Rams trying to cut out the big plays

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Over the last two weeks, it appeared the Rams forgot how to play pass defense.

Now, they’re about to face Jimmy Garoppolo and the undefeated 49ers.

So cornerback Marcus Peters knows they have to tighten things up, and soon.

“I don’t think it’s just as far as the defensive backs,” Peters said, via Gary Klein of the Los Angeles Times. “It’s the defense, period. Just all of us, just harping on it, just how to play better defense overall. How do we get off on third downs. How we can create some more turnovers. And just how we eliminate the big balls.

“The big ball’s the thing that’s been occurring these last few weeks, and just eliminate it.”

The Rams only allowed one pass of 30 yards or more in their first three games (wins over the Panthers, Saints, and Browns). They also allowed only one touchdown pass.

Things changed quickly in the last two games, giving up 55 to the Buccaneers, and allowing eight touchdown passes the last two weeks (including 67- and 40-yarders).

“We just gotta just go back to fundamentals,” Peters said. “Everybody just do their job and line up and just play our ball.”

They may not have as much pressure this week against the run-heavy 49ers, but they do need to get back to form, and quickly.

6 responses to “Rams trying to cut out the big plays

  1. Where is the best player in Football, Aaron Donald? I thought he was unstoppable?

    Give me Kuechly or Wagner any day, they are both the best defensive players in the NFL.

  2. What do you mean where is Donald . You must be quite the hater .if you took time to watch game you’d see when he’s not double teamed he’s triple teamed. Just because numbers aren’t there doesn’t mean he’s not having an impact on game. GOOD EXAMPLE IS Matthews despite playing in only 5 games he almost doubled his sacks and QB pressures from last season with Green Bay . Soaking up as many blockers as they throw at him that’s where Donald is bro

  3. As a Ram’s fan I find it quite ironic that Marcus Peters, of all people, is talking about “tightening up on defense”. He is the reason they gave up those 67 and 40 yard td’s. All he does is freelance and try and make the big play. He is absolutely terrible in man to man coverage. And don’t get me started on his and the rest of the team’s lame attempts at tackling.

  4. Before I blame Peters, I mean there is plenty of tape from the past 2 years of him getting ran by, it looks like there is confusion with the play calls and alignment. But looking back last year, it looks like the same situation with Peters and LaMarcus Joyner.

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