Kyler Murray showing progress by what he’s not doing

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Kyler Murray didn’t throw any touchdowns Sunday, but the Cardinals quarterback also didn’t throw any interceptions and took only one sack.

He is making progress by not taking as many negative plays as he once did.

Kliff Kingsbury’s favorite plays Murray made in the win over the Bengals were the two throwaways the No. 1 overall pick made. Instead of taking a sack or throwing an interception, Murray twice threw the ball at the feet of his receiver.

“As a coach, I’ve been around some really good quarterbacks, and they’ve put up stats and done all those things,” Kingsbury said, via Darren Urban of the team website. “But when you see a guy show progress in an area that you’ve talked about [and] you’ve preached and it helps the team, that goes a long way.”

Murray offered a wry smile when told of Kingsbury’s comment.

“I always think he sees that or any other quarterback out there who is watching the game,” Murray said. “They understand that, what it’s like to be back there. I guess that’s a good thing in the quarterback room. But I don’t really think about it too much.”

Murray has thrown only four interceptions and has not lost a fumble. He has taken 21 sacks, with eight coming against Carolina.

18 responses to “Kyler Murray showing progress by what he’s not doing

  1. He has impressed. But ownership would be foolish to allow Steve Keim the opportunity to surround him with talent. Keim a former offensive linemen himself and the Cards have never even had a decent line. Allow someone else to draft player for Murray

  2. They beat the 0-4 Bengals by a FG. I guess it’s progress but there was nowhere to go but up.

  3. Playing the 0-4 Bengals is entirely what’s behind the apparent “progress” in his latest game.

  4. Every week you guys put out some spin article about Kyler, like “Kyler makes NFL history by being 2nd rookie QB in to throw 400 yards in his first two games” or whatever when in reality most of those yards were racked up in garbage time. Because you’re not ready to admit he’s not the “generational talent” you hypothesized.

    Can you guys just finally admit he’s not as great as you thought? Not saying he’s awful. But nothing special.

  5. As a Cards fan since the Lomax days…this year has been exciting. We’ve had terrible QBs for many seasons and I am having fun watching this kid. Not as much fun as watching Plummer or Warner but after last season’s debacle this is a team that will get better!

  6. I saw him play. This guy is the real deal. But, AutonomousThinker7 is correct that Keim should not be allowed to be the one surrounding Murray with the needed talent.

  7. Murray has been very good for a young rookie first year QB. Murray is doing things that haven’t been done before in NFL history throughout the first 5 games of his career and a few other things only Murray and one other QB have done and he’s doing it on a bad team without a lot around him. Kyler Murray came into the NFL w/ the best highest ranked offense in NCAA college football HISTORY last season & has already done several things already that only he and one other QB in NFL History have every done & he is the ONLY QB in NFL History to throw for 1300+YDs and rush for over 200+YDs in his first 5 career starts completing 63% of his passes. Murray is on pace to throw for over 4,000K+ YDs as a rookie and is incredibly polished for a first year rookie NFL QB. O and he happens to be arguably the best athlete of all time at the position with 4.3 speed. Right now as a freaking rookie he’s ranked ahead of several big name franchise QB’s ranking 15th overall in ESPN’s QBR rankings as a first year rookie and has Arizona’s offense top 5 in the NFL in red zone attempts with not a lot of talent around him. Last weekend he was one of the highest rated QB’s in the NFL posting an “Elite” PFF grade of 91.4. Murray has all the tools to be one of the games best & not only is he a polished pocket passer but he’s an incredible athlete with 4.3 speed.

    Murray is still going to have his growing pains like any young QB but the dude can definitely play and is getting better and better every single week developing & maturing as an NFL QB. Keim definitely made the right choice in trading Josh Rosen and drafting Murray #1 overall.

  8. tylawspick6 says:
    October 9, 2019 at 8:23 pm
    Uhh, yeah, no.

    He is small and it is a problem

    How exactly is it a problem? He’s completing 63% of his passes.

  9. For every person who whines about him beating the Bengals, keep in mind that the Cards were one play away (dropped INT by a AZ DB in OT in Week 1, the missed holding call that resulted in a Det TD, etc) from beating the surprise of the year – the Detroit Lions. Cards should win their next two games.

    The ignorance that ticks me off is pretending that Kyler is responsible for the subpar secondary play with both starting CBs being out. My prediction stands – Cards will finish with 6-8 wins.

  10. Detroit’s a bad team? Tell that to Kansas City, who needed every last play to beat them.

  11. ImpeachtheDotardforHighCrimes says:
    October 10, 2019 at 1:11 pm
    Detroit’s a bad team? Tell that to Kansas City, who needed every last play to beat them.


    Last I checked, they only beat one team this year – Cincinnati. Cincinnati is a bad team.

    I agree that Detroit is not a bad team this year. They did not beat Detroit.

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