Saquon Barkley not ready to rule himself out

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Despite reports that he will not be ready, Giants running back Saquon Barkley isn’t ready to rule himself out of Thursday’s game with the Patriots.

Via Ralph Vacchiano of SNY, Barkley was asked if he’d be on the field this week.

That’s my mindset,” Barkley said. “That’s the way I’ve been approaching this game.”

“I do not know if I’m playing,” he added. There’s been no decision yet.”

Giants coach Pat Shurmur likewise suggested a chance the star running back might be ready.

Barkley suffered a high ankle sprain in Week Three, but has shown the ability to heal quickly in the past (missing two weeks with a similar injury in college). Whether he plays or not, he’s certainly getting closer, and has participated in practice this week.

10 responses to “Saquon Barkley not ready to rule himself out

  1. He doesn’t make that decision. This teacher pet needs to stop thinking he makes all the decisions. He’s not a doctor

  2. The Giants’ chances of winning this week are roughly equivalent to the moon falling out of the sky, so I don’t think there’s a need to rush him back on a short week.

  3. I haven’t seen him much but from what I have seen, it appears Shurmur has some uncontrolled ego and bravado in him. Down the line that’s probably going to show up as a handicap. As for Barkley, the Patriots Linebacking Corp respectfully requests he be able to play.

  4. Keep up the facade as long as you’d like he’s not playing…Unless of course the Giants are simply that desperate that no matter the cost they wanna ruin their best asset

  5. He’s not playing. The Giants do not stand a high chance of winning this game as is, and it would be silly to risk Saquon for no real gain. Golden Tate is the only receiver with any experience starting, the line is still struggling, and Jones is a rookie QB. Not to mention that the defense is one of the worst in the league. Considering the team that the Giants are going up against, it’s best that they get healthy with their starters as much as possible.

  6. So the teams medical people said 4-8 weeks, and this guy thinks he’s playing after 2.5 weeks? There’s no way that’s happening, and if it does, it will point out just how bad this teams front office is.

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