Report: Bill Callahan goes back to Case Keenum

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Washington has a new starting quarterback, same as the old starting quarterback.

New interim head coach Bill Callahan is planning to go back to Case Keeum, as long as Keenum is able to play on his injured foot, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network.

Keenum opened the season as the starter but was out with his foot injury last week. Colt McCoy started in his place, and head coach Jay Gruden was fired after another ugly loss. Some thought the departure of Gruden would pave the way for first-round rookie Dwayne Haskins, but Callahan made clear at his introductory press conference that he doesn’t think Haskins is ready to start.

So Keenum will lead the way against the Dolphins, in a game that will make the loser the favorite to earn the first overall pick in the 2020 NFL draft.

23 responses to “Report: Bill Callahan goes back to Case Keenum

  1. Smart move! All of the bashing the Redskins get this is their best QB hands down!He played well early in the season,ask Philadelphia.As for Haskins being a bust,I dont know about that! He only played in one game and he didnt even start that game!….Problem is Gruden never prepared Haskins! D Haskins has a ton of talent but he needs reps and he needs to be coached properly!!!

  2. Haskins will be okay. It’s the Redskins that are the problem. Once a new coach comes in, if Snyder is smart he will make developing Dwayne a priority. #FireBruceAllen

  3. They are a dumpster fire and either one of their 3 quarterbacks will make a difference. 2-14 or worse is right around the corner. If they lose to Miami then it could get uglier than that……

  4. If Washington were smart (which they are not), they would have Haskins sit until they hire a coach that knows how to work with quarterbacks. When the Chiefs drafted mahomes, they hired a personal coach for mahomes and had him sit for a full season before starting.

  5. Only Dan Snyder can draft a QB in the First Round, start 0-5, and have the coaches think he isn’t even good enough to start for their 0-5 team. How can the kid do worse than lose?

  6. “Has this game been flexed to Comedy Central?”

    Best comment of the day. Hands down. Lol

  7. Grudens offense was a bad fit for Haskins , I believe the new OC is busy putting in plays tailored more to Haskins arm talent and not the weaker arm talented QBs we have now . But I don’t put Haskins out there until the oline can protect for more than 2 seconds.

  8. Last year the Browns fired their coach and started winning with the interim coach, Gregg Williams. Instead of hiring Williams full time, they went with another guy, and now they’re losing again. I wonder if the Redskins would make the same mistake if Callahan starts winning.

  9. Haskins, like all of Urban Meyer’s qb’s is a flop. The redskins were going to take daniel jones if the giants didnt ther
    Alex Smith was a long way from being a flop. Dwayne Haskins is quite talented with a bright future.

  10. Well, maybe there is hope for Miami yet. Colt knows the system and the players better. He also has less turnovers than Case. Who doesn’t for that matter? The ‘Skins have way more talent than the Fish, but ya never know.

  11. I”m happy with this move. I like Case. People gave him a hard time for having a bad game against the bears. As if the best defense in the league wouldn’t have done the same thing to every other quarterback on our roster. Let’s not forget that Keenum performed his job well first two weeks. It was the defense that didn’t show up and put us at 0-2.

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