Richard Sherman annoyed at Baker Mayfield’s handshake snub

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Richard Sherman was annoyed with Baker Mayfield before the game even started.

In fact, it was the Browns quarterback’s refusal to shake hands during the pregame coin toss that had the 49ers corner on edge.

“What’s amazing, and annoying, was him not shaking hands at the beginning,” Sherman told Mike Silver of “That’s some college s—. It’s ridiculous. We’re all trying to get psyched up, but shaking hands with your opponent — that’s NFL etiquette. And when you pull bush league stuff, that’s disrespectful to the game. And believe me, that’s gonna get us fired up.”

Apparently it did, as Sherman picked off Mayfield two minutes into the game. Sherman wasn’t the only one to take a shot at Mayfield on a miserable night, as Nick Bosa clowned his college-era flag-waving celebration.

Sherman said it was particularly offensive for a young player to not participate in the perfunctory ritual.

“Respect the game,” Sherman said. “You can have rivals, but pay your respect in that moment — especially when you’re young. He hasn’t earned anything in this league. How many games has he won? He’s acting like he was the MVP last year. If [Patrick] Mahomes did that, it would be one thing. But he would never do that, because he has too much respect for the game.

“And when you see a guy who doesn’t? You humble him every chance you get. Because eventually, he will have respect for the league — or he’ll be out of it.”

Of course, Sherman’s never been afraid to play with a bit of edge himself, but Monday night, he was willing to pile on after a miserable night by Mayfield. Sherman mentioned Mayfield’s preseason slight of Giants rookie Daniel Jones in GQ as further evidence.

“There’s no reason for him to say and do those things, especially given how little he’s accomplished,” Sherman said. “That’s where he’s gonna have to grow up. He might get there, but he has a long way to go.”

And he apparently needs to begin by shaking hands.

179 responses to “Richard Sherman annoyed at Baker Mayfield’s handshake snub

  1. Haha Richard..
    The only guy you needed to shake hands with is their most talented player…their punter.
    Baker isn’t worth your time, nor worth talking to.

  2. “Sherman said it was particularly offensive for a young player to not participate in the perfunctory ritual.

    “Respect the game,” Sherman said.”

    wait, this coming from a player that trashed another player after a game in an interview with Erin Andrews……

  3. Good for Sherman! Mayfield is a punk. The Browns are punks. Their fans have been acting like punks. You’re 2-3. Mature if Fat Freddie Kitchen’s would have spent more time game planning instead of crying about OBJ getting pinned down after a cheap shot his team would have played better.

  4. Mayfield is fast becoming the most hated guy in the league along with his own locker room. He’s a front runner and when things don’t go his way he folds. The Browns? I guess they are still the Browns with a talented roster of mercenary’s, miss fits and losers.

  5. Can we all agree that the Baker Mayfield hype is officially over? Great, thanks.

  6. Mayfield had too easy a first year. He wasted the off season to work on his game. With all the talent accumulation Mayfield was over confident. He should realize in the nfl if you are not getting better, totters are. Last night was as poor a showing of an nfl quarterback I have ever seen.
    Playing against professional men is much different than school boys. This season he is reminding me off another Cleveland quarterback.

  7. Richard Sherman – definer of football etiquette and acceptable behavior.

    No Baker fan, but this is purely “Hello Pot, my name is Kettle”

  8. Richard Sherman gets annoyed by a lot of things. Good thing he’s such an annoying [expletive delated] himself – it kind of evens out.

  9. Mayfield criticized Daniel Jones for not winning like Mayfield in college, when Mayfield was playing with a stacked deck at Oklahoma.

    Now that they are closer to equal footing in the NFL, Jones has the better record.

  10. Hahaha, how funny is that? It takes the players to school media & the fans on how to treat the man who is already known by one name.(Usually something for people who have earned it like Michael, Kobe, Ali, etc.)

    Media had adopted this clown and it’s so fitting to see him implode! His arrogance reminds me of someone w/ great & unmatched wisdom.

  11. Snowflakes today certainly seem to be easily annoyed and disrespected. Whatever it takes to get you “fired up” enough to win a football game, I suppose.

  12. Never been a fan of Sherm but 100% agree with him
    on this. Baker will implode unless he shows some maturity and respect for his opponent. Looks
    Like the Browns are in for a lot of growing pains.

  13. Absolutely love watching immature Bake getting it handed to him on the field. If only he was as good as he thinks he is. Lol.

  14. Richard Sherman – excellent player, excellent leader, excellent off the field.

    Baker Mayfield – overhyped, selfish and concerned more about commercials than winning.

  15. If Mayfield is going to continue to behave like a college QB, his opponents will treat him like he’s a college QB trying to play in the NFL…

  16. I don’t want to admit it but Sherman is right. Baker hasn’t proven anything in the NFL yet. He needs to tone it down off the field and turn it up on the field. Oh and can we get a real head coach at some point. We all know Greg Williams was responsible for the success AS A TEAM we had last year not Kitchens.

  17. That surprises me Baker would do that. That’s the reason he grabbed his crotch when Kansas wouldn’t shake his hand.
    Both Mayfield and Kitchens didn’t exactly pick up from where they were last year.

  18. I rem all the talk about Josh & accuracy and how he was the least accurate passer in the draft etc etc. I don’t know. I mean, I know the Niners got a good D but 8/22 100 yds 0 TD 2 INT? I will say that one pick wasn’t on him….Callaway gotta catch that, but still. People will see sooner or later who’s the best QB from that class. PROMISE you it’s going to be Allen. LET’S GOOO!!!!!!

  19. Gettin schooled about humility by Sherman – that’s rich.
    Hopefully Baker has enough sense to just consider the source.

  20. Not surprising…Baker is a petulant little brat, who will never win anything. That team will implode before long

  21. I’ve never been a fan of Richard Sherman, but he’s spot on on this. Mayfield has got to humble himself and earn some stripes before he even thinks about acting smug and talking smack. Right now, he reminds me of the DB that defenses a pass and jumps all up and down and points to himself and begs the crowd for accolades, completely forgetting the other 59 minutes of the game when he has been burned repeatedly, missed tackles and has been otherwise completely embarrassed.

  22. What’s amazing, and annoying, is that Richard Sherman thinks we still care about him. I didn’t even know what team he was on until I saw this article.

  23. I see no reason to be chummy at all with your opponent, before or after the game.

    I get the ritual of head coaches shaking hands after a game, but I really don’t need to see players hugging and etc, before or after a game. And the thinking that it is needed is ridiculous.

    What really annoys me is seeing players yucking it up during a game.

    I may be alone on this, but Baker refusing a handshake with Richard Sherman before the game is a positive about Baker for me. He may be a douche nozzle, but on this I am in his corner.

    For Sherman to say it is “disrespectful to the league” for not wanting to shake your opponents hand before a game is ludicrous.

  24. The Browns went from Johnny Football to Johnny Football 2.0. Mayfield is an awesome diva and an average college QB.

  25. For once Sherman isn’t wrong, it just shows how much of a punk Mayfield is. He is with the perfect team for his attitude…

  26. Unfortunately, being a Seahawks fan I don’t think that Sherman should be pointing out football etiquette or being “Bush” “I’m the best corner in the game” speech ring any bells…..? Just sayin. Mayfield is young…he’ll get it..eventually

  27. He probably would have shaken hands but they are covered in blisters from mowing lawn.

  28. Mayfield is young and hopefully he will learn. If not, his being disrespectful is going to result in him getting his “clock cleaned” on a regular basis. He is not in a college game anymore.

  29. First time I’ve agreed with Sherman. Baker will be out of the league in 3 years or less, he acts like a 12 year old.

  30. In this case Sherman is 100% correct. Who does Mayfield think he is? He’s accomplished nothing and as the announcers said last night he looks like a one-read qb.

  31. Yep, but we all know that underneath it’s a player’s self-doubt and fear of their own abilities that leads to behavior like that. Maturity and respect have a lot to do with it as well.

  32. Mayfield seems like a self entitled arrogant millennial to me….many of the Browns do as well….. maybe that’s why their is no chemistry amongst them….. too many individuals pretending to be a team…..

  33. Never been a Sherman fan, but I’m 100% in agreement with him on this! Mayfield is a college punk who needs to grow up.

  34. Seems rotten old punks hate rotten young punks. Sherman’s a bigger hypocrite than Liz Warren. Remember Tom Brady the year Sherman was good.

  35. Agreed. It’s one thing to stink it up and fail miserably on the field, but to also fail in basic NFL ettiquette? He’s incapable of a simple handshake? C’mon Baker, don’t be a total loser. R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

  36. Can’t wait until Milli Vanilli is out of this league, he is like the Bennett brothers and Malcom Junkins, they just can’t keep their trap shut no matter what.

  37. My hope is that Richard Sherman consider becoming head of the NFLPA. He’s intelligent, tough, and without any illusions of this business. More power to him✊️

  38. Love hearing about how a player tells others to show respect when there are disrespectful acts of greater importance going on all around them that they ignore.

  39. I agree with Sherman on this one. Baker acts like he’s a top tier QB already. He’s just not a likeable guy.

  40. I said from the beginning Cleveland was making a huge mistake taking this guy #1 overall. He is not a very good QB and probably never will be, but for some reason he thinks he’s a top QB in the league. Maybe he will humble himself and maybe he won’t but no matter what he is never gonna be an elite QB. What’s happening in Cleveland in the result of the media crowning these guys a super bowl caliber team. They bought into their own hype before they had proven anything. So far the only thing they have proved is that they are still a dysfunctional mess with a head coach that is in over his head

  41. Agreed that Baker has a lot of maturing to do. Happy to hear that there are players in the league who are willing to take on the task of humbling him.

  42. I remember Richard pulling some bush league stunt with the GOAT. By the time Baker gets to the CFL, he’ll figure it out.

  43. that just shows that punkfield isa wet behind the ears kid who thinks he has earned something. grow up and act your age, not your IQ.

  44. Because he didnt shake hands does not equate to lack of respect for the game…it equates to lack of respect for you, shermy.
    Maybe its because you are the ” cracked-cup-kid”?

    Either way, Mayfield is a clown thus far and Shermys correct, hes done absolutely nothing in this league.
    Johnny Manziel V.2 so far

  45. Coming from Sherman this carries zero weight. No one has been more obnoxious than Sherman in his career. Yawn Richard keep crying and whining like you always do.

  46. Sherman is an idiot and he’s no better than the people who want to make other people stand up for t national anthem. Change “the league” to “the country.” Change “handshake” to “standup” and it’s the same. exact. argument.

  47. Pro sports on television is soap operas for guys.

    Really, who cares if this guy is “annoyed.”

  48. I’m starting to like and dislike this Mayfield guy at the same time.

    I kinda love that at least one player is not afraid to speak his mind in today’s NFL.

    I kinda hate he does it in such childish ways — attacking QBs that never played a down, not shaking hands, attacking former coaches who actually had results when they were there, etc.

  49. Well said. Baker has a lot to learn about life. What is worrisome is that he doesn’t display any humility, only arrogance. He continually reveals immaturity and lack of character.

  50. Manziel Jr is all over my tv screen doing commercials that are lame like Gomer. At least Gomer earned something in the league after his questionable college run and assault at Tenn.

  51. I thought Cleveland just had to show up to win….. I mean the word on the street was that they had just built the new super team & were a lock for the Super Bowl……
    We are witnessing reality Vs perception…..
    Talent is a relative term…. TEAM is not!!!

  52. “Mayfield seems like a self entitled arrogant millennial to me”

    Millennials are smarter than you will ever pretend to be. And their sure are a lot of people who are jealous of Baker.

  53. Sherman is right. Mayfield needs to stop being a punk and grow up before someone knocks that giant chip off of his shoulder. But really,what better payback than to pick him off on the first play from scrimmage?

  54. Mayfield’s a punk, but I can’t help but see the irony in him being called out for a breach of etiquette by Sherman, of all people. How quickly we forget…

  55. This increased my respect for a Richard Sherman, and decreased it for Mayfield who is essentially Manziel without a Heisman.

  56. The new look (no mouth) Sherman has been nice to see the last couple of years, but I seem to remember him completely disrespecting Brady after barely winning a regular season home game in Seattle. It was kind of college behavior at the time too. He got his slice of humble pie in the Super Bowl two years later when Brady picked the Legion of Doom apart in the 4th quarter, so he had to clean up his mess and pay respect where respect was due after that game. He’s giving Mayfield some good advice here.

  57. So, I see most of you snowflakes need to see your team be friendly with their opponent before a game.

    I do not mind at all if a team is not chummy with their opponent before and during a game. I’m not saying they should walk up to the opponent and punch them in the face, but a handshake before the game is NOT needed.

  58. That’s what I love about Josh Allen. Yeah he has a lot to improve on but he’s made drastic improvements from last year. Just eliminate those two stupid throws from each game, but his completion percentage is testament to him working to be better and not take things for granted.

    Plus he respects the hell out of what the league is. Baker could learn a few things from Allen

  59. Only person more smug and unbearable than Sherman is Baker Mayfield. Two peas in a pod! Can’t stand either one.

  60. Sherman yaps a lot, and sure its to an annoying level at times. But actually he does have a very good respect for the game and those that play it. A good example would be his approach to Brady after that SB win where Sherman internally must gave been boiling with rage, frustration, shock, anger, crushing disappointment and everything else along those lines. The way that turned so suddenly at the end I cant imagine what it must have been like for the players themselves to absorb it. If you realize how much he had to had to have been filled with all of those things it was no small thing for him to calmly walk over there to shake Brady’s hand and pay his respects like that. I still think he does come off as a jerk sometimes but he is a more complex dude than people give him credit for.

  61. I am the furthest thing from a Sherman fan you’ll find. That being said, he for sure has a point. Not a fan of Baker either and this is the main reason why. He just seems dead set on doing stupid things and telling the world he doesn’t care what they think when they call him stupid.

  62. Niners are 4-0 and Baker Mayfield is a average QB on a less than average team. Anyone who hypes Baker and the Browns needs to sit down and shut up. Baker will learn respect when they finish the season with 5 wins.

  63. Not sure why all the posters here are talking about Sherman’s breach of etiquette or lack of respect.

    In my estimation there have been 3 pivotal moments that folks reference:
    1) Brady telling Sherman to talk to him at the end of the game and when Seattle scored last minute, Brady runs off the field, avoiding Sherman and Sherman asks, “You mad bro?”
    2) Sherman picking off Kap to seal the deal against SF, and then Crabtree refusing to shake Sherman’s hand and hitting him in the face mask. Sherman went off on Crabtree afterwards.
    3) Seattle losing the SB on the dumbest play-call of all time and Sherman walking up to Brady afterwards and congratulating him.

    So, not sure what the problem is. First event Brady shot his mouth and tried to run away and got called out, the 2nd, Crabtree was a very sore loser and actually hit Sherman when Sherman tried to shake his hand – so not sure how this looks bad on Sherm. And 3rd, he showed a lot of class to congratulate Brady after having his heart broken.

    Dude is a loud-mouth for sure, but he plays the game the right way and always has. He doesn’t start stuff with anyone, but isn’t afraid to call a spade a spade (good or bad, as referenced by him telling Brady he was a great QB after they lost to NE in the SB).

  64. I wouldn’t want to shake Sherman’s hand either.
    Mayfield was running for his life the minute the ball hit his hands…

  65. freefromwhatyouare says:
    October 8, 2019 at 9:19 am

    So, I see most of you snowflakes need to see your team be friendly with their opponent before a game.

    I do not mind at all if a team is not chummy with their opponent before and during a game. I’m not saying they should walk up to the opponent and punch them in the face, but a handshake before the game is NOT needed.

    Snowflake? LMAO when a couch potato who obviously has never played a game of football in his life tries to tell PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES how things should be.

    If you ever played a single frigging game of football you would know that from Pop Warner, Captains shake hands with each other and the refs before every game and actually walk over to the other team’s sideline and shake the coaches hands before we walk back to our sideline to get hyped.

    Never knew every football player I played with (and against) was actually a “snowflake” for respecting opponents and coaches before we proceeded to try and knock their teeth loose. Guess back in the day we were extra-snowflakes for shaking hands afterwards too – oh the humanity!!!!

    I cannot even imagine how pissed my coaches would have been if I decided I was too big a man to show the refs and opposing team a little respect. I was raised to believe that respect is not a sign of weakness.

    Somehow lately (and gee…, I wonder what has changed), having basic manners is considered by some as snowflakey and weak and acting like a giant, gross douche-bag is suddenly a sign of great strength and leadership.

    Seriously man, learn a little respect from folks that actually played the game cause you got a lot to say from way over on the sideline.

  66. Tom Landry never would shake hands with the opposing head coach. The most Landry would do is give a wave across the field after the game as he walked off. I do have a framed picture of Lombardi and Halas shaking hands, but I don’t believe it happened often. I am fairly certain that Curly Lambeau never shook George’s hand.

    Many here have now been brainwashed by TV producers to expect to see handshakes before and after games. I will never say or believe that these warm and fuzzy moments are needed in sports.

    There is no “NFL etiquette” that says you have to shake hands.

  67. When 2nd-year Sherman accosted Brady in 2012, he had just won his 11th NFL game (including zero Superbowls). Brady, in contrast, had 10+ years behind him, about 150 victories and 3 Superbowls.

    So much for “pay respect in the moment – especially when you’re young” … eh, Dick??

  68. You know….I really wanted the Buffalo Bills to draft Baker Mayfield instead of Josh Allen last year.

    Today….truly thankful they didn’t.

  69. Someone is thinking they know anything about me again. Too funny.😌

    I played high school football/baseball and ran track. I played baseball in college. Whether I ever shook hands with the opponent is not relevant here. I don’t feel it’s disrespectful to the game to not shake your opponents hand BEFORE a game which is the topic here.

    Go make another SN. You have ample time on your hands.👌

  70. Mayfield criticized Daniel Jones for not winning like Mayfield in college, when Mayfield was playing with a stacked deck at Oklahoma.

    Good point. Teams should be wary of QBs who had great success in college, especially Heisman winners. More often than not, their “success” was due to superior coaching, having all day to throw to wide open receivers. See Leinart and Tebow. There’s a reason why just about every Heisman winner have been just average or outright busts since 1990 with the possible exceptions of Carson Palmer and Cam Newton.

  71. The media over hyped Mayfield and this entire team. Many are shocked they are this bad. I’m not. I saw this coming a mile away. As giants fan who hasn’t seen much winning recently I can say I definitely don’t miss those Beckham drops. Can’t wait for the fight to break out between Mayfield and Beckham.

  72. Baker flipped-out when Kansas Jayhawks players wouldn’t shake hands before a game in college. He spent the rest of the game grabbing his junk & flipping-off in the direction of the Kansas bench. The question is lack of memory, mentally unstable or immature? It might possibly be all three!

  73. Wasn’t it Sherman in his second NFL season who taunted Brady with “u mad bro” nonsense after the game? Sherman hadn’t accomplished anything then but saw fit to disrespect Brady. It’s also not Baker’s fault that society wouldn’t let Mahomes get away with acting the way Baker acts. So Sherman’s resentment is misplaced.

  74. People forget that Sherm was busted for PEDs and then got off on a technicality. Attacked everyone in the league, including his own QB, and has blocked every fan who even kids him on Twitter. Respect the game? The guy never has. Regardless of what you think of Mayfield, Richard Sherman is the last person who should be lecturing anyone on anything.

  75. Mayfield doesn’t even do the first thing when teaching young QBs .. hold the ball with 2 hands ! As pocket was collapsing he’s dancing around holding ball with one hand then he gets it swatted away . He needs start over the learning process for sure !

  76. Baker is just trying to turn the NFL into the NBA……where the off court soap operas are more entertaining than the in game play while making extra money from it. Can’t really blame him for doing what’s being done all over now.

  77. harveyredman says:
    October 8, 2019 at 9:51 am
    Not sure why all the posters here are talking about Sherman’s breach of etiquette or lack of respect.

    In my estimation there have been 3 pivotal moments that folks reference:
    1) Brady telling Sherman to talk to him at the end of the game and when Seattle scored last minute, Brady runs off the field, avoiding Sherman and Sherman asks, “You mad bro?”
    You don’t really think that is how the smack talk started between Brady and Sherman do you? Odds are that Brady was responding to something Sherman said, and it was probably pretty edgy. For about five years, Sherman had the loudest mouth in the league. He used to regularly insult the opposing receivers as his own way of getting up for the game or the play. There was a time when most of the league felt about Sherman the way everyone now looks at Mayfield. The quieter Sherman is a respected force in the league now. He’a giving Mayfield some good advice.

  78. The whole transcripts is hilarious. I was waiting for him to call him a “sorry QB”. Leave it to Sherman to get on his high horse and talk about respect in the game. lol.

  79. Richard Sherman puts his money where his mouth is too. one of the first to congratulate and shake Brady’s hand after the SB Loss. Sherman is a class act imo

  80. It should surprise no one that Mayfield is a petulant little punk.

    The guy acts like he is the league MVP. He won a few games at the end of the season last year (against the weakest part of their schedule) and now the schmoe acts like he has five rings.

    The Browns in general do a lot of talking for a team with 11 wins in the last four seasons.

    Personally I enjoy every sack, interception, and fumble. Its fun watching these idiots get stomped.

  81. Everyone knows that Mayfield is a poor sport, a mouthpiece, a dunce, and not even a very good QB. A little twirp with a big chip on his shoulder. His time in the league will be very short as a starting QB. He should start checking out Canada for a suitable place to live.

  82. There are times when Brady and Belilchick won’t shake hands, (usually after a loss.)
    Where are the Pats fans who defend Mayfield like the do their own guys?

  83. Richard Sherman shouldn’t be lecturing anyone on anything. Mayfield? Probably a back up In a few years, maybe XFL?

  84. i wanna see the browns finally be good but not when they have unlikable punks like baker & obj

  85. jvseahawk says:
    October 8, 2019 at 11:56 am

    People forget that Sherm was busted for PEDs and then got off on a technicality.

    Sherm was NEVER busted for taking PED’s. It was Adderall and his suspension was overturned

  86. cardinealsfan20 says:
    October 8, 2019 at 8:53 am
    “Mayfield seems like a self entitled arrogant millennial to me”

    Millennials are smarter than you will ever pretend to be. And their sure are a lot of people who are jealous of Baker.


    Using the correct “there” would help your case. Just my $.02

  87. There is actually video of this, but unfortunately is goes against what Sherman claims. Looks like Sherman is the one who snubs Mayfield causing Mayfield to give a confused look back at him as Sherman walks by to the next player.

  88. “I’m trying to decide if Mayfield is a Ritz or a Trisket.”


    You spelled Triscuit wrong so I am assuming you don’t know the wonderful cracker that a Triscuit is. Before the end of the day go buy some Garden Herb Triscuits and thank me later.

    Baker is clearly a Ritz, but I still defend his right not to shake his opponents hand before a game. I have not seen video of this happening so are we sure it did indeed happen? Richard Sherman is not a fully credible source to me.

  89. It may be the end times, as I actually agree with Sherman. Mayfield is a spoiled punk who acts like he has accomplished something.

  90. Richard Sherman is an outright liar and the media falls right into it.

    I guess he figured he could get away with it, but the coin-toss greetings were shown CLEARLY on the jumbotron and fans recorded Mayfield, without a doubt, shaking Sherman’s hand.

    Sherman needs to suck it up and admit he lied about this to make Mayfield look bad and publicly apologize to Mayfield and the Browns. There is no excuse.

  91. If anything, this shows that Baker “gets it”.
    Bosa mocked Mayfield and Baker said good for him, they played well and he earned it.
    Sherman lied about the handshake, and Baker stayed quiet. Could have defended himself and fought back, but just let it play out.
    He takes a lot of shots and can be emotional, but he knows it is a two way street and doesn’t whine when others do it.
    As an outsider (Eagles fan) I find him refreshing.

  92. A couple of things.

    1) The handshake is a good thing and it’s good for the sport and specially kids that get to see good sportsmanship. In the NHL, the teams shaking each others hands at the end of games is beautiful to watch.

    2) It is now being reported that Mayfield DID shake most 49er hands, including Sherman’s, so either Sherman is wrong or the video is from another time, which I find hard to believe.

  93. He’s always annoyed about something! Just shut up and play! Nobody cares that you’re annoyed!

  94. Indybear says:
    October 8, 2019 at 6:35 am
    I’ve never particularly liked or agreed with anything Richard Sherman has ever had to say. Until now. Well stated.
    500 33
    Well stated, even though not true? Wonder how many people want to rething that up vote?

  95. Cant say I would want to shake hands with either of them. Most famous people have an inflated self importance. They play a game and that’s about it. Show me a doctor that cured cancer and I’ll gladly shake his hand.

  96. Sherman probably won’t apologize for being completely wrong and I’m sure most of you here definitely won’t either.

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