Odell Beckham: I’ll take more on my plate

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Browns wide receiver Jarvis Landry said on Thursday that the team needs “to be intentional with getting” fellow wideout Odell Beckham the ball.

That came a day after quarterback Baker Mayfield said that Beckham “is frustrated when he is not getting the ball and we are losing.” Mayfield also said that he didn’t think forcing the ball to Beckham is the right way for the offense to find the success that’s eluded them for much of the season.

Beckham isn’t arguing with either of his teammates. He said during his own Thursday media session that he’s not advocating “just giving me the ball to appease me or anything like that,” but was also sure to say that getting the ball into his hands is a good way to make quarterback Baker Mayfield’s life easier against the Seahawks this weekend and in the weeks to come.

“Take something off his plate,” Beckham said, via Cleveland.com. “I’m more than happy to take something off his plate and put it on me. I can take it. I can handle all this stuff, so just put it on me and see what happens. . . . I care for this game period, so whether I’m emotional during the game or whatever, it’s because I care, so like I say, I’m a big boy. I can handle any criticism, any words that are said about me, anything. I’ll take more on my plate, I’ll take that responsibility 10 times out of 10.”

Beckham’s push to get the ball in his hands more often led to him returning a punt late in last Monday’s loss to the 49ers. Beckham was stripped of the ball while trying to break a big return, which he called a case of trying to “do too much.”

The big issue for the Browns moving forward will be finding a way to put enough on Beckham’s plate to keep him from being frustrated without forcing the ball his way when it doesn’t make sense.

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  1. Translation: Diva WR publicly calls for more passes to go his way with the BS excuse he’s only doing so as a selfless effort for the sake of the team he’s effectively already criticising.

  2. The AFC North ought to be renamed the dumpster fire division, the winner gets a fire extinguisher and not to be called a dumpster fire for a year. Bengals 0 and 5, the all talk team Browns are more worried about social media and stats, the Steelers are fighting with each during practice and the Ravens…well maybe move the Ravens to the East in exchange for the Jets.

  3. More what? Fumbling punts? Missing potential TD plays while he changes his unapproved visor? Wearing $500,000 watches on the field?

    More is always less with this guy. His legacy is highlight reels and no team being successful with him on the roster.

  4. goodellisagoner says:
    October 10, 2019 at 6:15 pm
    Hard to get him the ball when he’s double teamed every week

    Lamest of excuses. Every top WR gets double teamed pretty much every week.

  5. Odell is right on schedule, before long he will be subtweeting about Baker and then doing interviews where he calls him out and the coaches for not doing enough to win.

    Gonna be a long season in Cleveland, even by Cleveland standards.

  6. They can let him play quarterback. That will make sure he gets enough touches. He threw a good pass against Frisco.

  7. He’ll start throwing his qb under the bus by week 8. He’s an overrated bum who made his name from making a one hand catch. Woopy doo. He’ll be cut in two years.

  8. Odell has lived off that one catch for 3 years now. It’s as simple as this. He is alot of hype and very little substance. The guy is afraid of contact. He wont run the routes that Julio and Michael thomas run. Odell isnt going over the middle he isnt going to do anything that involves him taking hits . He wants all his damage to be done outside the numbers. Where he can quickly get out of bounds.

  9. Hahaha. And they said the Giants were crazy to trade him.

    This volcano is going to erupt earlier than I expected.

  10. He’s unhappy & miserable. I’m sure he & his agent are already discussing the next team he wants to play for. As soon as they figure that out he’ll be angling for a trade soon enough. The clue will be when he does his next interview with Lil’ Wayne sitting next to him.

  11. Niners were thankful he got put back there to return a punt. If he didn’t have 2 drops last week he would have had 4 catches, so that would have been a start.

  12. Fix the offensive line and these troubles go away. This isn’t a this week or even this year problem, it is a 2 year issue. The Browns won so many games in the end last year, Bengals, Falcons, Panthers, Jets, and so on it’s not rocket science the Browns struggled with teams that exceed at defensive line play ie Titans,Texans, Rams, Niners. So when they lose this week against a good Clowney,Woods,Ford, and Anasah everyone is going to overreact.But dont the Browns face Cardinals, Bengals twice, Patriots, Steelers twice, Dolphins, Ravens, Broncos every one is going to think they are unstoppable but their not it will be simply average to bad defensive line play thus giving Baker the time he needs to find Beckham and everyone else. Unfortunately as soon as they face a dline in the playoffs their out.

  13. The Browns were brilliant for trading Zeitler for a guy with 1 sack through 5 games(Vernon). They whiffed on last year’s 33rd pick Austin Corbett(hasn’t started a game this year at C/G/T). They refused to upgrade at Tackle. Now Mayfield is constantly skittish which is the last thing you want for a young, short QB who isn’t quick enough to be able to escape and run for significant yardage.

  14. I think what’s crazy is the fact GMs are saying his routes are the crispest they’ve ever been and he’s getting more separation than before. If you’re watching the All-22 film, the problem is Baker holding the ball too long. The offensive line actually has a really good success rate. Baker’s been the problem.

  15. A lot of “I’s” and “Me’s” in that statement. Still think hes’a good team-mate?

  16. That OBJ quote tells me Baker and the whole Brown organization understand what a bust this team is.

    Worrying too much about commercials and watches than playing football.

    Bless em.

  17. They need to give Chubb the ball more. Once he’s gotten defenses to load the box, then hit the play action pass. Freddie needs to emulate Bill Belichick, they’re pretty successful with a less than stellar o line.

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