Giants are 17-point underdogs, biggest in franchise history

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The line on tonight’s Giants-Patriots game has reached 17 points, an unprecedented spread for the Giants.

According to the New York Daily News, this is the first time the Giants have ever been such big underdogs.

Tonight’s game is also the biggest spread ever for a Thursday night game.

It’s easy to see why the Patriots are such heavy favorites, as they’ve outscored their opponents by 121 points this year, more than 24 points a game. The Giants have been outscored by 28 points this year, nearly six points a game.

Throw in the Giants’ copious injuries, and a 17-point spread sounds about right.

14 responses to “Giants are 17-point underdogs, biggest in franchise history

  1. I thought Daniel Jones was the savior and supposed to be really good? Oh, that media story came to an end already?

  2. The Patriots start to the season has been impressive, especially given their injuries and the fact that their offense has had difficulties at times.

    Teams with decimated offensive lines usually struggle, especially when the players lost are tackles and centers. Compounding that challenge they have lost their blocking fullback, a two-way running back, three wide receivers and their HOF tight-end retired and the two guys they have replacing him may not have made another NFL roster.

    In short, this team can and will improve as the season progresses.

  3. As a Giants fan, I was looking forward not to a winning season but to see the young qb grow with the talent around him. Injuries have dampened my excitement.

    Just play Eli tonight, get blown out, and let the team heal up.

  4. If you’re a giants fan remember 2007 when we lost to the Patriots the last game, barely made the playoffs and actually stopped the Patriots from having the perfect season? Ijs, saying there’s a chance, but I just remembered we had something that resembled a defense back then.

  5. If you watch the Giants games it’s not like Eli Manning is the biggest problem.
    The team is legitimately bad. A moderate improvement at QB will mean what, 1 more win?
    This is going to take at least 2-3 good drafts to fix up.

  6. unleaded92 says:
    October 10, 2019 at 6:38 am

    I thought Daniel Jones was the savior and supposed to be really good? Oh, that media story came to an end already?
    I’m betting that Jones will be really good … What exactly are your expectations for a rookie QB with 3 starts under his belt?

  7. They deserve to be that much of a dog. Thurs night road team, all the injuries, rookie QB. The only mitigatimg factor might be the weather.

  8. Been a long time since the Patriots had to win games with their defense but this is that season. The offense is filled with “walking wounded” and the Patriots do not have a reliable kicker. That spells trouble. Edelman and Gordon are playing so that helps Brady but TB12 isn’t going to get a lot of time to throw.

  9. The game will be closer than 17 points. Both teams are banged up badly and playing a lot of “next man up” players will contribute to a much closer game than many think.

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