25 years with two sacks, a forced fumble and fumble recovery in a single game, per ESPN Stats & Info.

It’s just too bad the Browns and 49ers won’t meet again for another four years (unless it’s in a Super Bowl), because this rivalry has gotten good.

64 responses to “Nick Bosa trolls Baker Mayfield during game, postgame

  1. Although personally I think Bosa should act like he’s been there before and win with class but this is what happens when Baker and this team talk the talk

  2. Bosa is the real deal. Our defense is easily top 3, if not the best. Great past rush, can stuff the run , great cover corners and safety’s, great offense, great run game and pass game. This team is loaded.

  3. If the Browns had drafted Baker Mayfield with the 10 pick (or later with a trade) this all could’ve been avoided.

    He would’ve known from the beginning that he is one piece of the puzzle instead of thinking that this is his team.

    Frankly, he looked incompetent tonight and Browns fans have to be wondering What If right now.

    What if they went Barkley or Bosa there at the top of the draft.

    They’d be a lot better off, that’s for sure.

  4. Bosa’s great play along with a lot of other 49er’s didn’t really cover the fact that Jimmy G didn’t play any better than Mayfield, and the latter was under a lot more pressure all night long.

  5. I absolutely do not have a dog in this hunt (not a fan or a hater of either team or either college team), but there’s something a bit disturbing about this. The revenge shtick might have been taken a bit too far here.

  6. I miss the days when NFL players who had accomplished zilch in their careers were not trolling other teams or players. Hell, back in the day (pre-Social Media) even accomplished players were not trolling. Now idiots like Bosa and Mayfield trolling is pretty much SOP.

    Love the game, cringe at the trolling.

  7. “Everyone knows what that was for,” Bosa said.

    No, not everyone cares about your childish and immature antics.

    Holy Millennial. SMH.

  8. …because this rivalry has gotten good…

    Has it? This is one game. Both teams have probably moved on. Bears/Pack…Cowboys/Redskins…those are rivalries…this was just two players who had a college beef.

  9. >”…this rivalry has gotten good.”

    Looking at the score, it’s not much of a rivalry. Just the mouthy kid on the block getting slapped around a bit.

  10. Well, that’s nice.
    In addition to Baker, we now have Bosa.
    And of course, Sherman is still on the scene too.

    Me? I’m liking Daniel Jones all the more.

  11. Pretty funny but also sounds like a schoolyard rivalry that only college football fans would understand. That said, love that the most confident offseason team got totally embarrassed

  12. Bottom line ther’s going to be a lot of happy defensive players this year after playing Mayfield.

  13. you know what is funny, guys are trolling him because what he did a few years ago so what do some people do. The drop to that level and somehow act like they are righteous and justified to act like he did. Got to love modern day athletes.

  14. Bosa’s celebration mocked Mayfield’s celebration from two years ago. (Though it surely left many Buckeyes torn.)


    Didn’t have me torn, Baker is a db.

  15. The flag-planting thing is sorta funny, but the key is what Bosa said lastly in this article…Mayfield was panicking. My son and I were saying the same thing continuously while watching the game last night.

    The Browns have problems with their franchise QB….the kid is a nervous nellie in the pocket. I just got done watching 15+ years of that type of skittishness from my qb, Eli Manning….and it is annoying to say the least. Eli at least got over to an extent because he was a very smart QB….Baker isnt Eli in that regard.

  16. From one classless guy to another. No such thing as winning with class and integrity anymore.

  17. “I practiced a little bit in my room,” Bosa said, via Omar Ruiz of the NFL. “It was pretty accurate.
    Wow. He comes off just as big of a loser as Mayfield. You practiced it before the game in the hotel mirror? LOL! Lame.

  18. The flag planting. Poetic justice. Anytime you were on you run the mouth like the paper champion that you are,…..happens. Super Bowl? Super Bowl, are you kidding me. When you put a bull’s-eye on your back all it does is make people want to put you in your place. Playoffs? Playoffs? Playoffs?

  19. Looks like Frisco made the right pick in this draft. I was hoping they would pick Quinlan Williams. Glad they did not listen to me. LOL.

  20. hibcid16 says:
    October 8, 2019 at 2:47 am

    Bosa’s great play along with a lot of other 49er’s didn’t really cover the fact that Jimmy G didn’t play any better than Mayfield, and the latter was under a lot more pressure all night long.

    YES! What he said. I thought Jimmy G was mediocre at best. Usually a QB plays lights out when the run game is working like it was last night, but QB1 didn’t look great to me.

  21. professor30 says:
    October 8, 2019 at 8:20 am
    3 years from now Baker Mayfield will be a backup QB
    You forgot to add “in the CFL” to your comment .

  22. Hey Odell, to bad you couldn’t keep your mouth shut and just play football. You could be catching passes from a real QB, Daniel Jones, instead of that dog and pony show, Baker Mayfield. Enjoy Cleveland.

  23. objectivefbfan says:
    October 8, 2019 at 7:17 am
    honestly I go no problem bringing a little college rivalry into the pro game. But then of course I realize I matured after college.

    Yeah, sounds like it.

  24. Mayfield is getting exactly what he deserves. He acts as if he has accomplished something in the NFL, my recollection is that he went 7-7 as the Browns starter last year and is now 2-3 in 2019. That makes him a sub-500 QB so far in his career st 9-10. So far this season he has thrown 8 interceptions to only 4 TDs, I think Rex Ryan is an asshat, but he nailed Mayfield – he is a single read QB right now, doesn’t have great field vision and isn’t particularly accurate. If his #1 read isn’t open he panics and creates havoc for his offensive linemen, because he runs around like a little scared mouse. This guy should just shut his freaking mouth and try to play some football.

  25. as an aside, pre-season were calling John Lynch clueless as a gm…seems to me he knew what he was doing…building the 49ers like the Bucs but with a better qb and offensive line..

  26. This is what happens people I’ve been saying it forever and I’m gonna say it again – Baker is a punk, and punks get punked so deal with it

  27. LOL complaining about Mayfield being a jerk then celebrating some guy who has played in 4 NFL games making a huge deal out of something that happened in college, and practiced it before the game in his mirror LOL Bosa is a meathead. But, if its the age old story- if a guy you like does it, its fine and if its a guy you dont like, then he is a jerk.

  28. I was eyerolling my way through this article about these young men acting out their hurt feelings over college games but then PFT says it could be a good rivalry and … seriously? You think a great rivalry is determined by immature taunting in a blowout rather than tough, close, well played games by opponents that respect each other?

  29. it was funny watching baker when the pocket collapsed last night…he would start rolling out to the right like he does EVERY time he’s pressured but mid way he’d realize that the entire nfl knows this as well and he;d turn to run left where at that point it was too late… he’s regressed big time this year and is basically the main reason why they aren’t winning….funny thing is I don’t see too many browns fans around these days when just weeks ago they were already SB champs…

  30. In some way the Garoppolo injury is a blessing in disguise because of their record allowed them to have high picks unintentionally and they ended up with Nick Bosa and others. And now they have the real pieces together to go for a real run for the postseason. They wouldn’t be ready last year. With the right players in Shanahan’s system, the offense, especially the run game, is a thing of beauty.

  31. If you really dislike the guy then hit him as hard, and as high as possible and make it hurt that’s the best message you can send. Then stand over him while he’s in la la land and tell him just how you feel

  32. Grow up, Bosa. You seem to be as much of a jerk as Mayfield. Whatever your college beef was, it’s the NFL you are in now. You are acting like a dork.

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