Dan Quinn won’t be giving up defensive playcalling

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Falcons head coach Dan Quinn took back defensive playcalling after the team fired defensive coordinator Marquand Manuel this offseason, but neither that move nor hiring two other coordinators has paid off the way the team hoped.

The Falcons are 1-4 and team owner Arthur Blank was asked about the possibility of a coaching change after the Texans steamrolled the Falcons last weekend. Blank said he isn’t considering a move, but the Texans offense picked up nearly 600 yards on the way to that win and that means Quinn was asked if someone else might be better suited to calling the defensive plays the rest of this year.

“If I felt [giving up the playcalling] was best, trust me, I would have certainly done that,” Quinn said, via ESPN.com. “I know what we can do, we can do better. So that’s kind of where my mind is. I recognize the question, for sure, when you’re not achieving the results you have. But trust me on that one: My ego is never as big as the team. I will always do what’s best for that. But at this time, I don’t think that’s where I’m at.”

Quinn said “my job is to fix it” and that goes well beyond the defense because the Falcons’ problems go well beyond the defense. If those problems don’t get fixed, Quinn’s job may be someone else’s before too much more time passes.

20 responses to “Dan Quinn won’t be giving up defensive playcalling

  1. And why would he after that stellar performance last week? Seriously, can anyone tell me how this guy still has a job? When is the league going to learn that the Seattle DC’s job is to simply install Pete Carroll’s scheme and game day adjustments.

  2. The team gives off a lackadaisical vibe like “we can overcome the [pick one: penalty, turnover, big play] later in the game.” I do not feel any sense of urgency or intensity with the team.

  3. Dan Quinn is out of fall guys after last off-season.
    The buck stops with him.
    I’m never a fan of people losing their jobs, but I’m also not a fan of people throwing others to the curb to spare their own hides.

  4. Whenever I feel said I watch YouTube videos of Falcons owner on the sidelines with his wife, to go from so happy to so sad. I’m glad he is a billionaire. Normal people just can’t recover from that.

    Probably why the coach and players are still having such a tough time.

  5. Home Depot man should have fired the entire staff and traded Matt Ryan after the debacle in the Superbowl, they simply have never recovered. There seems to be no trust in the organization among the players and the ability of the coaches. Their needs to be a purge of the GM, roster including Ryan and the coaching staff.

  6. The falcons. the NFL team that no one and I mean no one cares about. not even alot of their local fair weather fans. the SEC is the big show down there, not the falcons. outside of the region, how often do you see atlanta on tv ? the franchise should be given to another city.

  7. You had Jay Gruden lose his job because of stubbornness. He wouldn’t change to suit the personnel he had. I’m seeing that same stubbornness in Dan Quinn. You have to play with the players on your roster and find ways to show their talents. Being a head coach is tough enough. Trying to be a HC and DC at the same time is insane in today’s NFL.

  8. It was predictable this would happen. So now they’ll get new coordinators AGAIN next year, along with a new coach.

  9. Fans think play calling is what makes the game but that simply isn’t true. They don’t have the talent to get it done. Play calling doesn’t matter when you don’t have talent. This isn’t a video game.

  10. Tick tock! If they lose to the cardinals the clock will strike midnight on him! Problem with that is they have no interim!

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