Jon Gruden: Alec Ingold is what the fullback position is all about

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The fullback position has fallen out of favor in the NFL in recent years, as no teams use a fullback in the base offense and some don’t even have a fullback on the roster at all. But Raiders coach Jon Gruden thinks he found a gem of a fullback this year.

That’s undrafted rookie Alec Ingold, who arrived out of Wisconsin in May as a long shot to make the roster, but has been active for all five games. Gruden says he loves what he’s seeing from Ingold, who had a big game as a lead blocker in Sunday’s win over the Bears and has picked up a first down on both of his carries this season.

“You watch the first touchdown, he’s knocking a guy down, off his feet,” Gruden said. “On the goal line play at the end of the game, he leaves his feet, launches and makes a great play. We’ve asked him to run the ball in short yardage, fourth-and-1 in Indy, third-and-1 the other night, he’s gotten the first down. He’s playing on special teams. I love that guy. I don’t want him to hear me say that, but I really deep down like that guy a lot. He’s what the position is all about.”

Ingold has played 22 percent of the Raiders’ offensive snaps and 48 percent of their special teams snaps, so although he’s far from an every-down player, he’s making a significant contribution. He’s one of several new additions who are turning the Raiders into the kind of team Gruden wants, and a better team than anyone was expecting.

8 responses to “Jon Gruden: Alec Ingold is what the fullback position is all about

  1. Watch the block on Jacobs TD dive. It was truly a thing of beauty. Raiders fans love this dude.

  2. Uhm, yeah, so I’m thinking the easy way is for Jon to tell us who he doesn’t love. Every week on MNF it was ‘I love that guy’ several times.

  3. A long shot to make the team. Virtually everyone who follows the Raiders knew he was 100 times the player as the completely dreadful Keith Smith.

  4. HagemeisterPark says:
    October 9, 2019 at 4:39 pm
    Green Bay High School and Wisconsin Badger product. Congrats Ingold – great to watch a local kid succeed.


    Bay Port High School. Green Bay has 4 public high schools, East, West, Southwest and Preble, plus Notre Dame, Lutheran, and some other small population private schools.

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