Demario Davis wins appeal of “Man of God” fine

Getty Images

Saints linebacker Demario Davis has an extra $7,000 to donate to charity, or whatever he wants to do.

According to Amie Just of the New Orleans Times-Picayune, Davis won his appeal of the uniform violation fine for wearing a headband inscribed with the words “Man of God.”

Davis said he wasn’t aware it was a violation, after wearing the headband the first three weeks. He stopped wearing it after receiving notice from the league. A first offense calls for a $7,017 fine, and a second offense would have been $14,037.

After getting the fine letter, Davis said he’d sell the headbands, with all the proceeds going to St. Dominic Hospital in Jackson, Mississippi.

In a social media post Tuesday, he said they’ve sold more than $30,000 worth of them.

”That means y’all helped me turn a $7,000 negative into an almost $40,000 positive, benefitting people who truly need it,” Davis wrote.

It also means the league realized it was a terrible look, and quietly backed away.