Jarvis Landry: We need to get Odell Beckham the ball more

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Odell Beckham leads the Browns with 23 catches for 335 yards and a touchdown. Jarvis Landry, who has 22 catches for 403 yards, said the Browns have to get Beckham the ball more.

“I’m not calling plays or designing anything,’’ Landry said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “But at the end of the day, obviously he’s a key part of our offense whether the ball’s in his hands or not. We’ve got to find ways for other guys to continue to make plays. But the way that it’s been going, we haven’t really been making enough plays without him touching the ball.

“So we’ve definitely got to find a way to include him even more in the offense and be intentional with it. It doesn’t matter if the defense knows it. We’ve got to be intentional with getting him the ball. Getting playmakers the ball, period.”

Beckham averaged 6.6 receptions and 92.8 yards per game in his 59 games with the Giants. He is averaging 5.8 catches and 83.8 yards in four games with the Browns.

But Beckham has only two catches each of the past two games for a total of 47 yards. His only touchdown of the season came on an 89-yard catch-and-run against the Jets.

“Our playmakers haven’t really been given a lot of opportunities to make plays,” Landry said. “We’re 2-3 and easily a couple of those games, our record again could be flipped or 4-1.”

Landry again pointed to the play calling when pressed on why Baker Mayfield can’t get the ball to Beckham more than he has.

“I don’t call plays, right?’’ Landry said. “So I just say just from my perspective we just have to be intentional. We have to just deliberately get him the ball. Get all of our playmakers the ball. Guys that are going to make plays for us, just get them the ball.”

Head coach Freddie Kitchens calls the plays.

He tried to get Beckham involved in other ways against the 49ers, with two runs and a pass for the receiver.

17 responses to “Jarvis Landry: We need to get Odell Beckham the ball more

  1. Sounds like Odell is starting to complain too his buddy Jarvis. It’s bakers fault he sucks yeah u can blame the line but I’ve seen bakers throws they are all off even his completions.

  2. Beckham has been nothin but a good teammate in regards to his numbers. The fault is about 90% the lines fault. When you spend 95% of you passing downs running for your life, your throws are not going to be accurate. Plus he’s been on the run all season so I imagine he’s gunshy atm. He’s rattled, and we are doing absolutely nothing to fix the line. I’m not saying Baker’s Tom Brady, but he is a good qb, and all these weapons are useless if we have no line. I get that Trent Williams wants big money. I get that he’s only played a couple full 16 game seasons. I get that he’s not the best LT in the business. At the end of the day, he wants out, our tackles are terrible, and we still got picks. The price may not be worth it by his production alone, but we got 2 solid guards and a solid center. The overall immediate improvement he would bring this line and Baker overall is well worth the 1st they’re gonna ask for when they realize he’s not gonna play come trade deadline time.

  3. Yes Jarvis, you do. Unfortunately though you don’t have a quarterback good enough to do that. So either return to the draft next year or trade OBJ.

  4. It sounds to me like the Browns need a new GM. They just keep bringing in all these character guys that run their mouths. Talk, talk, talk. Just bring in some football players that want to play football and let the coaches do the coaching. Yeah, that’s exactly what a young QB needs to hear from a veteran WR. Force the ball to the clown. If I’m a Browns’ season ticket holder I’m really disappointed in this organization. You don’t win with character guys. Why are all these superstar WR’s getting bounced from their original team? My guess is because they aren’t winners. I want winners! I never heard Paul Warfield complain about not getting the ball.

  5. Looks like Landry knows what’s up so he is(kind of)falling on a grenade. Adversity always has an effect; the Browns have to decide what that effect will be.

  6. A trade for Trent Williams will do nothing for you at this point. He has not played a game yet or attended training camp. The league figured out baker their are a lot of terrible lines out their. Teams make him hold the ball and when he does that he sucks. He is staring down his receivers the kid talked too much and can’t back up a single thing. With the talent the browns have they should be 4 and 1. They looked terrible against the jets and were lucky that darnold wasn’t playing.

  7. A trade for Trent Williams will do nothing for you at this point. He has not played a game yet or attended training camp.
    No, he’s gold. I wish he was playing for my team – the one that drafted him.

  8. No giving away draft picks. The Browns will go on a run at the back of the schedule, but to truly fix our line we need a first round left tackle a second round right tackle and a 3rd round guard.

  9. ….and now you know the problem with having OBJ on your team. Instead of finding open WRs and just playing to win, you’re preoccupied with just “getting him the ball.” It’s a team game folks.

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