Kirk Cousins says he plays better “when I have an edge to me”

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While the Vikings and quarterback Kirk Cousins were being picked apart in the aftermath of their Week Four loss to the Bears, Cousins said he didn’t pay attention to what people were saying outside the organization because “ignorance is bliss.”

Cousins may have been paying a bit more attention than he let on, however. During his weekly podcast, Cousins said that he plays better “when I have an edge to me” while discussing his strong performance against the Giants in a 28-10 win.

On Wednesday, Cousins was asked what gave him an edge and he avoided diving too deep into his psyche while admitting that there are things from outside that can make an impact on his mindset as he prepares for games.

“I don’t know the answer,” Cousins said, via Michael Rand of the Minneapolis Star Tribune. “Sometimes when I get frustrated and ticked off, there’s a little more fire there. It can also get you in trouble if you’re not careful, but I think within reason it can help you. . . . You play this position and things happen inside the building and outside the building that motivate you. You find motivation anywhere you can, really.”

Head coach Mike Zimmer said he was unaware that Cousins felt that way and added that “whatever he says is fine with me.” The coach also said he would “tick him off myself” if he knew that it would result in better play, so we’ll see if he goes to that well ahead of Sunday’s game against the Eagles.