Vontaze Burfict’s suspension upheld

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Appeals officer Derrick Brooks upheld Raiders linebacker Vontaze Burfict‘s suspension for the rest of the season, the NFL announced Wednesday.

Burfict cannot return to the field until the 2020 season.

Burfict signed a one-year deal, so he is scheduled to become a free agent in March.

Burfict missed the Raiders’ game against the Bears on Sunday after an illegal hit in a Week Four game against the Colts.

Officials ejected Burfict for lowering his head to initiate contact with Colts tight end Jack Doyle while Doyle was on a knee after catching a pass.

The Raiders pleaded their case in support of Burfict, with Jon Gruden saying the linebacker had served his punishment.

Brooks heard Burfict’s appeal Tuesday and disagreed.

It marks the second time Brooks has upheld a Burfict suspension. The Hall of Famer, appointed jointly by the NFL and NFLPA, also didn’t overturn a three-game ban on Burfict for a hit on then-Steelers receiver Antonio Brown in a playoff game in the 2015 postseason.

Appeals officer James Thrash reduced Burfict’s five-game suspension in 2016 to three games.

The NFL said Burfict’s current 12-game ban was “for repeated violations of unnecessary roughness rules.”

“There were no mitigating circumstances on this play,” Jon Runyan, the NFL’s vice president of football operations, said in his suspension letter to Burfict. “Your contact was unnecessary, flagrant and should have been avoided. For your actions, you were penalized and disqualified from the game, following each of your previous rule violations. You were warned by me and each of the jointly appointed appeal officers that future violations would result in escalated accountability measures. However, you have continued to flagrantly abuse rules designated to protect yourself and your opponents from unnecessary risk.”

54 responses to “Vontaze Burfict’s suspension upheld

  1. Wow. The initial idea was to give him 12-games, so on appeal it would be reduced to 8. Kudos to Brooks for not doing what was expected and hammering Burfict. This decision may just save some player’s life.

  2. I know it’s for past behavior BUT I saw other more flagrant hits in other games not a word from the NFL,

  3. Good!! But why make this guy a team captain his 1st year on the team…especially with his extensive history of fines/suspensions?

  4. That was an awful tackle. Just awful. The Raiders linebacker unit has been dreadful for a good long while now. So I don’t blame Gruden all that much. They need help.

  5. All bail bonds are on notice that he now has A LOT of free time on his hands.

  6. If anyone knows how to play cleanly as a linebacker it’s Derrick Brooks, so I’m sure he was able to see right through Burfict’s claims.

  7. This is also a former player for Jon Gruden. He had some of his greatest success with Jon. So he definitely thinks Burfict is unworthy to play.

  8. Jerry will take him along with AB. The cowboys are desperate now that they have been exposed as non contenders.

  9. Surprising, I thought it would get knocked down to 6-8 games on appeal. Is he eligible for the playoffs if the Raiders make it?

  10. whostolemyxanax says:
    October 9, 2019 at 6:32 pm
    Surprising, I thought it would get knocked down to 6-8 games on appeal. Is he eligible for the playoffs if the Raiders make it?

  11. I hope he, and the NFLPA, file an unfair labor practice suit against the NFL and make them prove the validity and reliability of their process.

    This whole process was BS from the start. I wonder with what other player they’ve gone back to retroactively find non-called-penalty plays to use against them.

    Runyan talking about rough play is classic.

  12. Former players like Jack Tatum or Laurence Taylor better be glad they don’t play today. Goodell would have them executed by firing squad as part of the Super Bowl halftime show.

  13. I will remember Burfict blowing kisses to the outraged fans after the dirty hit – the last of dozens – that have left other players concussed or injured. He exulted in his illegal brutality. I have read that he has been cited fourteen or fifteen times. Consider the damage he has done to those players; should he be given license to cripple or perhaps kill because he is a football player? This is not about the Raiders or the NFL – this is about personal responsibility in a society that lives by rules. If we acted as Burfict did each day we would be in prison. Yet some celebrate him for his disregard of the rules and the damage he has done to his fellow players. Burfict should never again don a NFL uniform; but there is always Job Gruden to consider.

  14. unclebluck says:
    October 9, 2019 at 7:31 pm
    whostolemyxanax says:
    October 9, 2019 at 6:32 pm
    Surprising, I thought it would get knocked down to 6-8 games on appeal. Is he eligible for the playoffs if the Raiders make it?
    The afc is very weak. As funny as this may sound, the Raiders will make the playoffs as a wildcard.

  15. This cretin belongs in a fighting cage, not on the field in football games. He wants to kill someone, let him pick on someone as nasty as big as he is and let him see how it feels to LEGITIMATELY get the crap kicked out of him. Let’s see how he giggles after getting hurt himself for a change. He loves to target players who are almost down and being held in defenseless positions. He’s a classic example of a dangerous player who does NOT belong in the NFL or ANY football league. Should be kicked out of the League. How many suspensions does he have now? 12? 13? More? And Raiders fans DEFEND this piece of garbage? Shameful….

  16. Anyone with a problem with the ruling obviously have not been watching the NFL for long or you’d know how much Burfict deserves this. Probably new fans who don’t know any better.

  17. at this point its probably for the best. the Refs would be looking to flag him for any little thing the rest of the season.

    imagine that bears game, he gets 15 yard penalty for thinking about sacking the QB and the bears drive is still alive. they score and win.

    that would happen at least once or twice if he was able to play.

  18. So shouldn’t that hit on the Steelers QB result in a suspension because it looked alot worse and intentional fair is fair u do the crime u do the time but it should be league wide

  19. Agree with ruling , however, why is it some of the bigger names get passes on their illegal hits. Again and again, this damn league refuses to be equitable on their rulings; suspensions, fines, ejections etc. No player should get a free pass on a fragrant illegal hit and there have been MANY! It shouldn’t matter who the player is, be equitable on your rulings. This goes to all the officials all the way up to Runyan!

  20. If the NFL wanted to get these hits out of football all it has to do is tell the teams that they will lose the roster spot while a suspended player is out. Teams value a roster spot over a dirty player who doesn’t belong in the league

  21. Ex players are suffering from CTE which leads to ALS. Lou Gehrig’s disease. The trauma suffered is why they are getting this. You slowly die from your body shutting down but your mind remains fine. It’s devastating & a death sentence. Helmet to Helmet contact is one of the main causes of CTE. They’ve proven this. Your brain knocks back & forth in your skull. He is a person who literally is causing potential death to others, has been told don’t do it & does it anyway.

  22. Let’s not miss the point here – the severity is for REPEATED actions on the field.
    If this was a one off, mis-timed tackle, then yeah it’s harsh.
    Given the guys full resume, yeah it seems appropriate.

  23. Runyan one of the dirtiest players ever to play the game is now telling someone else how to play the right way? Hey pot meet kettle! what joke that is!

  24. As a Bengals fan I’ve watched every game he’s played in since he came into the league. He’s always been a great player but he has problem of crossing that line. He hits guys one step too late, leads with his head when he tackles,or steps on a guys leg intentionally. The problem is he’s lost of benefit of the doubt because of his history and will be watched closer. He’s been fined and/or suspended 13 times. The league has told him on multiple occasions to stop leading with his head. Watch the hit again. He drops his head and hits Doyle with the crown of his helmet. Burfict is an incredible football player that just can’t get out of his own way.

  25. I officiate (hence the name). This guy is not just bad, he’s a criminal using football to be violent. He did the hit, and then smiled and made waving gestures coming off the field. No remorse whatsoever. 14 illegal hits is about 11 too many. He SERIOUSLY could have put the player in a wheel chair for life. Hope he’s done forever, for the safety of every NFL player

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