Pat Shurmur on Barkley, Engram unlikely to play: You didn’t hear that from me

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Giants head coach Pat Shurmur spent last week maintaining that running back Saquon Barkley had a chance to play against the Vikings in the face of reports that Barkley would sit out, but Barkley was ultimately ruled out on Friday due to the high ankle sprain he suffered in Week Three.

There are reports that Barkley will miss Thursday night’s game as well, but Shurmur isn’t veering from his playbook when it comes to the running back or to tight end Evan Engram. There was a report Tuesday that Engram has a “real chance” of sitting out due to a knee injury.

“You didn’t hear that from me,” Shurmur said at a Tuesday press conference.

Barkley and Engram both did some work at Tuesday’s practice and one can understand the desire to keep even slim hope alive that they’ll play against New England on Thursday. Wide receiver Sterling Shepard and running back Wayne Gallman are both in the concussion protocol, which leaves the Giants with a shortage of offensive weapons even if the other two can make it into the lineup.

8 responses to “Pat Shurmur on Barkley, Engram unlikely to play: You didn’t hear that from me

  1. “Don’t sleep on the G-men.”
    Sorry…not seeing it:
    1) It’s in New England.
    2) The new kid QB is really quite good. BUT…he’s still a kid and BB will have some special sauce for him.
    3) The Giant defense sucks.

  2. The G men can bring whomever they want & the kitchen sink…..the result will be the same….
    Pats 38-9

  3. If the Giants come back from a 28-0 deficit to beat the Patriots by inserting Eli into thr game in the 4th quarter, they’ll have a real QB controversy on their hands. Not good.

  4. Good for Shurmur. Sounds like Belichick in these quotes, not giving away any info that could help the other team.

    With that weakened offense, a rookie QB who usually get badly Belichicked the first time they go up against Bill’s D, and the way the Pats D has been playing, the planets don’t seem to be aligning for the Giants to do much on offense that’s for sure.

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