Report: “Real chance” Evan Engram sits out Thursday night

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The Giants offense is shaping up to be a skeleton crew for Thursday night’s game against the Patriots.

Running back Saquon Barkley has missed two games with an ankle injury and reports indicate he’s unlikely to play even though the Giants say it is a possibility. Wide receiver Sterling Shepard and No. 2 back Wayne Gallman both suffered concussions on Sunday, which leaves them all but ruled out for this week already.

Tight end Evan Engram may also be looking at an uphill battle to get on the field. The Giants listed Engram as a non-participant in their estimated practice report on Monday and Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that he’s dealing with a sprained MCL.

Per the report, there’s a “real chance” that Engram misses this week’s game as a reult.

Engram leads the Giants with 33 catches, 373 receiving yards and two touchdown catches. Shepard is second in catches and yards, so missing both of them will leave the Giants with a mostly empty offensive cupboard in Week Six.

14 responses to “Report: “Real chance” Evan Engram sits out Thursday night

  1. Injuries on so many teams are just unreal this season. I’d like to see some stats to be sure it doesn’t just seem that way, though.

  2. The Pats defense is playing he may play and still get the night off.

    No catch for you.

    But I didn’t get any bread?

    Just forget it. Let it go.

  3. If Engram and Shepard arent playing then it would be stupid to have Saquon play. Just hand off the ball 50 times to Hilliman and Elijah Penny, keep Daniel Jones safe, lose 31-0, and get ready for the Cardinals in week 7. This team is a disaster.

    My Giants are going to be JUST good enough to not have a top 2 pick this year. We’ll win 4-5 games and draft 6th. I already want to forget this season.

  4. patslaya says:
    October 8, 2019 at 10:44 am
    I’ll bet OBJ wishes he was still here right about now.

    He didn’t ask to leave, but don’t let facts get in the way.

  5. The rich get richer. Who’s on the Patriots* schedule next week, Fordham or Cal-State Fullerton?

  6. In 2011, the Green Bay Packers had the kind of season the Patriots are having this year. Every week they faced a team in the middle of a 4 game losing streak and who were starting a new QB that week or a rookie QB. I compiled and presented the stats and everyone laughed at me. If they didn’t lose to KC unexpectedly in Week 13 or 14 (KC was debuting Romeo Crennel as a nee coach that week and I think Kyle orton took over that week as Qb), they would have finished 16-0.

    Then they lost 38-20 to the Giants in the divisional round.

    If the Patriots are not as good as they look, they’ll get exposed. But I happen to think they are. They ARE the defending champs and personnel-wise they improved since holding the Rams to 3 points in the SB and holding KC scoreless in the first half.

  7. @ike301

    You’re right, he didn’t ask to leave but you know what they say, actions speak louder than words. He was/is just a big PITA diva WR who did more harm that good for the organization. As a Giants fan I am glad he is gone and happy with the compensation received for him. How many of these so called generational talent WRs have a Super Bowl ring anyway? Jerry Rice and……

  8. If I were a Patriots fan I would be worried about an injury to another key player. These4 are the types of match ups where you can win the game but come out in bad shape.

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