Stefon Diggs: I never said I was unhappy or uncomfortable

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Vikings wide receiver Stefon Diggs was an unexcused absence from practice last Wednesday and that touched off a lot of discussions about trade rumors and Diggs’s level of satisfaction with his role on the offense.

Diggs weighed in on the trade rumors by saying feels there’s truth to them and went on to say that he “can’t sit up here and act like everything is OK because obviously it’s not.” That was followed by Vikings coach Mike Zimmer stopping short of confirming that Diggs would play in Week Five and reports that the Vikings fined Diggs more than $200,000 for missing practices and meetings.

After the Vikings beat the Giants 28-10 last Sunday, Diggs confirmed those fines and said that he’s a “team guy” who wants to win. Diggs made it to the Vikings facility this Wednesday and continued to emphasize the desire to win above any of last week’s other talking points.

“I never said I was unhappy or uncomfortable with my role,” Diggs said, via Chris Tomasson of the Pioneer Press. “I said I wanted to win, that was what my frustrations were and that’s where it kind of got misconstrued last week.”

The Vikings’ tumult of last week was preceded by a dismal performance in a loss to the Bears. They were more impressive in beating the Giants, which makes for calmer waters heading into a game against the Eagles. Their result in that matchup will likely determine how pleasant it is around the team next Wednesday.

13 responses to “Stefon Diggs: I never said I was unhappy or uncomfortable

  1. The most temperamental team in NFL history. The Bears beat them so bad that Cousins had to apologize and Diggs demanded a trade. Then they beat up a bottom barrel Giants team and everything is good.

    While Kirk Cousins is mediocre, he also makes for great entertainment.

  2. In the ESPN report last week, Diggs SPECIFICALLY said he did not ask for a trade. Strangely, than tidbit of important information was intentionally left out by some media…

  3. He refused to directly answer pretty much every question he was asked so he could cover his ass and say “I never SAID I was unhappy”. anyone who paid attention to the team over the last week+ can see via his actions he wasn’t / isn’t happy. Please don’t insult our intelligence, Steph.

  4. As another Stephan, I’m with Diggs. He wants to win, but he needs to go somewhere else if he wants to win on the highest level. Cousins won’t be able to take them to the promised land.

  5. Hes right he never said it… butnqhen you walk out of the locker room in full pads to avoid the media…. it doesnt scream everything is awesome… actions speak louder than words…..

  6. Hmm, so taking off your helmet after a TD, not trying at all to stop an INT, fumbling after a 40 yard gain, that’s all the Vikings fault?

  7. Only children throw a fit and then throw the old, “But I never said THAT!” line at you.

    His words and actions said exactly what he is claiming he never said in those exact words. What an overgrown child he is.

  8. What a self absorbed Diva, skipping meetings and practices like a petulant jerk.
    Just a child throwing a tantrum desperately trying to get some kind of attention.
    Hmm…….sound familiar, Barneys?

    You simply can’t win a Championship coddling these kind of malcontents.
    But what else would you expect, that franchise and it’s historic culture of losing, just breeds this kind of athlete.
    Always has, and unfortunately, it always will.

  9. Diggs got hit for $200,000 for his nonsense last week. Some other teams just allow foolishness to continue and grow into something that is completely unacceptable.

  10. Stefon you say “I never said I was unhappy or uncomfortable with my role,” if you actually knew your role, you would’ve been at practice at the very least. Your role is to be a part of the team, to show up to work, be a leader, and not let them down. But now to sit here now and say you know your role? Clearly you are clueless and classless, then. And you’ve lost a lot of respect from myself and other Vikings fans.

  11. If you arent getting open they arent going to throw to you, plus spinning backward 3 yards isn’t a very popular thing in the coaching world. It worked great the first season, not too much now….

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