Eagles brace for six straight challenging games

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The 3-2 Eagles’ return to the scene of their Super Bowl victory marks the first stop on a six-week journey that will help everyone figure out whether they are a true contender in the NFC. From the upcoming road game against the Vikings, the Eagles go to Dallas and then to Buffalo, before hosting the Bears, Patriots, and Seahawks.

Eagles coach Doug Pederson was asked on Wednesday by reporters about the challenges presented by those teams, all of which have potent defenses.

“Thanks for reminding me,” Pederson replied. “We just focus one at a time honestly. We’re focused on the Vikings this week. This is a really good opponent. It’s a good test. They have a good defense, good offense, they’re well-coached, and they’re a disciplined group.

“But this is the start of kind of that run you’re talking about for us. If you want to get to where you want to get to at the end the year, these are games that are sort of benchmark games for us.”

Indeed they are. And it will not be easy. The first game could be one of the hardest, given the volume in Minnesota.

“We need a great game plan on both sides of the ball, really all three phases,” Pederson said. “Players have to execute that game plan. We have to handle crowd noise this week. It’s a loud, loud stadium obviously, so it needs to be a great week of preparation. Guys need to be dialed in.”

However this Sunday goes, everyone will need to be dialed in next Sunday night, when the Cowboys host the Eagles in a game that could go a long way toward determining the eventual NFC East champion.

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  1. The games against 2 vastly overrated teams, Dalls and Seattle, are almost guaranteed wins. The game against New England is likely a loss. They should be slight favorites against Buffalo and Chicago. The game against Minnesota is a toss up.

  2. The eagles will come out of that 6 game stretch with 2 wins and 4 losses, putting them at 5-6 and a very long shot to make the playoffs.

  3. Philly beats Dallas in this first go-around, but Dallas will win the next round.
    Or vice versa
    I just don’t see either of these squads sweeping the other this year.

  4. oh no 6 hard games in a row. cry me a river, go look at the Raiders schedule. They go almost 2 months without a home game.

  5. Wentz was only going to be the MVP in 2017. But yeah that’s proving nothing. Smh with these people.

  6. If the Eagles have improved since beating the Packers, they should win. If they haven’t, they will probably lose.

  7. Win over Minnesota
    Loss to Dallas
    Win over Buffalo
    Win over Chicago
    Loss to New England
    Loss to Seattle

    My predictions are not based on who i think the better team is but more on psychological factors and on history. If Philly had not beaten the Patriots in the Super Bowl and in their previous meeting in New England when Chip Kelley led a team with a huge chip on its shoulder abt the previous Super Bowl loss in February, 2005, then I’d say Philly rolls at home against a possibly undefeated World Champs. But the motivation has now shifted to New England, which should get up for the game in Philly where Belichick will make his team feel like rare underdogs.

    The Vikings will lose bc they have never been able to show they are a credible franchise that can win the game that puts them in a higher weight class.

    Ditto the Bears. You need balance to beat Philly. Run-pass. Offense-defense. Chicago is not the kind of team to challenge Philly.

    I think they are better than Dallas. More talented. More mentally tough. Smarter. And yet I still feel the Dallas mystique has their less historically accomplished division rivals — their little sisters — mesmerized.

    Magic, charm, football charisma … Pederson’s Eagles have it. But so does Seattle. In spades. Seattle has the kryptonite.

  8. Bears don’t have Cody Parkey anymore so the Bears win that game.

  9. Philly lost to the Lions, THE LIONS!! No way they beat the Vikings and Bears defensive schemes, regardless of the QB situations in those towns.

  10. Bills fan said 4-2. I hope not! That means they lose to Miami after the bye…At home. I think I’d throw up if that happens.

    Go Bills!

  11. They should win against Minnesota but then again nothing is guaranteed against with the Eagles secondary.
    Win in Dallas is a must for the divisional crown but I think Gallup will torch a secondary that has troubles against deep speed so I’m 50-50 on it. I’ll say this is a loss but they win the final game against Dallas at home.
    Win in Buffalo because Josh Allen will be hurt by then.
    Bears is a win if Trubisky plays.
    Patriots is a loss simply because strength vs strength except the Patriots defense is stronger.
    Seahawks is a loss because Russell Wilson will kill the defense.

  12. I’m less concerned about the offense’s ability to score against those defenses than I am of the secondary’s ability to cover.
    Thats not a great way of looking at it. If your offense cant score points, then you better have a better defense than these teams. The Bills are allowing an average of under 13 points per game right now. Even if your secondary can cover pretty well, it doesnt matter if your team cant score on these defenses.

    A lot of people are still overlooking the Bills, but dont. Most people look at Josh Allen throwing 3 Interceptions against the Pats as evidence the Bills are bad. But consider that they threw 3 interceptions and had a punt blocked for a TD and still only lost to the Patriots by 6. THAT is how good that defense is

  13. Aside from the 3 picks though, the Bills still put up the most yards on that NE defense, and outscored their offense. The Bills offense likely won’t look the same, either. They’ve added a big body threat in Duke Williams, and Devin singletary should absolutely be back in the lineup for that game. I’m not saying the Bills will run roughshod through that D, but basing a potential outcome on one game isn’t exactly the smartest thing to do. I mean, hate Josh Allen all you want, he’s still lead 3 4th quarter comebacks in the games he’s been able to finish.

  14. Don’t sleep on the mafia especially at home, we hate philly mostly because of the flyers, crowd will be loud and obnoxious as per usual

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